The Custodians by Dolores Cannon
  • Title: The Custodians
  • Subtitle: Beyond Abduction
  • Author(s): Dolores Cannon
  • Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishing
  • Year: 1998
  • ISBN-10: 1886940045
  • ISBN-13: 9781886940048


The Custodians” by Dolores Cannon is a captivating exploration of the extraterrestrial phenomenon and its impact on the human race. The author, a renowned hypnotherapist and regressionist, delves deep into her clients’ past life regression sessions to uncover encounters with extraterrestrial beings. The book acts as a collection of firsthand accounts from individuals who have experienced abductions, interactions, and communication with various extraterrestrial races. Cannon presents these accounts while combining them with her own research and understanding, creating a thought-provoking narrative that challenges conventional beliefs about human history and the existence of otherworldly life forms.

Through vivid storytelling and meticulous attention to detail, Cannon paints a compelling picture of humanity’s relationship with these extraterrestrial beings. She explores the nature of alien-human interactions, their purpose, and the profound impact they have on the individuals involved. Whether discussing encounters with benevolent beings or exploring the more complex and controversial topics such as hybridization programs and genetic manipulation, Cannon skillfully crafts a narrative that is both engrossing and thought-provoking. “The Custodians” is a captivating journey into the world of alien contact and offers an alternative perspective on humanity’s place in the universe.

Book Review

"The Custodians" by Dolores Cannon - A Gateway into the Staggering World of Extraterrestrial Phenomena

The Custodians” by Dolores Cannon is an enthralling exploration of the extraterrestrial phenomenon, offering readers a deep dive into the world of alien encounters, abductions, intergalactic communication, and the profound impact these experiences have on the human race. Cannon’s expertise as a hypnotherapist and regressionist allows her to present a collection of real-life accounts, interwoven with her research and knowledge, providing a perspective that challenges conventional beliefs about our place in the universe.

Through a combination of hypnotic regression sessions and her own investigations, Cannon presents a series of extraordinary encounters with extraterrestrial beings, as detailed by her clients. These accounts are diverse and varied, ranging from benevolent encounters with beings of higher consciousness to more complex and controversial topics, such as hybridization programs and genetic experimentation.

One striking example is the story of Cindy, a woman who claimed to have been visited by a group of extraterrestrials who referred to themselves as the “Beings of Light.” According to Cindy’s regression session, these beings conveyed messages of love, unity, and the importance of humanity’s spiritual evolution. The details revealed by Cindy paint a vivid picture of profound interstellar connections that extend beyond our limited human understanding.

In another compelling account, Joe, a Vietnam War veteran, described his experience of being teleported aboard an extraterrestrial spacecraft during a battle in Vietnam. Joe spoke of being greeted by beings that possessed advanced technology and showed compassion for the struggles humanity endures. Joe’s story challenges preconceived notions of warfare and reminds readers that alternative realities and unknown wisdom might exist beyond our own.

One of the most thought-provoking aspects of Cannon’s work is her exploration of the concept of hybridization. She recounts stories of individuals who believe they have been part of breeding programs, where human DNA is combined with extraterrestrial genetics. These narratives lend themselves to an examination of our understanding of evolution, the potential complexities of our genetic makeup, and the possibility of multidimensional beings shaping human existence.

Critical Analysis: “The Custodians” is meticulously researched and presents a wealth of information, making it a compelling read for both those already interested in the topic of extraterrestrial encounters and skeptics seeking a well-argued viewpoint. Cannon’s approach is unbiased, allowing readers to draw their own conclusions from the array of evidence presented. She invites readers to expand their perspectives and challenge mainstream ideas about the limitations of human existence.

What distinguishes this book is Cannon’s empathetic and sensitive approach to individuals who have experienced extraterrestrial encounters. She treats their stories with respect, recognizing the emotional impact such experiences can have on a person’s life. By doing so, Cannon creates an atmosphere of trust and belief, enabling readers to fully engage with these accounts.

