Dulcet refers to a sound that is sweet, soothing, and pleasing to the ear.


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“Gabby’s Dollhouse.” I have a 2-and-a-half-year-old at home. He puts this on while he does dishes and I veg out to the dulcet tones of DJ Catnip.

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But there is a new level of intertextuality among the three singers, whose hearty generosity and palpable eagerness to be together seem to temper the possibility of any one voice becoming dominant. The opening track, “Without You Without Them,” is a dulcet , one-minute a-cappella ditty that could easily be a found recording from Appalachia (or a nod to the folk harmonies on “Trio”). The lyrics—written by Dacus, also the group’s arch sentimentalist—express gratitude for having met one another.

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