Imagine you could improve the town where you live by changing one important thing about it. Which of the following would you choose to do?

  • Build additional parks

  • Construct more libraries

  • Improve public transportation

Use specific details and examples in your answer.


Thesis Statement : One important change that I would make in the town where I live is to improve public transportation.

I. Introduction

  • Explanation of the importance of public transportation
  • Brief overview of the three options
  • Thesis statement

II. Build Additional Parks

  • Benefits of building additional parks
  • Potential drawbacks
  • Comparison to improving public transportation

III. Construct More Libraries

  • Benefits of constructing more libraries
  • Potential drawbacks
  • Comparison to improving public transportation

IV. Improve Public Transportation

  • Benefits of improving public transportation
    1. Increased accessibility and convenience
    2. Reduced traffic congestion and air pollution
    3. Cost savings
  • Potential drawbacks
    1. Initial cost
    2. Potential inconvenience during construction
  • Comparison to building additional parks and constructing more libraries

V. Conclusion

  • Restate thesis
  • Recap of benefits and drawbacks of each option
  • Explanation of why improving public transportation is the best choice.


Model Essay

Public transportation plays a vital role in the development and growth of towns and cities. In my town, I would like to improve the public transportation system by making it more efficient and accessible to all. While building additional parks or constructing more libraries can also benefit the town, in this essay, I will explain why improving public transportation is the best option.

Building additional parks can provide more places for people to spend time outdoors, exercise and socialize with friends and family. Adding green spaces can also make the town more attractive to visitors and tourists. However, constructing parks requires dedicated land, which can be difficult to secure, especially in a town with limited available space. Furthermore, maintaining parks can be expensive, especially with the cost of upkeep and staffing, which can be an additional burden on the town’s budget.

Similarly, constructing more libraries can be a great way to provide more educational and cultural resources to the community. Libraries can offer quiet study spaces for students, provide access to books, and host cultural events and programs that benefit the community. However, constructing libraries can be expensive, and they require a lot of space. Additionally, libraries do not offer the same kind of universal benefit as public transportation because they are often inaccessible to people who don’t have the mobility or resources to visit.

Public transportation, on the other hand, is essential for a strong and inclusive community. By improving public transportation, the town can create a more inclusive society that is accessible for all. First, by improving the quality of public transportation and ensuring it’s affordable, people will be able to access jobs and new opportunities, as well as medical appointments and community resources more efficiently. Such a system can benefit people of all ages, whether they are elderly, disabled, or low-income, and it can help to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.

Moreover, researching and implementing improvements to public transportation services can also stimulate the local economy by creating jobs and investment opportunities. By constructing and maintaining public transport infrastructure, contractors, builders, and other professionals will have opportunities to work and contribute to the town’s development. Also, by reducing traffic congestion, drivers may save money on fuel and other vehicle-related expenses.

In conclusion, while building additional parks or constructing more libraries can also improve the town’s value, improving public transportation is the best option. It can provide accessibility and convenience, reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, stimulate the local economy, and reduce the cost of transportation. Therefore, it should be a priority for the town to consider investing in improving its public transportation system in order to benefit all members of the community.