Keepers of the Garden by Dolores Cannon
  • Title: Keepers of the Garden
  • Subtitle: None
  • Author(s): Dolores Cannon
  • Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishing
  • Year: 1993
  • ISBN-10: 0963277642
  • ISBN-13: 9780963277640


In “Keepers of the Garden,” Dolores Cannon takes readers on an extraordinary journey into the world of past lives, astral projection, and encounters with extraterrestrial beings. Through her sessions with various clients, Cannon uncovers fascinating accounts of individuals who have lived lifetimes on other planets before incarnating on Earth. Despite the initially skeptical nature of these revelations, Cannon approaches each story with an open mind, allowing readers to explore the possibility of a vast cosmic existence beyond our own.

Throughout the book, Cannon shares the remarkable insights she gained from her sessions, shedding light on the purpose behind these incarnations and the lessons that can be learned from our cosmic counterparts. She delves into various topics, including the spiritual aspects of other beings, their advanced technologies, and the complex process of interplanetary travel. Candid and thought-provoking, “Keepers of the Garden” challenges conventional beliefs about human existence, offering a fresh perspective on the interconnectedness of life across different dimensions and civilizations. This book not only pushes the boundaries of metaphysical exploration but also invites readers to ponder their own place within the greater cosmic tapestry.

Book Review

An Unveiling Odyssey of Cosmic Existence: Exploring "Keepers of the Garden" by Dolores Cannon

In her groundbreaking book, “Keepers of the Garden,” renowned author and regression therapist Dolores Cannon takes us on an enthralling journey into the uncharted territories of past lives, extraterrestrial encounters, and the multidimensional fabric of existence. Cannon skillfully weaves together personal stories and information gained through her regression sessions to paint a vivid portrait of a cosmic reality that challenges our conventional understanding of life on Earth.

Keepers of the Garden” offers a series of gripping accounts collected by Cannon during her regression therapy sessions. Through her unique method, she delves into the memories of ordinary individuals who, under deep hypnosis, recount experiences of living past lives on other planets before incarnating on Earth. Cannon presents these stories as a testament to the truth of our cosmic origins and the interconnectedness of various civilizations.

One particularly compelling narrative focuses on the life of Phil, a middle-aged man who recalls his past as a being from the planet Essassani. Phil describes Essassani as a place of harmonic existence, where emotion and thought directly shape reality. Cannon’s meticulous approach in documenting Phil’s testimony, combined with her empathetic and open-minded attitude, enables readers to suspend disbelief and fully immerse themselves in his otherworldly story. Phil’s vivid descriptions of the advanced technologies and spiritual practices of his extraterrestrial civilization leave us questioning our own limited understanding of reality.

Throughout the book, Cannon introduces fascinating concepts such as parallel universes, soul families, and the mechanics of astral projection. She showcases a wide range of experiences, demonstrating that diverse souls choose to incarnate on Earth for distinct reasons. Cannon’s objectivity and non-judgmental stance empower readers to consider alternative explanations for their own existence and personal struggles.

In addition to the thought-provoking personal testimonies, Cannon provides theoretical frameworks that contextualize the accounts while offering insights into the grand tapestry of cosmic existence. She explores the concept of walk-ins, where a highly evolved being takes over the body of an existing person. This idea challenges traditional notions of individuality and reinforces the notion of spiritual cooperation across dimensions. Cannon’s skillful presentation keeps readers engaged as she substantiates these claims using comparative evidence from various regression sessions.

Relevance and Impact: “Keepers of the Garden” pushes the boundaries of our understanding and forces us to question the limitations of our human perception. Cannon’s genuine curiosity and exploration of unknown realms encourage readers to expand their minds, challenging conventional beliefs and opening up new possibilities for self-discovery and personal growth.

By highlighting the interconnectedness of souls, Cannon promotes a sense of unity and collective purpose. She encourages readers to recognize their place within the grand cosmic symphony, fostering compassion and understanding for all beings, regardless of their origins or physical appearances.

The strengths of “Keepers of the Garden” lie not only in the fascinating subject matter but also in Cannon’s adept storytelling technique. She combines personal anecdotes, immersive descriptions, and scientific explanations to create a compelling narrative that leaves readers eager to explore the depths of their own consciousness and the cosmic dimensions that may lie beyond.

