HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition by Marie Mongan
  • Title: HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition
  • Subtitle: The Natural Approach to Safer, Easier, More Comfortable Birthing - The Mongan Method, 4th Edition
  • Author(s): Marie Mongan
  • Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.
  • Year: 2015-12-08
  • ISBN-10: 0757318371
  • ISBN-13: 9780757318375


HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition” by Marie Mongan is a groundbreaking guide that offers expectant mothers a natural and empowering approach to childbirth. This updated edition provides detailed information on the HypnoBirthing method, which focuses on deep relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques to achieve a calm and pain-free birthing experience. Mongan’s expertise shines through as she carefully explains the philosophy behind HypnoBirthing and provides practical exercises and scripts to help mothers prepare both mentally and physically for childbirth. The book also addresses common concerns and fears surrounding labor and provides insights on creating a supportive birth team and navigating medical interventions, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive resource for all mothers-to-be.

What sets “HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition” apart is its emphasis on empowering women and changing the narrative around childbirth. Mongan encourages mothers to trust their bodies and instincts, promoting a positive mindset that can lead to a smoother birthing experience. The book is accessible and easy to follow, making it suitable for both first-time mothers and those looking to enhance their birthing experience. Through real-life stories and testimonials, Mongan adds a human touch, validating the effectiveness of HypnoBirthing and inspiring confidence in readers. By demystifying birth and offering holistic techniques for pain management, this book is a valuable resource for expectant mothers seeking a more serene and positive birthing experience.


Book Review

Embracing a Calm and Empowered Birth: A Review of "HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition" by Marie Mongan

HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition” by Marie Mongan is a transformative guide that revolutionizes the way expectant mothers approach childbirth. With a focus on deep relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques, this book offers a comprehensive resource for mothers who seek a calm and joyous birthing experience. Through a combination of valuable information, personal anecdotes, and practical exercises, Mongan empowers readers with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the childbirth process confidently.

A Comprehensive Approach to Birth: Mongan’s book begins by providing a solid foundation in understanding the HypnoBirthing philosophy. Se debunks the fear-based narrative surrounding birth and instead emphasizes the power of the mind-body connection. By reiterating the idea that pregnancy and birth are natural processes, Mongan creates a nurturing environment for readers to explore their own beliefs about childbirth.

One of the book’s strength lies in its practical exercises, such as deep relaxation techniques and visualization exercises. These exercises come with step-by-step instructions and accompanying scripts. By practicing and internalizing the techniques, expectant mothers can reduce anxiety and cultivate a sense of calm, which plays a crucial role in achieving a gentle and pain-free birth.

Mongan bolsters her message with compelling real-life stories and testimonials from women who have successfully utilized the HypnoBirthing method. These narratives serve as powerful affirmations, inspiring readers to believe in their bodies’ innate abilities and reinforcing the idea that a positive and empowering birth experience is possible.

Support and Collaboration: Another noteworthy aspect of “HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition” is the attention Mongan devotes to creating a supportive birth team. She guides readers on how to communicate their birth preferences effectively and encourages open and honest discussions with healthcare providers. By fostering an environment of collaboration between mothers and their support networks, Mongan empowers expectant mothers to take an active role in their birthing process.

Moreover, the book explores important topics such as medical interventions and cesarean birth, providing valuable insights and information for readers who may face these scenarios. Mongan encourages readers to approach these topics with an open mind and to make informed decisions that align with their birth preferences and values. This emphasis on informed choice ensures that expectant mothers have agency in their own birthing experiences, promoting a sense of control and empowerment.

Practicality and Accessibility: One notable aspect of the book is its accessibility. Mongan’s writing is clear, concise, and free from jargon, making it suitable for all readers, including those with little prior knowledge of childbirth. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, enhancing the book’s practicality. Mongan also includes helpful illustrations throughout the book, reinforcing the techniques and the physical sensations associated with them. This visual component aids in understanding and implementation, especially for those who may prefer a more visual learning style.

Conclusion: “HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition” by Marie Mongan is an indispensable resource for expectant mothers who aspire to have a natural and empowering birth experience. By embracing the principles of HypnoBirthing and practicing the relaxation techniques outlined in the book, mothers can tap into their own inner strength and create a positive mindset that paves the way for a serene and joyous birth. With its comprehensive approach, personal anecdotes, and practical exercises, this book is a valuable asset that will guide and support expectant mothers on their journey towards a conscious and empowered birth.


