Thesis Statement : While teachers play a vital role in shaping a student’s academic performance, the impact of friends on academic success is more significant. This is due to the influence of peer pressure, social interaction, and the motivational factor among friends.

I. Introduction

  • Importance of academic performance
  • Role of teachers and friends

II. Influence of Friends on Academic Performance

  • Peer pressure and motivation
  • Positive vs negative influence
  • Social interaction and learning

III. Impact of Teachers on Academic Performance

  • Quality of teaching
  • Importance of learning environment
  • Inspiration and motivation

IV. Examples and Evidence

  • Research studies on peer influence
  • Personal experiences

V. Conclusion

  • Recap of main points
  • Restate thesis statement
  • Final thoughts


Model Essay

Academic performance is a crucial aspect of a student’s life since it affects their future prospects. While teachers play a vital role in shaping their academic performance, I believe that the impact of friends on academic success is more significant. Several factors contribute to the influence of friends, including peer pressure, social interaction, and the motivational factor.

The influence of friends on academic success cannot be underestimated. Friendships often involve peer pressure that can either be positive or negative. Positive peer pressure can motivate students to work hard, set academic goals, and receive performance incentives. Academic goals can be set in collaboration with friends, thereby creating a healthy competitive environment. Conversely, negative peer pressure can deter academic success by encouraging students to engage in unproductive activities, such as skipping classes and indulging in destructive behavior.

Moreover, social interaction among friends also enhances academic performance. Friends can help each other in group discussions, solve problems together, and offer unique perspectives. Group discussions among friends can help to clarify doubts and better understand difficult concepts. Furthermore, students with active social lives tend to be more motivated to achieve academic success since they want to maintain their social standing and impress their peers.

The role of teachers in shaping academic success cannot be undermined. A quality teaching experience is essential together with providing a conducive learning environment. Teachers act as role models and can inspire and motivate students to achieve academic excellence. They can influence a student’s academic performance by the attitude they display towards their subject matter, their commitment to teaching, and the level of support they offer to their students. In addition, their expertise in their subject matter is essential, and their teaching methods must be relevant to their student’s learning styles.

Research studies have established that peer influence plays a more significant role in determining academic success than the influence of teachers. Personal experiences also support this notion. In school, I had a friend who was exceptionally bright and often encouraged our group to study together. Our group was motivated by his success and often pushed each other to achieve academic success. Even though we had different strengths and weaknesses, working together helped us improve and allowed us to learn from one another.

Overall, while teachers play a crucial role in shaping academic success, the influence of friends cannot be overlooked. The combination of a healthy learning environment, quality teaching, and positive peer influence is key to achieving academic excellence. Students must prioritize the formation of positive friendships since peer influence can have a remarkable impact on their academic outcome.