A “credo” is a set of beliefs or principles that a person or organization holds as being fundamental or essential to their identity or mission.


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However, while government can set minimum requirements, Mia Davis, vice president of sustainability and impact at beauty retailer Credo Beauty, says the needle will move in the private sector.

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These are reasons why Americans' obsession with the AR-15 remains unbreakable and why more massacres are sadly inevitable. Washington will simply repeat its tragic political spiel whereby Democrats demand stricter laws, even a ban, while Republicans obstruct legislation in Congress and offer the victims of massacres their "thoughts and prayers" instead. Meanwhile, the NRA will continue repeating its ill-guided credo : "Guns don't kill people. People kill people," albeit with guns and often an AR-15.

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Indonesia’s foundational credo , Pancasila, means “five principles” and basically refers to the belief in God, humanitarianism, Indonesia’s national unity, democracy and social justice.

Lies masquerading as truth have had a significant negative impact on our nation, shattering many lives, causing many to live in fear, and Fox has been in the vanguard. There are news networks with a liberal bias, of course, but none have become so detached from legitimate reporting as to adopt the credo of “give the viewers what they want, even if we have to make it up along the way.”

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We live in an age where a healthy level of self-respect in women is reviled as selfishness, which is weird when you think that we’ve had four waves of feminism. This is largely down to woke ideology – the most misogynistic western credo since Catholicism, which may explain why Ireland has transitioned so seamlessly from being bossed about by one set of men in dresses to another. To every other oppressed group, woke says ‘RIOT!’, to women: #BeKind.

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But short stories are, to me, closer to the dawn of days; they are quick, breathtaking windows into other humans’ souls, which is where the infinite resides, in my personal credo . The story form is infinitely malleable, gorgeously economical, and endlessly surprising; it is long enough to lose oneself in, short enough to deliver a satisfying gut punch. I say this to contextualize why, when O. Henry Prize series editor Jenny Minton Quigley asked me to be this year’s guest judge, I must have terrified her by responding in enthusiastic all-caps within thirty seconds of her invitation.

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