Thesis Statement : Despite some challenges, I agree that my lifestyle is easier and more comfortable than the one my grandparents experienced when they were young.

I. Advances in Technology

  • Improved healthcare
  • Availability of modern appliances
  • Connectivity through the internet and smartphones

II. Economic Stability

  • Increased job opportunities
  • Higher wages and living standards
  • Higher quality education

III. Social Progress

  • Better human rights
  • Greater gender equality
  • Improved diversity and inclusivity

IV. Challenges

  • The rise in mental health problems
  • Global climate change and environmental degradation

In summary, despite some challenges, my lifestyle is easier and more comfortable than the one my grandparents experienced, thanks to advances in technology, economic stability, and social progress. While there are still difficulties to be overcome, we have made significant strides in improving our quality of life.


Model Essay

Over the years, society has gone through significant changes in various aspects. One of the most visible changes is the lifestyle of people. The lifestyle in the current era is more comfortable than the one that our grandparents experienced when they were young. This change can be attributed to many factors, including advances in technology, economic stability, and social progress.

The first contributing factor to the ease and comfort of life in the modern era is technology. The advancement in technology is evident in various fields, including healthcare. Medical equipment and procedures have improved over the years, making it easier to diagnose and treat illnesses. This has led to an increase in life expectancy, which was not the case in our grandparent’s time.

Additionally, modern appliances have made life easier and more comfortable. Nowadays, people can cook food quickly using an array of appliances that allow them to prepare culinary treats with remarkable ease. Washing machines, dishwashers, and vacuum cleaners significantly reduce the workload of daily tasks, saving time and energy.

Moreover, through the internet and smartphones, people can easily find information and connect with others. In the past, communicating with people living in different parts of the world was a challenge. Today, however, it is possible to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

The second factor that has made the modern lifestyle more comfortable is economic stability. The world has witnessed significant economic growth, leading to more job opportunities and higher wages. This has provided better living standards. Besides, access to higher quality education allows people to gain better job opportunities, thus improving their economic status.

Socially, the world has made significant progress in recognizing and responding to human rights. Today, people are more aware of their rights and are more vocal in their pursuit of equality and justice. Gender equality has been a significant area of progress. In the past, women experienced discrimination in the workplace and faced societal and legal restrictions. Today, women have equal opportunities in various fields, such as politics, science, and business. Additionally, people of diverse backgrounds are more accepted and celebrated, making the world a better place to live in.

However, some challenges persist that affect our quality of life. For instance, there has been a rise in mental health problems, with many people struggling with depression and anxiety. Mental health issues are prevalent due to the fast-paced lifestyle and limited social support. Additionally, global climate change and environmental degradation pose a significant challenge to the world’s prosperity. Climate change threatens our ecosystems, natural resources, and livelihoods.

In summary, our grandparents experienced a harsher lifestyle with limited access to healthcare, education, and technology. The advancements in technology, economic stability, and social progress have significantly improved our quality of life. Despite some challenges, the current lifestyle is more comfortable and convenient than before. However, the world still faces challenges such as mental health issues and climate change that require immediate action to preserve our current lifestyles.