Voracious means having a strong appetite or consuming large quantities of something.


US English

UK English

Part of Speech



insatiable, ravenous, gluttonous, greedy, rapacious, devouring


satisfied, content, moderate, restrained, satiated

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun voracity, voraciousness, voracities, voraciousnesses
Verb None
Adjective voracious
Adverb voraciously

Example Sentences

  • The voracious appetite of the giant is the reason for the scarcity of food in the land.

  • Her voracious reading habit led her to become a prolific writer herself.

  • The voracious swarm of locusts destroyed vast acres of farmland in a matter of days.

  • His voracious desire for success made him work tirelessly day and night without any break.


Voracious is an adjective that describes a strong craving for food or an insatiable desire for something. The word comes from the Latin word ‘vorax’, which means to devour or to swallow greedily. The suffix ‘ious’ is used to form adjectives that indicate tendency or capacity. Hence, the suffix ‘ious’ gives the word vorax the meaning of having the tendency or capacity to devour or swallow greedily.

Voracious can be used to describe a person who has an excessive appetite, especially for food. For example, a voracious eater would consume a large quantity of food without feeling satiated. This word can also be used to describe an insatiable desire for non-food items, such as knowledge, power, or money. A voracious reader would read books or other written material in large quantities without getting tired or bored.

The word voracious can be used alone, or with other prefixes or suffixes to form new words. For example, the prefix ‘omni’ can be added to it to form the word ‘omnivorous’. This word describes an animal or person that eats both plants and animals. Another variation of the word, ‘voracity’, is the noun form of voracious. This noun describes the quality or state of being voracious, such as a voracity for learning or a voracity for success.

Overall, the word voracious is a powerful word that can describe a person or animal’s insatiable appetite or an intense desire for something. Its wide range of applications make it very useful in many different situations.