Badger means to harass, pester or annoy someone persistently or repeatedly. It can also refer to a nocturnal, burrowing mammal of the weasel family, typically having a gray and black coat.


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Now resettled in Kyiv, Semenik is exploring how the Chernobyl nuclear disaster impacted Ukrainian art. But she also continues to badger western art collections to recognize Ukraine's distinct artistic heritage, with the quiet persistence that has already helped change minds at the mighty Met.

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That is reflected in Chiwanga’s life: her mother is supportive of her art, but other family members badger her about getting married and finding a “proper job,” she said.

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After Osorio was promoted, Scott's behavior toward her changed. Osorio testified that Scott repeatedly asked her about her sex life and that he volunteered information about his. Osorio also wrote about Scott's badgering in her book, Straight from the Source: An Expose from the Former Editor in Chief of the Hip-Hop Bible: "It's not that I was ashamed to tell Ray whom I had been with. It was that I knew exactly what he wanted to know and more importantly, I knew that he would use it against me."

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I ask what he thinks of The Ghost Theatre, and Anderson admits that he hasn’t read it yet. He turns his back and fills the kettle. Facing the wall, his shoulders hunched, he says: “I had to badger Mat for ages to get a copy of the last one, The Ruins. I haven’t started badgering him with this one yet. But I will do – I ought to.”

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