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Biden now risks a row with his own party if he does not take a hard line. His response late Friday was fiery, coming with a promise to “fight this ruling.” But even as he derided it as “the next big step toward the national ban on abortion that Republican elected officials have vowed to make law in America,” Biden did not immediately suggest he would direct the FDA to ignore it.

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The IPL is at that sort of advanced age now where it is possible to trace the progress made, perhaps even to feel a kind of faint nostalgia for the improvised tactics and haphazard fielding that used to characterise it. Certainly it used to attract its fair share of derision in England: for its armies of ageing mercenaries, its over-the-top salesmanship, its determination to sponsor everything in sight. For various reasons you hear less of that sort of criticism these days.

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The lesson history teaches us here is that, whatever happens before local elections, when the general election arrives, politics gets even sillier. We have to pace ourselves, save our hooting derision for when tiny Starmer is one of Caroline Lucas’s earrings.

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It was rapidly subjected to the same scrutiny as all things the prince touches. Maté was derided in the press as a “so-called ‘trauma expert’”; headlines pitched him as a “Holocaust survivor who hails Hamas as ‘heroes’”; and there was criticism of his diagnosis of Harry as having ADD. Also, his – stylish, it should be said – collarless shirt was belittled.

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Pressman has emerged as a lightning rod for tension in the relationship, and is frequently derided in pro-government media. “Mr Pressman is one of the least classy ambassadors ever to set foot on Hungarian soil representing his own country,” the parliamentary speaker László Kövér said on pro-government Hír TV last week. “He talks nonsense, and he does it aggressively.”

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There’s a scene in your poem He, Too in which a US customs official derides your occupation and you get your own back by portraying him as this pink, puffy presence stuck in a plexiglass box – and stuck, too, in a poem making an anti-American argument. How did it feel to write that? Did it feel like you were seizing back power?

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Respect the audience; make money. That was how Rush Limbaugh explained his success on conservative talk radio in the early 1990s. Educated types derided his listeners—religious, working-class people—but he affirmed them and made things devilishly fun. The charge that he delivered “marching orders” to “mind-numbed robots” had it all wrong, said Limbaugh, who died in 2021. Rather he listened to his listeners, and voiced their convictions. It was wonderful for ratings. “This is a business!”, he once exclaimed.

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The spokesman, who also derided special counsel Jack Smith's probe as a "witch hunt," said those standards "protect a President's ability to confer with his Vice President on matters of the security of the United States." He also asserted that the probe was intended to influence Trump's standing in the 2024 election.

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In the wake of the 1995 bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, Willingham hired a freelancer named J.D. Cash who produced a number of scoops about the investigation into the deadly terror attack and who was later derided as a "conspiracy theorist" by some of the newspaper's competitors. Cash died in 2007.

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A new common sense has emerged in labor organizing, a shift that coincides with renewed labor militancy and organizing across various industries. Labor unions, once derided as anachronistic and bureaucratic dead ends—pale, male, and stale—are seeing a resurgence among young, radical, and non-normie culture.

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In Illinois and Mississippi alike, King was now being challenged and even publicly derided by young Black-power enthusiasts. Whereas King stood for patience, middle-class respectability, and a measured approach to social change, the sharp-tongued, blue jean-clad young urban radicals stood for confrontation and immediate change. In the latter’s eyes, the suit-wearing, calm-spoken civil rights leader was irresponsibly passive and old beyond his years (King was in his 30s)—more a member of the other side of the generation gap than their revolutionary leader.


Meanwhile, Vietnamese prostitutes were derided as “sex machines” by U.S. soldiers.


By the late 1830s “Jim Crow” had become a pejorative epithet for African Americans, though arguably it was neither as pervasive nor as hostilely derisive as some other terms. Its adoption in the late 19th century as the identifier for the laws that reinstated white supremacy in the American South after Reconstruction speaks to the ways in which the demeaning caricature was used to legitimize notions of the alleged inferiority of African Americans and to rationalize the denial of equity and access that was at the heart of segregation.


Meanwhile, on April 24, 1916, Monday of Easter Week, a rebellion broke out in Dublin directed at securing Irish independence. Violence was suppressed within six days, and the surviving rebels were arrested amid general derision from the Irish population. But Britain’s punishment of the rebels, including 14 summary executions, quickly turned Irish sympathy toward the men, who were now regarded as martyrs . The Easter Rising was the beginning of the Irish war for independence.


“WITCH HUNT, as our once great Country is going to HELL!” Trump said in a post shortly before leaving Florida, invoking a phrase he has used repeatedly to deride investigations of his conduct.

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Lily Pastor knew who she was and wanted to celebrate it. So, last month, she joined about 50 other volunteers to turn a Capitol Hill sidewalk into a rainbow-filled dance party outside Crazy Aunt Helen’s, a restaurant that was hosting a story time event with a drag queen. Anti-trans protesters had gathered across the street and were deriding hormone therapy, a treatment that provided Pastor a way to feel more like herself. But Pastor said standing alongside the people she met — a trans man, a queer teacher, straight allies — was empowering.

