Inclement refers to severe or harsh weather conditions, typically involving rain, snow, hail, sleet, or strong winds. It can also describe a harsh or unfavorable environment or circumstances.


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These announcements could lead to some suspicion and snark, including when Regina Hall made fun of the idea that inclement weather trapped Yellowstone star Kevin Costner in Santa Barbara and kept him from accepting his award as best actor in a TV drama.

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The tournament was suspended both Friday and Saturday because of inclement conditions, leading to a condensed schedule for the final day.

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As the mercury drops, the wind chills and the rain pours, the inclement conditions become the hottest talking point in town.

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The Broward Sheriff’s Office said in a statement Wednesday it is “being inundated with non-emergency 911 calls regarding the inclement weather” and asks residents to use 911 only for “true emergencies,” also telling residents to avoid driving and to call a tow truck company if a vehicle is stranded and not in an emergency.

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The Juice launch was set back a day, to April 14, due to inclement weather. It successfully took off and is on its way to Jupiter.

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Read said there was inclement weather at the time they were last heard from.

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Even those who didn’t experience any direct losses are out thousands of dollars after farmer’s markets shut down due to inclement weather. Others were unable to transport their produce to stores and restaurants due to flooded highways and mudslides.

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The net has gotten rained on plenty of times, and it’s holding up fine. Venux claims that the steel and polyester materials are “resistant to all weather conditions”—we didn't subject it to a full New England winter, but it held up just fine through the inclement weather it did see.

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“There aren’t really community spaces to facilitate integration,” said Standish. He pointed out that while the village had been designed to be in line with 1980s New Urbanism concepts, which emphasize walkability and outdoor interactions, many of its squares are glorified parking lots and all are exposed to the frequently inclement weather.

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This high brought hot, sinking air that dried out and heated up further, simultaneously deflecting any inclement weather and squashing attempts at cloud cover. And because the jet stream deviated so far north, warm air was able to slide hundreds of miles north of where it otherwise ordinarily would be.

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