General Paper Essays


The AS Level General Paper (8021) is a subject offered by the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). It is designed to develop students' critical thinking, communication, and research skills, providing a broad understanding of various global issues and topics. The course aims to prepare students for higher education and equip them with the essential skills required for academic and professional success.

One of the key objectives of the AS Level General Paper is to foster critical thinking skills. Students are encouraged to analyze and evaluate information from various sources, such as articles, essays, reports, and speeches. They learn to identify biases, assess arguments, and form their own well-reasoned opinions. This emphasis on critical thinking helps students become more independent and discerning learners who can approach complex issues from multiple perspectives.

In Paper 1, ten questions will be set, of which candidates answer one. Students will be asked to write an essay in response to the question, and they are expected to present their own point of view and support it with clear and logical arguments while addressing any counterarguments. The suggested topic areas are:

  • Economic, historical, moral, political and social
  • Science, including its history, philosophy, ethics, general principles and applications; environmental issues; technology and mathematics
  • Literature, language, the arts, crafts, and the media
The suggested length of the essay is between 600 to 700 words and the allowed duration is 75 minutes.


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