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As a society, we venerate entrepreneurs and love the idea of people “being themselves” in academia and business, and also in celebrity culture. So there was fertile ground for social media influencers. They were seen as more authentic than traditional experts: just like you, they’re trying to figure out makeup or fashion. That gave them credibility.

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The indictment of Donald J Trump has not driven a wooden stake through his heart. He has risen, omnipresent and ominous again, overwhelming his rivals, their voices joined into his choir, like the singing January 6 prisoners, proclaiming the wickedness of his prosecution. As he enters the criminal courthouse to pose for his mugshot and to give his fingerprints, evangelicals venerate him as the adulterous King David or the martyred Christ.

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On Tuesday night, much of Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show was a deeply disturbing diatribe targeting trans people, painting them as terroristic anti-Christs, afforded special privileges by the elite. “The people in charge despise working-class whites, but they venerate the trans community,” Carlson said.

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But had we really swayed far enough in the other direction, toward genuine acceptance, away from the view that a low body mass index was something to venerate ? Fat activists believe that we have not, which is why there are proposed laws in the New York City Council as well as in the State Legislature that would make weight (and height) discrimination illegal, particularly as it relates to employment and housing (exceptions would be made for certain occupations).

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In all of this, the belated veneration of Lincoln is important because the US is central to Britain’s alibi, for racism in general and slavery in particular. A fantasy of America as the repository of all the world’s racism has allowed Britain – and indeed much of Europe – to enjoy a misplaced sense of superiority on issues of racial justice, to claim over and over again that whatever else we may do, at least it’s not as bad as the Americans.

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” Such pressure to conform to restrictive bodily standards, or accepted appearances, still has resonance across the LGBT+ community. Venerating slimness or policing whether, how and when a person wears make-up can contribute to a lack of acceptance that many people in the community still struggle with. Discriminatory attitudes – both in and outside of the LGBT+ umbrella – also augment poorer mental health outcomes for LGBT+ people; a 2018 Stonewall report found that half of LGBT people polled had experienced depression in the previous year.

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In Bulgaria today, pro-Russian propaganda works easily on various levels. From feelings of gratitude to our two-time liberators (and, as it turns out, our two-time enslavers), through veneration for Russian culture (as if Putin and Chekhov were twin brothers), to statements by high-ranking politicians who refuse to unambiguously take the side of the victim.

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Of course, if nobody wants to impeach justices and the votes aren’t there, then the court can continue as is. But it will no longer hold the venerated status within the country it enjoyed for decades.

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Now it is President Biden’s turn to do his bit. On the surface, a Roman Catholic US president who venerates his family’s roots in the Republic of Ireland is not ideally placed to put pressure on the DUP. Even the more general sense of an international community that is willing Sunak’s deal to succeed is likely, if anything, to be counterproductive against the inward-looking “us against the world” attitude of the DUP.

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Our attitudes toward guns are often ascribed to our frontier past and a veneration of the Old West. But in truth, radical opposition to gun regulation is a relatively recent development, even in the NRA. Founded in 1871 by two Union Civil War veterans and a former New York Times reporter, the organization was initially devoted to improving urban marksmanship.

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In Lviv, for centuries a Polish town, Ukrainian culture is being promoted and celebrated in everything from music to the veneration of controversial nationalist leaders of the past.

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“They were highly venerated with ample offerings from all those who attended their funerals, demonstrating their continued social importance within their communities throughout their lives,” he said via email.

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Three years after a much-hyped headlining set was foiled by the pandemic — and nearly six years since his most recent large-scale concerts — the venerated but rarely heard from singer-songwriter Frank Ocean closed the opening weekend of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on Sunday with a typically emotional performance of reworked favorites, and a hint that a new album was coming.

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Church officials were quickly alerted to Soubirous’ experiences and were initially concerned about the truth of her account. After investigating, the local bishop became convinced that Mary had indeed appeared to the young woman. Popes later encouraged veneration at Lourdes, and in 1933, Soubirous herself was canonized as St. Bernadette.

Prince Philip was accompanying Queen Elizabeth II on an official visit to Denmark when the venerated modernist painter Marc Chagall pressed a gift into his hands. It was 1960 and the pair had just met at a ceremony where Chagall was presented with the prestigious Erasmus prize. Philip would later recall the artist’s “jocular attitude” as he showed him around his exhibition.

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Amidst the veneration of the Belfast Agreement taking place at Queen’s University this week, there has been a less than subtle message: that the DUP should get back to work and re-join the devolved executive at Stormont. One of the many banging that particular drum – and unlikely to feature in any Orange parade this July – is Chris Heaton-Harris, the Northern Ireland Secretary.

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These venerated contributors include interpreters of former Party and State leaders and translators of their essays and anthologies and key Party and government documents.

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As an expert in medieval Christian liturgy and worship, I know that veneration of relics has a long history in Christian devotional practice.

In a land where private property is venerated and “get off my lawn” has become a mantra of jokey crankiness, the American front door is the landscape’s most intimate and personal of borders, the place where the public sphere encounters private space — occasionally with disastrous results.

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Her suitor was put off, so her irritated father had her crucified. After her death she became the subject of veneration : people would leave her wistful offerings of oats.

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Tabots are kept in the Qeddest Qeddusan, or Holy of Holies, and are only taken out during festivals and times of need. Indeed, each tabot is venerated as if it were the Ark itself.

According to Leopold, the differences between the Temple and the Global Order are ‘not theological’: members of both groups are hard-left supporters of identity politics. But that isn’t true of the Church of Satan, which claims to have conservative as well as liberal members, though like all ‘rational’ Satanists it repudiates far-right Satanic groups such as the neo-Nazi Order of Nine Angles. (The latter are unspeakably nasty – they venerate the Moors murderer Ian Brady – but numerically insignificant.)

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