IGCSE descriptive essay | 2008 Oct-Nov | Describe a time when you were waiting for something unpleasant


You are advised to write between 350 and 500 words on the following topic:

Describe a time when you were waiting for something unpleasant or fearful to happen. Describe the place where you were at the time and your feelings as you waited… and waited.

Model Essay

I remember vividly the time when I was waiting for the results of a crucial exam. It was a warm, sunny afternoon, and I was seated in my room, surrounded by books and notes scattered haphazardly across my desk. Outside, the world seemed to buzz with life, oblivious to the anxiety that gnawed at my insides.

The atmosphere in my room was stifling, suffused with a tense energy that seemed to hang in the air like a heavy fog. Every tick of the clock felt like an eternity, each passing minute bringing me closer to the moment of reckoning. I tried to distract myself with other tasks, but my mind kept wandering back to the impending news that would determine my future.

The room itself felt claustrophobic, as if the walls were closing in around me, trapping me in a suffocating embrace. The sunlight streaming through the window seemed harsh and unforgiving, casting sharp shadows that danced mockingly across the walls. Even the gentle hum of the ceiling fan overhead felt like a taunt, a constant reminder of the passage of time and the uncertainty that lay ahead.

As the hours dragged on, my feelings of apprehension intensified, manifesting as a gnawing pit of dread in the pit of my stomach. I tried to quell the rising tide of panic that threatened to overwhelm me, but it was futile. With each passing moment, my fears grew stronger, until they consumed my every thought and emotion.

I found myself grappling with a whirlwind of conflicting emotions – hope and despair, optimism and pessimism, anticipation and dread. It was as if I were teetering on the edge of a precipice, unsure whether to step forward into the unknown or retreat into the safety of familiarity. The weight of the uncertainty was crushing, threatening to engulf me in a sea of despair.


In those agonizing moments of waiting, I felt utterly alone, as if the entire world had conspired against me. The silence of the room was deafening, broken only by the erratic beat of my own heart. I longed for the distraction of noise and activity, anything to take my mind off the impending news that loomed like a dark cloud on the horizon.

And then, finally, the moment arrived. With trembling hands, I reached for my phone and checked the results. The relief that washed over me was overwhelming, a flood of emotion that left me weak-kneed and trembling. In that instant, the weight that had been bearing down on me for what felt like an eternity lifted, replaced by a sense of euphoria and gratitude.

Looking back on that experience now, I realize that waiting for something unpleasant or fearful to happen can be one of the most challenging trials of all. It tests our resilience, our patience, and our ability to cope with uncertainty. But it also teaches us the importance of hope, of perseverance, and of finding strength in the face of adversity.

Word Count: 495