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Can it provide the same kind of reputation-shifting service to another oft-maligned grocery item, the pitiable tub of cottage cheese? Wp Get the full experience. Choose your plan ArrowRight Often associated with sad mid-century diets and derided by many for their slippery, bouncy texture, the milky curds have recently been getting a glow-up on the social media platform. People are blending and whipping them, adding them to eggs, smearing them on toast — and, most virally, making them into a rainbow of ice cream flavors.

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Pearson and Jones, 27, did not deny that their protest had violated the legislature’s rules of decorum, but Pearson described it as a “peaceful act of civil disobedience” in a New York Times column Wednesday. Republicans disagreed, with some comparing it to the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol and others deriding it as a “temper tantrum.”

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The letter was almost instantly derided as a “nothing statement” on Fox News and other right-leaning media outlets, where fury over a single can of Bud Light illustrated with the face of Mulvaney has fueled headlines all month.

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McCarthy derided Felsen’s request as disingenuous. The defense attorney knew about Boynton’s pending job switch before the sentencing hearing — as evidenced, McCarthy said, by Felsen talking to a prosecutor about it — yet took no action. “He knew that Dave Boynton was coming here. He knew,” McCarthy said. “He didn’t file a motion to recuse.”

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He was cheeky like that, and didn’t mind deriding the economics editors of Fleet Street who had the temerity to query his budget judgements as “teenage scribblers”. Above all he was proud, going on vain. It should always have been clear that he wasn’t going to tolerate Thatcher employing an economic adviser, Alan Walters, who advocated an alternative exchange rate policy, while he, Lawson, was supposed to be in charge.

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Romney has been heckled at airports and narrowly avoided being censured by the state party. And his name has become campaign fodder for right-wing Republicans, who derisively refer to opponents as “ Mitt Romney Republicans.”

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Trump has denied the allegation and has derided the criminal charges as politically motivated.

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Some of these factories offer unlikely comeback stories. As NBC reported, the Fremont factory “was derided as one of the industry’s worst, with reports of drinking on the job, high absenteeism, low morale and even sabotaging of cars”.

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Twitter used to tag journalists and other high-profile accounts with blue check marks to verify their identity and distinguish them from impostors. But Musk has derided the marks as an undeserved status symbol and plans to take them away from anyone not buying a premium subscription. Those cost as little as {$}8 a month for individuals and a minimum of {$}1,000 a month for organizations.

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Attempting to counter gun rights advocates has been an ascendant gun safety movement that has poured tens of millions of dollars into political campaigns. That includes Moms Demand Action which was among a coalition of groups that derided Friday’s speeches as “a cattle call of far-right” presidential candidates.

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Twitter also used to tag journalists and other high-profile accounts with blue check marks to verify their identity and distinguish them from impostors. But Musk has derided the marks as an undeserved status symbol and plans to take them away from anyone not buying a premium subscription.

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“Based” is used by racial extremists “to refer to someone who has been converted to racist ideology, or as a way of indicating ideological agreement,” the FBI claims, while other common internet slang like “LARPing” (live action role playing) is said to be used by “RMVEs and their associates” online “to deride individuals accused of not being as extreme, or in possession of skills or other valued characteristics, they claim to have.”

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It is a mindset which consolidated following America’s victory in the Cold War, and the belief its hegemony over the world is a divine right. In this twisted world view, peace is derided as “appeasement” and anyone who does not sign up to the agenda of perpetual war and arms races is derided as morally corroded. Allies are not to be listened to, but coerced into following America’s will by hook or by crook.

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In March, teachers, bus drivers and cafeteria workers walked picket lines, some holding cardboard signs deriding Carvalho’s fine suits and {$}440,000 salary. One included a picture of the superintendent surrounded by cartoon money bags with the caption “Mr. Miami Vice Grip.”

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The Bidens hit the {$}10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions, called SALT, a product of Trump’s tax law and derided by Democrats in high-cost states. They also paid more than {$}2,000 in additional federal taxes imposed by the Affordable Care Act.

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Alito, the author of last June’s decision reversing the 1973 Roe v. Wade, derided the Biden administration’s warnings about the regulatory chaos that would arise if the abortion drug was suddenly restricted.

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He is also under fire from Republicans who have derided his “unconservative” attacks on a private business as an act of revenge.

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A wave of social media memes follows his public speeches, making fun of his accent and expression. Pictures of him in his old Darfur days looking bedraggled circulate on WhatsApp groups, captioned with derisory comments. Hemedti was a hinterland village clown to the Arab elites of central Sudan, the so called “riverine tribes”, descendants of Arabs who migrated from the Arabian peninsula in the 12th century and intermarried with Indigenous populations along the banks of the Nile River, which runs through the centre of Sudan.

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Selfish career-driven women. Gullible dupes of the fertility industry. Victims of the patriarchy. When leading anthropologist Marcia C Inhorn first embarked on her decade-long study of why women freeze their eggs, the popular narrative was largely one of derision .

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