Birth isn't a battle, it's a beautiful ballet! 'Hypnobirthing' equips you with the tools to trust your body's innate wisdom, transforming birth into a calm, empowered experience for both mother and baby.

Key Ideas

The key ideas in “HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition” by Marie Mongan revolve around changing the narrative around childbirth and empowering women to approach birth with confidence and trust in their bodies. Here are the key ideas explored in the book:

  1. Reclaiming Birth as a Natural Process Mongan challenges the fear-based narrative that often surrounds childbirth and emphasizes the naturalness of the birthing process. She provides evidence and personal anecdotes to support the idea that women’s bodies are capable of giving birth without unnecessary interventions or excessive pain.

  2. The Power of the Mind-Body Connection Mongan explores the relationship between the mind and body during childbirth and highlights the importance of deep relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques in achieving a calm birthing experience. By harnessing the power of the mind, mothers can reduce anxiety, ease pain, and enhance positive birthing outcomes.

  3. Creating a Supportive Birth Team The book emphasizes the significance of having a supportive birth team, which includes healthcare providers, partners, and loved ones. Mongan provides guidance on effective communication, fostering collaboration, and advocating for one’s birthing preferences. By involving all members of the birth team, mothers can create a harmonious and empowering birthing environment.

  4. Informed Decision-Making Mongan encourages expectant mothers to gather knowledge and make informed decisions regarding medical interventions and cesarean birth. She stresses the importance of weighing risks and benefits, asking questions, and maintaining an open dialogue with healthcare providers. Ultimately, the book supports the idea that mothers have the right to make informed choices that align with their personal values and birth preferences.

  5. Visualization and Relaxation Techniques “HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition” offers practical exercises, including visualization and deep relaxation techniques, to help mothers prepare mentally and physically for childbirth. These techniques aim to reduce anxiety, release tension, and foster a state of deep relaxation, which can contribute to a more comfortable and serene birth experience.

Overall, the book’s key ideas revolve around creating a positive mindset, trusting the body’s natural abilities, and empowering mothers to actively participate in their birthing experiences. Mongan’s approach encourages women to embrace childbirth as a transformative and beautiful journey, regardless of the specific circumstances they may encounter.


Target Audience

The book “HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition” by Marie Mongan is targeted at expectant mothers who are seeking a natural and empowering approach to childbirth. It is also suitable for healthcare providers, birth professionals, and partners who want to gain a deeper understanding of the HypnoBirthing method.

It is recommended reading for the following audiences:

  • Expectant Mothers The book serves as a comprehensive guide for mothers who want to approach childbirth with confidence, trust in their bodies, and a positive mindset. It offers practical exercises, relaxation techniques, and scripts for practicing self-hypnosis, empowering mothers to create a calm birthing environment and reduce anxiety. It also addresses common concerns and fears, providing reassurance and strategies to navigate different aspects of the birthing process.

  • Birth Professionals and Healthcare Providers The book offers valuable insights for birth professionals, midwives, doulas, and healthcare providers interested in adopting the HypnoBirthing method or incorporating its principles into their practice. It explores the philosophy, techniques, and benefits of HypnoBirthing, providing a wealth of information to support their work in facilitating positive birth experiences.

  • Partners and Loved Ones “HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition” is recommended for partners and loved ones who want to actively support and participate in the birthing process. It equips them with knowledge about the HypnoBirthing method, helping them understand and assist mothers with relaxation techniques, visualization exercises, and supportive communication. This involvement creates an environment of collaboration and strengthens the bond between partners during the birthing journey.

  • Those interested in natural childbirth and holistic approaches The book is also valuable for individuals interested in natural childbirth methods and holistic approaches to pregnancy and childbirth. It highlights the benefits of deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, and visualization to enhance the birthing experience, providing insights into a less intervention-focused and more intuitive approach to childbirth.

In conclusion, “HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition” is recommended reading for expectant mothers, birth professionals, partners, and individuals interested in natural childbirth. With its empowering message, practical exercises, and comprehensive approach, the book provides valuable guidance, knowledge, and support for those seeking to approach childbirth with confidence, trust, and a sense of empowerment.

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