Butchered by Healthcare by Robert Yoho
  • Title: Butchered by Healthcare
  • Subtitle: What to Do about Doctors, Big Pharma, and Corrupt Government Ruining Your Health and Medical Care
  • Author(s): Robert Yoho
  • Publisher: Robert Yoho MD
  • Year: 2020-09
  • ISBN-10: 1735485721
  • ISBN-13: 9781735485720


Butchered by Healthcare” by Robert Yoho is a gripping and eye-opening expos√© that sheds light on the dark side of the healthcare industry in the United States. Yoho, a highly experienced surgeon, provides an insider’s perspective on the profound flaws and failures that have plagued the system, resulting in widespread patient harm and even death.

In this thought-provoking book, Yoho shares numerous real-life stories of patients who have been devastatingly impacted by medical errors, negligence, and mistreatment. Through these poignant and tragic accounts, he highlights the alarming lack of accountability and transparency within the healthcare system. Yoho doesn’t shy away from addressing uncomfortable truths, such as the prevalence of misconduct, malpractice, and profit-driven motives that often take precedence over patient well-being.

With a blend of personal anecdotes, rigorous research, and expert analysis, Yoho raises important questions about the ethical and moral responsibilities of healthcare professionals and institutions. “Butchered by Healthcare” is a compelling read that aims to ignite a much-needed conversation about the urgent need for reform within the healthcare system, urging readers to advocate for change and fair treatment to ensure patients receive the quality care they deserve.


Book Review

Butchered by Healthcare by Robert Yoho - A Call for Reform

In his eye-opening book, “Butchered by Healthcare,” Robert Yoho, an experienced surgeon, delves deep into the flaws and failures of the United States healthcare system. By sharing real-life accounts of patient harm and death, Yoho confronts the lack of accountability within healthcare institutions and urges readers to demand major reforms.

Yoho addresses the alarming prevalence of medical errors, negligence, and mistreatment within the industry. One incredibly disturbing case he presents involves a patient named Samantha, who sought treatment for chronic back pain. However, due to a rushed diagnosis and a lack of thorough investigation, Samantha was sent home with a prescription for pain medication, only to later find out she had terminal cancer. This heart-wrenching example underscores the dire consequences of healthcare professionals neglecting their duty of care.

Through his own experiences as a practicing surgeon, Yoho reflects on the pressures and complexities that can contribute to these devastating outcomes. He reveals how profit-driven motives and insurance pressures often overshadow the needs of patients, leading to decisions that prioritize economic gains over quality care. For instance, Yoho discusses the story of a young girl named Emily, whose surgeon pushed for an unnecessary surgery to maximize reimbursement rather than providing alternative, less invasive treatment options. This kind of profit-seeking behavior puts vulnerable patients at risk and emphasizes the systemic issues that plague the healthcare system.

Yoho’s book is not just a collection of heart-rending stories; it also highlights the ethical and moral responsibilities that healthcare professionals should uphold. He critically examines the culture of silence within the industry, where mistakes and negligence often go unreported and unpunished. By breaking this culture of silence, Yoho encourages others in the field to speak up and advocate for patient safety. He emphasizes the importance of transparency, accountability, and a patient-centered approach to healthcare.

Another compelling aspect of “Butchered by Healthcare” is Yoho’s exploration of the lingering effects that medical errors have on patients and their families. In one case, Yoho recounts the tragic story of a young man named James, who underwent a routine surgical procedure that resulted in severe complications and permanent disability. Yoho not only addresses the physical consequences but also delves into the emotional and psychological toll that patients and their loved ones endure. By presenting the human side of these tragedies, the book reinforces the urgent need for systemic change to prevent future occurrences.

Yoho’s writing style is accessible and engaging, allowing readers from various backgrounds to comprehend the complexities of the healthcare system. His use of firsthand experiences, combined with extensive research and analysis, adds credibility and depth to his arguments. While the book presents grim realities, Yoho also offers solutions and suggestions for improvement.

In his concluding chapters, Yoho outlines his vision for transforming the healthcare system. He proposes that healthcare institutions embrace a culture of safety, where open communication, continuous learning, and rigorous monitoring are prioritized. He also advocates for increased transparency surrounding medical errors and the implementation of effective reporting systems. By sharing these ideas, Yoho empowers both healthcare professionals and patients to drive positive change within the industry.

