Assuage means to make something unpleasant, such as pain or anxiety, less severe or intense. It can also refer to calming or soothing someone’s feelings or emotions.


US English

UK English

Part of Speech

Assuage is a verb.


Mitigate, alleviate, ease, relieve, soothe, lessen, mollify, pacify, appease, calm.


Aggravate, exacerbate, intensify, worsen, irritate, provoke, infuriate, enrage.

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun assuagement, assuagements
Verb assuages, assuaging, assuaged, assuage
Adjective None
Adverb None

Example Sentences

  • The soothing music and gentle massage helped assuage the patient’s pain and promote relaxation during the therapy session.

  • The heartfelt apology and sincere gestures of reconciliation were intended to assuage the hurt feelings of the offended party.

  • A warm cup of herbal tea and a cozy blanket were offered to assuage the guest’s discomfort after a long journey.

  • The teacher provided extra guidance and support to assuage the student’s anxiety and help them succeed in their studies.


Assuage is a versatile verb that can be used in various contexts. It is derived from the Latin word “assuaviare,” meaning “to sweeten.” The word can be used to describe the easing of physical or emotional discomfort. For instance, a doctor may use medication to assuage a patient’s pain or discomfort.

Assuage can also be used to describe the process of calming someone’s fears, anger or anxiety. A parent, for example, might assuage a child’s fears of the dark by reassuring them that there is nothing to be afraid of. A politician might try to assuage the fears of the public during a crisis by speaking out and reassuring them that the situation is under control.

The word assuage can be used with various prefixes and suffixes to change its meaning or emphasis. For example, the prefix “dis-” can be added to create the word “disassuage,” which means to make something worse or to increase discomfort. Similarly, the suffix “-ment” can be added to create “assuagement,” which means the act of assuaging something or someone. Another related word is “assuasive,” which means soothing or calming.

In conclusion, assuage is a useful verb for describing the easing of discomfort, pain, anxiety or emotional distress. It can also be used to describe the process of calming someone’s fears or emotions. With its various prefixes and suffixes, the word can be used in different contexts to convey different meanings or emphasis.