Mellifluous means sweetly or smoothly flowing; pleasant to hear.


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Gielgud turned 60 during the original project and was the epitome of the old school of acting. His mellifluous voice, shimmering with emotion and delivered with what one critic called a ‘parsonical quiver’, was famous. Burton’s voice – a spine-tingling poetic rumble of shifting coal slag – was more rugged, more 1960s, and no less adored.

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For nearly a century the ABC was committed to leading the standard of excellence in the spoken word. Clarity was king, voices were mellifluous , and listening to ABC newsreaders and broadcasters was a listening pleasure despite the stiff upper lip. But this new age of political correctness has the ABC obsessing with other priorities – and has dropped its hard-earned standards (and its summer cricket coverage) in the name of diversity.

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