IGCSE narrative essay | 2003 May-Jun | Write a story in which someone stands up for her/his


You are advised to write between 350 and 500 words on the following topic:

Write a story in which someone stands up for her/his beliefs.

Model Essay

Samantha Evans had always been passionate about the environment. Growing up in a small coastal town, she had spent her childhood exploring the beach, marveling at the diverse marine life and pristine waters. As she grew older, her fascination turned into a deep concern for the environment, especially when she saw the effects of pollution and climate change creeping into her beloved ecosystem.

Now a student at Rivertown High School, Samantha was known for her activism. She had started a small environmental club that organized beach cleanups and educational events. Despite her efforts, many of her classmates were indifferent, preferring to focus on sports, social media, or their personal lives rather than worrying about the planet.

One crisp autumn morning, Samantha arrived at school to find posters plastered all over the walls promoting a new initiative by a local corporation, Delco Industries. The posters boasted about a new factory that would bring jobs and economic growth to their town. However, Samantha knew the company’s dark side—Delco Industries had a history of environmental violations and pollution.

During lunch, Samantha sat with her friends, discussing the posters. “This factory is a disaster waiting to happen,” she said, her voice filled with urgency. “Delco has been fined multiple times for dumping waste into rivers and polluting the air. We can’t let them destroy our town.”

Her friends looked uneasy. “But Sam, everyone is excited about the jobs it will bring,” her best friend, Jake, said. “My dad’s been out of work for months. This factory could really help people.”

Samantha understood the economic struggles but couldn’t ignore the environmental cost. That evening, she stayed up late, researching and preparing for a school assembly where the mayor and Delco’s CEO would address the students and community about the new factory.

The day of the assembly, the gymnasium was packed with students, teachers, and local residents. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as the mayor took the stage, followed by Delco’s CEO, Mr. Harper. They spoke about the benefits of the factory, painting a rosy picture of economic prosperity.


When the floor was opened for questions, Samantha stood up. Her heart pounded as she walked to the microphone, feeling the weight of hundreds of eyes on her. “Mr. Harper,” she began, her voice steady despite her nerves, “Delco Industries has a documented history of environmental violations. How can we trust your company to protect our town’s environment?”

A hush fell over the room. Mr. Harper’s smile faltered. “I assure you, young lady, we are committed to following all regulations and ensuring minimal environmental impact.”

Samantha wasn’t satisfied. “Words are not enough. Will you commit to independent environmental oversight and regular public reports on your operations?”

The tension in the room was palpable. Mr. Harper hesitated before responding, “We will consider your suggestion.”

Samantha pressed on, “Consider is not a commitment. Our town’s future is at stake. We deserve transparency and accountability.”

Her courage sparked murmurs of agreement among the audience. Other students began to raise their hands, echoing her concerns. The mayor intervened, promising a town hall meeting to discuss the issue further.

In the weeks that followed, Samantha organized rallies and petitions, galvanizing the community to demand stricter environmental safeguards. Her persistence paid off. Delco Industries agreed to independent oversight and regular environmental audits, and the town council established a citizen advisory board to monitor the factory’s impact.

Samantha’s stand had made a difference. She proved that one voice, when backed by conviction and courage, could ignite a movement and hold powerful entities accountable. Her actions inspired her peers to believe in the power of standing up for their beliefs and fighting for a better world.

Word Count: 611