However, one potential drawback of “The Custodians” is its heavy reliance on anecdotal evidence. While Cannon’s approach is to be commended, as she bases her narrative on real-life regression accounts, the lack of scientific corroboration may leave some readers wanting more concrete verification. As with any topic relating to extraterrestrial phenomena, skepticism is understandable, but the book remains an essential resource for those seeking to explore the subject further.

In conclusion, “The Custodians” by Dolores Cannon is an eye-opening journey into the enigmatic world of extraterrestrial encounters. Through a skillful blend of client accounts, personal research, and her own expertise, Cannon effectively challenges conventional beliefs while opening readers’ minds to the possibility of alternative realities. This thought-provoking book invites us to contemplate our place in the universe and ponders the profound implications of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Whether you are a believer, a skeptic, or somewhere in between, “The Custodians” offers an invaluable exploration of a topic that continues to captivate and intrigue.

Word Count: 657

Key Ideas

The Custodians” by Dolores Cannon offers several key takeaways for readers:

  1. Extraterrestrial Encounters The book presents a vast array of firsthand accounts from individuals who claim to have had encounters with extraterrestrial beings. This opens up a realm of possibilities and challenges the conventional belief that humanity is the only intelligent life in the universe.

  2. Broadening Perspectives Cannon encourages readers to expand their understanding of reality and question long-held beliefs. She challenges the notion that our human experience is the limits of existence, suggesting that there are higher levels of consciousness and dimensional beings beyond our comprehension.

  3. Hybridization Programs The book delves into the controversial topic of hybridization programs, where humans allegedly have their genetic material combined with extraterrestrial DNA. This raises questions about the nature of human evolution and the potential influence of otherworldly beings on our genetic makeup.

  4. The Power of Love and Unity Many of the accounts in the book emphasize messages of love, compassion, and unity conveyed by extraterrestrial beings. This highlights the importance of these qualities in our human experience and reminds readers of the potential for spiritual growth and interconnectedness.

  5. Skepticism and Open-Mindedness Cannon acknowledges the skeptics while presenting her findings. The book encourages readers to approach the subject of extraterrestrial encounters with an open mind, exploring the possibilities beyond what is currently accepted by mainstream society.

Overall, “The Custodians” aims to broaden readers’ perspectives on the existence of extraterrestrial life and invites critical thinking about the nature of our reality and our place in the universe.

Target Audience

The Custodians” by Dolores Cannon is targeted at a diverse audience interested in exploring the extraterrestrial phenomenon and alternative perspectives on human existence. It is recommended reading for the following audiences:

  • UFO and Extraterrestrial Enthusiasts This book offers a wealth of firsthand accounts and narratives of extraterrestrial encounters. Individuals who are passionate about UFO research and the existence of intelligent life beyond Earth will find “The Custodians” to be an essential resource.

  • Spiritual Seekers Cannon explores the spiritual implications of extraterrestrial encounters, discussing messages of love, unity, and spiritual evolution conveyed by these beings. Readers interested in exploring consciousness, metaphysics, and the interconnectedness of humanity will find thought-provoking ideas in this book.

  • Conspiracy Theorists and Alternative History Researchers For those intrigued by conspiracy theories and alternative historical narratives, “The Custodians” provides a unique perspective. Cannon challenges mainstream beliefs about human history and evolution, offering alternative explanations that may resonate with those interested in uncovering hidden truths.

  • Skeptics Open to Exploring New Ideas Even for skeptics who approach the subject with skepticism, “The Custodians” offers an opportunity to broaden their perspective and challenge their preconceived notions. By presenting a range of accounts and encouraging critical thinking, the book invites readers to explore new possibilities and consider alternative explanations.

In conclusion, “The Custodians” is recommended reading for individuals who are fascinated by the extraterrestrial phenomenon, seek alternative perspectives on human existence, or are open to exploring new ideas beyond the mainstream. It appeals to a wide range of audiences, from UFO enthusiasts and spiritual seekers to conspiracy theorists and skeptics interested in expanding their horizons. Dolores Cannon’s approachable style and the wealth of narratives make this book accessible and engaging for anyone curious about the mysteries of the universe.