Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh
  • Title: Delivering Happiness
  • Subtitle: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose
  • Author(s): Tony Hsieh
  • Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
  • Year: 2010-06-07
  • ISBN-10: 044657631X
  • ISBN-13: 9780446576314


“Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh is an inspiring and eye-opening memoir that delves into the journey of building a world-renowned company, Zappos, while emphasizing the importance of putting happiness and customer satisfaction at the forefront. Hsieh shares his personal experiences and insights gained from his entrepreneurial endeavors, taking readers on a rollercoaster ride through his ups and downs, successes and failures. By intertwining personal anecdotes with useful business strategies, he highlights the power of company culture, employee happiness, and building strong relationships with customers. With a mix of humor and genuine passion, Hsieh’s book encourages readers to challenge conventional wisdom and create a workplace that thrives on happiness as the ultimate measure of success.

In “Delivering Happiness”, Hsieh not only presents a captivating story of his own entrepreneurial journey but also offers a new perspective on achieving success. He emphasizes the importance of aligning business goals with personal passions and values, showcasing that creating a work-life balance and building authentic connections are just as crucial as financial gains. Throughout the book, Hsieh introduces the concept of “happiness as a business model” and provides practical tips and guidance on how to apply this philosophy in a corporate setting. From lessons on creating a customer-centric company to fostering a culture of transparency and embracing change, Hsieh’s book serves as a valuable guide for entrepreneurs, leaders, and anyone seeking to find happiness and fulfillment in their professional lives.

Book Review

“Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh is a captivating memoir that not only chronicles the rise of one of the most renowned e-commerce companies, Zappos, but also offers valuable insights into building a thriving business centered around happiness and customer satisfaction. Hsieh’s storytelling genius, combined with his passion for fostering a positive company culture, makes this book a must-read for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and anyone seeking inspiration for achieving success.

One of the standout aspects of this book is Hsieh’s ability to combine personal anecdotes with practical business strategies. He shares candidly about his entrepreneurial endeavors, taking readers through his triumphs, failures, and lessons learned. From his early ventures as a young entrepreneur to the eventual creation and sale of LinkExchange, Hsieh’s journey is filled with valuable experiences and wisdom. He emphasizes the significance of aligning one’s personal and professional goals to create a meaningful, purpose-driven career.

The core message of “Delivering Happiness” lies in the principle that happiness should be at the center of everything businesses do. Hsieh brings the concept of “happiness as a business model” to life by highlighting the critical role that company culture plays in fostering employee happiness, which then translates into remarkable customer experiences. He showcases how Zappos built a unique and inclusive work environment founded on trust, transparency, and a sense of community.

Beyond business strategies, Hsieh also offers valuable life lessons. He discusses the importance of embracing change, being true to oneself, and daring to challenge conventional wisdom. His emphasis on the value of personal and professional growth resonates strongly throughout the book.

Hsieh’s writing style is engaging, humorous, and insightful, making “Delivering Happiness” an enjoyable and thought-provoking read. His genuine passion for creating happiness shines through, inspiring readers to approach their own lives and careers with a newfound perspective.

Overall, “Delivering Happiness” is a book that transcends the business genre. It is a memoir filled with valuable lessons, practical advice, and inspiring stories. Tony Hsieh’s journey serves as a reminder that true success comes from aligning passion, purpose, and happiness, leading not just to financial gains but also personal fulfillment. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business professional, or simply someone in pursuit of genuine happiness, this book is a delightful and insightful read that will leave you inspired and motivated to build your own path to success.

Word Count: 385

Target Audience

“Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh appeals to a wide range of readers, making it a highly recommended book for various target audiences. Its compelling mix of personal storytelling, practical business strategies, and insightful life lessons make it an essential read for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and individuals seeking inspiration and guidance in their professional lives.

  • Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Business Owners Hsieh’s book provides a wealth of invaluable lessons and advice for budding entrepreneurs. His personal experiences, from starting numerous ventures to navigating the challenges of scaling a business, offer practical insights into the entrepreneurial journey. By emphasizing the importance of aligning personal passion with business goals, Hsieh empowers entrepreneurs to build purposeful companies that prioritize happiness and customer satisfaction. The book also explores the significance of company culture in creating a thriving business, making it a valuable resource to understand the holistic dimensions of entrepreneurship.

  • Business Leaders and Managers The concepts of employee happiness and customer-centricity are at the core of “Delivering Happiness.” With practical strategies and real-life examples, Hsieh demonstrates the power of a positive work environment and its impact on employee engagement and customer loyalty. Business leaders and managers seeking to create a vibrant company culture, nurturing stronger relationships with employees and customers, will find invaluable insights and actionable steps in this book. Hsieh’s emphasis on the importance of transparency, trust, and clear communication also provides a valuable roadmap for effective leadership.

  • Individuals Seeking Personal Fulfillment While “Delivering Happiness” is centered around business, it also offers valuable lessons for anyone seeking happiness and fulfillment in their personal lives. Hsieh’s belief in the power of authenticity, embracing change, and pursuing meaningful connections transcends the professional realm. This book serves as a reminder that success is not solely measured by financial achievements, but also by finding purpose and joy in what we do. Whether individuals are contemplating a career change, striving for work-life balance, or seeking personal growth, Hsieh’s insights provide inspiration and practical steps to pursue a happier, more fulfilling life.

In conclusion, “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh is a recommended reading for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and individuals seeking personal fulfillment. Its blend of personal anecdotes, practical strategies, and life lessons make it an engaging and insightful book. Whether readers are looking for entrepreneurship guidance, leadership inspiration, or a fresh perspective on happiness and success, Hsieh’s book is a valuable resource that offers both inspiration and actionable steps to create a life infused with happiness and purpose.