Thesis Statement : I strongly believe that the university should give students the freedom to choose their own roommates rather than assigning a roommate for them because it helps them to build better relationships with their roommates, ensures compatibility and reduces conflicts in the long run.

I. Introduction

  • Explanation of the situation of shared dormitory rooms
  • Brief explanation of my position being in favor of the option to choose roommates

II. Building Better Relationships with Roommate

  • Explanation of how a student can do better with a pre-selected roommate
  • Explanation of how compatibility is important in relationship
  • Explanation of how choosing a roommate prevents conflicts from arising

III. Ensures Compatibility

  • Explanation of how having the ability to select a roommate will help to ensure compatibility
  • Detailed examples of disagreements that can arise due to a lack of compatibility
  • Explanation of how having a compatible roommate leads to a more harmonious living experience

IV. Reduces Conflicts in The Long Run

  • Discussion of the potential scenario where university assigned roommates may not work well together
  • Explanation of the steps that would need to be taken to rectify conflicts between university assigned roommates
  • Explanation of the negative psychological impact that conflict can have on students

V. Conclusion

  • Recap of the importance of choosing roommates over having them assigned by the university
  • Suggestion for the action that should be taken by the university regarding roommate assignments
  • Final thoughts.


Model Essay

As a university student, one of the most important decisions you have to make is about who you want to live with in a shared dormitory room. While some people may prefer to have the university assign their roommate, I strongly believe that students should have the freedom to choose their own roommates. This choice allows them to build better relationships with their roommates, ensures compatibility, and reduces conflicts in the long run.

Choosing your own roommate can lead to a more positive relationship. Think about it - you are going to be living with someone for a significant part of the academic year, and you want to be able to get along with them in a positive manner. While a pre-selected roommate may or may not be compatible with you, choosing your own roommate allows you to build a relationship with someone whom you know you have something in common with, as you would likely have discussed your interests, habits and preferences beforehand. This means that students are more likely to make lasting memories, bond and form important friendships with someone they have chosen rather than with someone that was forced on them.

In addition, choosing a roommate allows you to ensure compatibility. As we all have different habits, temperaments and preferences, there is no way to guarantee that a pre-selected roommate will be compatible with our own personalities. For example, a person who is used to long hours of studying might not be compatible with someone who likes to blast loud music. By choosing our own roommates, a person is able to find someone who is more compatible with their own habits and temperament, leading to a more harmonious living experience.

Moreover, choosing your own roommate can reduce conflicts in the long run. Avoiding roommate conflicts is crucial for a positive living experience, and the ability to choose can be a preventative measure in reducing conflicts. When students are allowed to choose their own roommates, they tend to put in more effort towards ensuring compatibility and mitigating any potential conflicts that may arise. As a result, students are more likely to have a positive residential experience since challenges and conflicts are handled well and without interfering with their academic pursuits.

In conclusion, while the university may believe that assigning roommates is the most practical solution, I stand firmly with the belief that students should be allowed to choose their own roommates. By choosing roommates, students are better able to build positive relationships, ensure compatibility, and reduce conflicts. A positive residential experience will further facilitate academic success and ensure that students have a memorable and enjoyable university experience. Ultimately, allowing students to choose their own roommates is a win-win situation for everyone involved.