In “Butchered by Healthcare,” Robert Yoho masterfully tackles a challenging and complex subject matter. Through personal anecdotes and well-researched evidence, he sheds light on the flaws of the US healthcare system and prompts readers to question the prevailing practices. This book serves as a call for reform and serves as a powerful reminder that healthcare should always prioritize patient safety and well-being.


Question the status quo! Empower yourself through informed choices and responsible self-care, breaking free from the limitations of a system not always focused on true healing.

Key Ideas

In “Butchered by Healthcare,” Robert Yoho presents several key ideas that highlight the flaws and failures of the US healthcare system. These major themes can be summarized as follows:

  1. Lack of Accountability Yoho emphasizes the alarming lack of accountability within healthcare institutions. He reveals numerous cases of medical errors, negligence, and mistreatment that often go unnoticed, unpunished, and unreported. The book calls for greater transparency and accountability to ensure patient safety and hold healthcare professionals and institutions responsible for their actions.

  2. Profit-driven Motives The author sheds light on the profit-driven culture within the healthcare industry, where economic gains often supersede patient well-being. Yoho explores how financial pressures, insurance reimbursement models, and the pursuit of monetary incentives can lead to unnecessary surgeries, overtreatment, and compromised patient care. He advocates for a paradigm shift towards a patient-centered approach that prioritizes quality treatment over financial gain.

  3. Culture of Silence Yoho highlights the prevalent culture of silence within the healthcare system, where mistakes and negligence are often concealed or downplayed. He calls for a change in the culture, urging healthcare professionals to speak up and report instances of error or misconduct. By breaking the culture of silence, Yoho believes that the system can learn from its mistakes and take appropriate preventive measures.

  4. Patient Advocacy One of the book’s core concepts is the need for patients to become active advocates for their own healthcare. Yoho stresses the importance of informed consent, empowering patients to ask questions, seek second opinions, and be involved in decisions related to their treatment. By promoting patient advocacy, Yoho believes that individuals can play a vital role in demanding better care, safety, and transparency within the healthcare system.

  5. Call for Reform Yoho concludes the book with a vision for reforming the healthcare system. He advocates for a culture of safety that emphasizes open communication, continuous learning, and effective reporting mechanisms. Yoho also suggests increased transparency in reporting medical errors and implementing systematic changes to prevent future occurrences. The author stresses the importance of collective action to drive meaningful reforms and ensure that patient well-being remains at the heart of healthcare practices.

Overall, “Butchered by Healthcare” offers a comprehensive examination of the flaws and issues within the US healthcare system, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the need for accountability, ethical practices, and patient advocacy. It serves as a call to action, urging individuals and institutions to work towards meaningful change and a healthcare system that prioritizes patient safety and quality care.


Target Audience

The book “Butchered by Healthcare” by Robert Yoho is targeted at a diverse audience interested in healthcare, medical ethics, and patient advocacy. It is recommended reading for the following audiences:

  • Patients and their Families This book serves as a wake-up call for patients and their families to be aware of the potential risks within the healthcare system. It empowers them to become active participants in their own healthcare journey and advocates for their rights, safety, and well-being.

  • Healthcare Professionals Yoho’s book encourages healthcare professionals to reflect on their own practices and the systemic issues within the industry that may compromise patient care. It serves as a reminder to prioritize ethical responsibility, patient-centered care, and transparency.

  • Medical Students and Trainees Aspiring healthcare professionals can gain valuable insights from “Butchered by Healthcare” regarding the importance of patient advocacy, ethical decision-making, and continuously questioning and improving the healthcare system.

  • Healthcare Administrators and Policy-makers The book provides a comprehensive analysis of the flaws and failures within the healthcare system. It calls for systemic reforms and increased transparency in healthcare policy-making, making it relevant for those in healthcare administration and policy positions.

  • Advocates for Healthcare Reform For individuals and organizations seeking to advocate for better patient care, safety, and accountability within the healthcare system, “Butchered by Healthcare” provides compelling evidence and stories that support the need for comprehensive reform.

In conclusion, “Butchered by Healthcare” is recommended reading as it shines a light on critical issues within the healthcare system and prompts readers to question and demand change. It serves as a catalyst for discussions on patient safety, accountability, and ethical practices within healthcare, making it a valuable read for a wide range of audiences concerned about the state of healthcare today.

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