IGCSE descriptive essay | 2009 May-Jun | 'The Performer'. Describe a performer or entertainer who amazed you


You are advised to write between 350 and 500 words on the following topic:

‘The Performer’. Describe a performer or entertainer who amazed you or held your interest.

Model Essay

The first time I saw the performer, she stood on a stage bathed in a single spotlight, her figure a silhouette against the deep velvet curtain behind her. The atmosphere in the theater was electric with anticipation, a hush falling over the audience as we waited for the magic to begin. She was known simply as “Elara,” a name that had become synonymous with mystery and enchantment in the world of performance art.

Elara was an illusionist, but to call her that felt like an understatement. She had an otherworldly presence, a grace and command that captivated from the moment she stepped into the light. Her costume was an elaborate blend of dark, flowing fabrics and glittering jewels, designed to catch and reflect the light in mesmerizing patterns as she moved. Her eyes, lined with dramatic makeup, seemed to hold secrets of the universe, drawing you in and making you forget the world beyond the stage.

As she began her act, her hands moved with fluid precision, each gesture deliberate and exact. She conjured objects out of thin air with an ease that defied logic, each trick more impossible than the last. A delicate rose appeared in her hand, petals unfolding as if coaxed by her very breath. She let it float above her palm, spinning it gently before it dissolved into a shower of golden dust.

The audience was spellbound, our collective breath held as we watched her manipulate reality with an artistry that felt almost supernatural. She summoned fire, water, and light, weaving them into her performance in ways that left us questioning the boundaries of the possible. A cascade of shimmering water fell from her fingertips, only to transform into a flock of brilliant butterflies that fluttered over our heads before vanishing into the ether.


But it was not just her illusions that held our attention. Elara had a way of connecting with her audience that made each of us feel as though we were part of her world, if only for a moment. Her eyes would meet yours, and it felt as if she were sharing a private joke, a secret only you were privy to. She moved through the crowd, her presence magnetic, drawing us deeper into the spell she was casting.

In one particularly breathtaking moment, she invited a young girl from the audience onto the stage. With a few whispered words and a gentle touch, she made the girl levitate, spinning her slowly above the stage as if gravity were merely a suggestion. The child’s eyes were wide with wonder, her laughter pure and infectious, and in that instant, we were all children again, believing in magic without question.

Elara’s performance was a masterful blend of skill, showmanship, and genuine human connection. She did not merely entertain; she transported us to a realm where the impossible became possible, if only for an evening. Her talent was undeniable, but it was her ability to touch the hearts of her audience that made her truly unforgettable. As the final curtain fell and the applause thundered through the theater, I knew I had witnessed something extraordinary, a performance that would linger in my memory long after the last echo of applause had faded.

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