In conclusion, “Keepers of the Garden” is an engrossing exploration of past lives, extraterrestrial encounters, and the expansive nature of existence. By presenting a collection of profound personal testimonies, Dolores Cannon invites readers to consider a cosmic reality that challenges conventional beliefs and expands our understanding of our place in the universe. This thought-provoking book not only stimulates intellectual curiosity but also encourages readers to embrace unity and compassion as they navigate their own spiritual journeys.

Word Count: 624

Key Ideas

  1. Exploration of Cosmic Existence “Keepers of the Garden” takes readers on a captivating journey into the world of past lives and encounters with extraterrestrial beings. It urges us to broaden our perspective and consider the possibility of a vast cosmic existence that extends beyond the confines of Earth.

  2. Interconnectedness and Unity Through regression therapy sessions, author Dolores Cannon reveals the interconnectedness of souls and the concept of soul families. This exploration fosters a sense of unity and emphasizes the importance of compassion and understanding towards all beings, regardless of their origins or physical appearances.

  3. Challenge to Conventional Beliefs The book challenges our conventional understanding of reality and encourages readers to question their own limited perception. By presenting personal testimonies and theoretical frameworks, Cannon encourages us to expand our minds and consider alternative explanations for our existence and spiritual journeys.

  4. Spiritual Cooperation and Purpose “Keepers of the Garden” highlights the concept of spiritual cooperation across dimensions, including the notion of walk-ins. These ideas push us to reconsider traditional notions of individuality and embrace a collective purpose in the grand cosmic symphony.

  5. Open-Mindedness and Self-Discovery The book inspires readers to approach unfamiliar or unconventional concepts with an open mind. It invites self-reflection, exploration of our own consciousness, and the possibility of personal growth through expanding our understanding of the multidimensional nature of existence.

Overall, “Keepers of the Garden” offers thought-provoking insights that encourage readers to look beyond societal norms and explore the vastness of cosmic existence, fostering a greater sense of unity, compassion, and self-discovery.

Target Audience

The book “Keepers of the Garden” by Dolores Cannon is targeted at a diverse audience interested in exploring alternative perspectives on existence, spirituality, and extraterrestrial encounters. The book is recommended reading for the following audiences:

  • Metaphysical and New Age Enthusiasts “Keepers of the Garden” delves into metaphysical concepts such as past lives, astral projection, and the existence of other dimensions. Readers with an interest in exploring these topics will find Cannon’s insights and regression therapy sessions captivating and thought-provoking.

  • Seekers of Spiritual Growth and Self-Discovery The book encourages readers to reflect on their own spiritual journeys and consider the interconnectedness of souls. It offers a fresh perspective on purpose, personal growth, and the universal lessons we can learn from the experiences of others, whether on Earth or beyond.

  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans Readers who enjoy science fiction and fantasy genres will appreciate the imaginative elements of “Keepers of the Garden.” The book presents vivid descriptions of otherworldly civilizations and advanced technologies, offering an entrancing blend of fact and imagination.

  • Skeptics and Open-Minded Thinkers Even for those who approach the subject matter with skepticism, “Keepers of the Garden” is recommended reading as it challenges conventional beliefs and invites readers to explore alternative explanations for human existence. Cannon’s methodical approach and documentation of regression therapy sessions provide a balanced and credible presentation of the accounts.

  • Individuals Curious About Extraterrestrial Life Whether one believes in the existence of extraterrestrial beings or not, the book provides intriguing insights and firsthand accounts that shed light on the possibility of cosmic civilizations. It encourages readers to broaden their perspective and consider the vastness of the universe and its potential inhabitants.

In conclusion, “Keepers of the Garden” is recommended reading for individuals interested in exploring alternative perspectives on existence, spirituality, and the potential for extraterrestrial encounters. It appeals to diverse audiences ranging from metaphysical enthusiasts and seekers of spiritual growth to science fiction fans and open-minded thinkers. The book’s thought-provoking content challenges conventional beliefs and broadens our understanding of the interconnectedness of cosmic existence.