Managing by Harold S. Geneen
  • Title: Managing
  • Subtitle: None
  • Author(s): Harold S. Geneen, Alvin Moscow
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd
  • Year: 1986
  • ISBN-10: 0246129174
  • ISBN-13: 9780246129178


“Managing” by Harold Geneen is a seminal book that provides invaluable insights into effective management and leadership principles. Geneen, a legendary business executive who led ITT Corporation to immense success, shares his wealth of experience and practical wisdom in this book. He emphasizes the importance of clear communication, setting ambitious but achievable goals, and fostering a strong organizational culture to drive success. Geneen’s approach to management is rooted in a belief in people, and he highlights the significance of empowering and supporting employees to unleash their potential and drive organizational growth.

In “Managing,” Geneen stresses the need for managers to have a comprehensive understanding of their business, enabling them to make informed decisions and adapt to changing circumstances. He emphasizes the importance of accountability and holding oneself and others responsible for results. Geneen also discusses the value of effective delegation and teamwork, encouraging leaders to surround themselves with capable individuals and build a cohesive team. Through his practical advice and real-life examples, Geneen provides a timeless guide to effective management that remains relevant to this day. “Managing” is a recommended read for aspiring and experienced managers alike, offering a wealth of knowledge on building successful organizations, inspiring employees, and making sound decisions to achieve long-term success.

Book Review

“Managing” by Harold Geneen is a classic management book that offers valuable insights from a seasoned business executive who transformed ITT Corporation into a global powerhouse during his tenure as CEO. In this book, Geneen shares his practical wisdom and management principles, providing a comprehensive guide for effective leadership and organizational success.

One of the key themes in “Managing” is the importance of communication and setting clear goals. Geneen emphasizes the need for managers to articulate their vision and objectives in a way that everyone in the organization can understand and align with. He stresses that a shared understanding of goals is essential for driving focused efforts and achieving success. Geneen provides a powerful example of this principle in action when he describes the turnaround of ITT’s Continental Baking Company. By setting specific and ambitious targets for each product, Geneen enabled the company to identify areas of improvement and achieve remarkable growth.

Geneen’s emphasis on people management and empowering employees is another standout aspect of the book. He recognizes the importance of nurturing talent and creating an environment where employees feel valued and motivated. For instance, Geneen highlights the impact of recognizing employees’ contributions through financial incentives and rewards. He describes how implementing a profit-sharing plan at ITT not only increased employees’ dedication to the company’s success but also improved overall organizational performance.

The book also delves into the significance of fostering a strong corporate culture. Geneen believes that a cohesive culture built on shared values and principles is crucial for maintaining organizational stability and focus. He illustrates this through his own experience at ITT, where he developed a culture of honesty, transparency, and accountability. This culture, combined with Geneen’s emphasis on decentralization and delegation, empowered managers throughout the organization to take ownership and make decisions that aligned with the company’s goals.

“Managing” is a recommended read for managers, leaders, and aspiring business executives. Harold Geneen’s wealth of experience and practical insights offer valuable lessons in effective management and organizational leadership. Through his real-life examples and approachable writing style, Geneen provides readers with a timeless guide that remains relevant in today’s ever-changing business landscape. Whether you are a seasoned manager or a newcomer to the world of leadership, “Managing” offers a wealth of knowledge and actionable strategies for building successful organizations and fostering a culture of growth and innovation.

Word Count: 389

Target Audience

The book “Managing” by Harold Geneen is recommended reading for a wide range of audiences, particularly those in leadership positions and aspiring managers. Its target audience includes:

  • Business Leaders and Managers “Managing” is highly recommended for business leaders and managers who seek practical insights and time-tested strategies for effective leadership. Harold Geneen’s experience as the CEO of ITT Corporation, where he successfully transformed the company into a global conglomerate, provides valuable lessons in organizational management and decision-making. The book offers a comprehensive guide on setting clear goals, empowering employees, fostering a strong corporate culture, and making informed decisions, all of which are critical for business leaders seeking to drive their organizations to success.

  • Aspiring Managers and Entrepreneurs Aspiring managers and entrepreneurs will find “Managing” a valuable resource for building essential management skills. The book’s practical advice on communication, goal-setting, and team building can help them lay a strong foundation for effective leadership in their future careers or ventures. By learning from Geneen’s experiences and real-life examples, aspiring managers can gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities they may encounter in their leadership roles.

  • Students and Academics Students pursuing degrees in business management, leadership, and entrepreneurship can benefit from reading “Managing.” Geneen’s insights provide a valuable supplement to theoretical knowledge and offer real-world applications of management principles. The book’s anecdotes and case studies provide practical context to academic concepts, making it a recommended read for those seeking to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

  • Business Professionals Seeking Professional Development “Managing” is an excellent resource for business professionals looking to enhance their leadership skills and broaden their understanding of effective management practices. Geneen’s emphasis on people management, delegation, and corporate culture can help professionals improve their managerial effectiveness and become more impactful leaders in their respective organizations.

  • Anyone Interested in Leadership and Organizational Success Beyond its relevance to business professionals, “Managing” is recommended reading for anyone interested in leadership and organizational success. The book offers valuable insights into the dynamics of managing and leading people, making it relevant to individuals in various fields and roles seeking to develop their leadership capabilities.

Overall, “Managing” is recommended reading for a diverse audience, from seasoned business leaders to students and aspiring managers. Harold Geneen’s wealth of experience, practical advice, and real-life examples make the book a valuable resource for those seeking to excel in leadership roles and build successful organizations. Whether you are a business leader, a student, or a professional seeking personal and professional development, “Managing” provides timeless wisdom and actionable strategies for effective management and organizational success.