To destroy completely; to eliminate or kill off something or someone, especially in large numbers.


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In November 1861, only days before the Confederate states elected Jefferson Davis as their president, an editorial column deplored the making of war in the cause of abolition. “Certain states moved by holy indignation at the mischief which slavery is producing in a neighbouring community,” it noted, “have made up their minds to exterminate it by force. We have never done or said anything to lead it to be supposed that we should approve of this proceeding.

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Roots produced an alternative curriculum that two local schools – Birley and Ducie – adopted. The new vision wasn’t simply to celebrate positive Black contributions; it also re-examined history. “These curricula do not have specific multiracial sections; rather all the subjects will be designed to show the historical input of non-European sources,” wrote Edwards. “For example, a history of the industrial revolution will not only describe the technological developments, but will also highlight how later the Indian cotton trade was virtually exterminated in order to maintain British profits.”

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“There is no negotiating with terrorists,” Medvedev continues. “They should be exterminated like rabid dogs… forgiveness and compassion do not apply to them.”

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Ferencz told the court that the accused officers methodically carried out long-range plans to exterminate ethnic, national, political and religious groups "condemned in the Nazi mind."

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Ferencz told the court that the accused officers methodically carried out long-range plans to exterminate ethnic, national, political and religious groups “condemned in the Nazi mind”.

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Corradi will coordinate city agencies such as the Departments of Health and Mental Hygiene, Parks and Recreation, and Sanitation and find “innovative ways to cut off rats’ food sources” and use “new technologies to detect and exterminate rat populations,” Adams’ office said in a news release Wednesday.

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There are shades of the Eichmann pursuit and execution in a number of unlikely spots, but one of the most entertaining was in the “X-Men” movies. In the original 2000 film, we see that the Magneto character was a child in Nazi concentration camps. The experience shaped his way of looking at the world for the rest of his life and proved his suspicions that those in power will sometimes do all they can to target and exterminate an oppressed group.

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Calling Corradi a “maestro,” Adams claimed that his new ratcatcher-general will implement “new technologies to detect and exterminate rat populations” and try “innovative ways to cut off rats’ food sources.”

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Invasive species tend to be perceived as threats which need to be exterminated . Many countries allow invasive animals to be killed by any means necessary to control their population. Policies carried out with the aim of controlling these animals are therefore often unethical.

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“It’s a shame that the Brazilian cavalry hasn’t been as efficient as the Americans, who exterminated the Indians,” Jair Bolsonaro told a newspaper at the time.

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Participants in the solemn event included Holocaust survivors who lived through the agony of Auschwitz or one of the other death camps where Nazi Germany sought to exterminate the Jewish population of Europe and came close to doing so.

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Nevertheless, I think it is wrong to exterminate Italy’s killer bear. I really do. And it is not because my best friend was my teddy bear as a child.

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Wars were fought in this land now called Australia where Aboriginal people were massacred. Martial law was declared on my people, the Wiradjuri nation, during the 1820’s in what was referred to as an “ exterminating war.”

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Afraid of her involvement being discovered, Catherine scrambled to cover her tracks. She met secretly with a group of nobles at the Tuileries Palace to hatch a new plot: this time to completely exterminate the Huguenot leaders in Paris. With the approval of Charles, who was possibly misled into believing that the Huguenots were about to rebel, the massacre began just before dawn on August 24, 1572.

"The Ukraine is full of Polish mercenaries, who should be ruthlessly exterminated like stinky rats," he added.

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The Late Cretaceous was a time of great productivity in the world’s oceans, as borne out by the deposition of thick beds of chalk in Western Europe, eastern Russia, southern Scandinavia, the Gulf Coast of North America, and western Australia. The Cretaceous ended with one of the greatest mass extinctions in the history of Earth, exterminating the dinosaurs, marine and flying reptiles, and many marine invertebrates.

Lawns are a constant battle between good and evil – grass and weeds. To not mow for the entirety of May would simply allow evil to flourish. No Mow May evangelists speak in gushing terms about allowing such things as lesser trefoil to reach full flower. In 2020, my lawn was probably 40 per cent lesser trefoil. Exterminating it is one of my proudest and most hard-fought achievements. The idea of giving it an entire month to do as it pleases fills me with utter horror.

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Were the citizens of Memphis who dedicated a statue to Forrest on July 11, 1998, aware of this history, or were they victims of a white power curriculum that treats enslavers and exterminators of Native Americans as gods?

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