Entice means to attract or lure someone into doing something, usually through the use of some sort of reward or incentive.


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"There will always be niche operators, adjacent players, and as soon as margins become too juicy again, new entrants will be enticed to join," said NUS' Prof Wirtz.

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The club’s new ownership group, led by American businessman Todd Boehly, had enticed Potter away from Brighton with the promise of managing one of the most lucrative teams in world soccer.

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After whaling ceased in 1964, the building that hosts the museum remained unused for more than 20 years, until it was converted and opened to the public in 1992. The exhibits are dedicated to whaling, the early maritime history of the island and its natural and social history. If that doesn't sound too enticing , the surrounding pristine Antarctic environment, home to about five million seals of four different species, as well as 65 million breeding birds, should do the trick.

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Starbucks is betting big on olive oil infused coffee, hoping customers will be enticed by the anomaly and the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

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A shrine to Obama sits just outside his ancestral home of Moneygall, on the side of Ireland’s M7 motorway. Statues of America’s 44th President and his First Lady grin and wave at passing drivers, hoping to entice them to stop at the gas station that bears his name.

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Evans sets out an enticing stall with this family drama – perhaps a Black British, 21st-century rewriting of King Lear? – and by hinting that the symbolic connection between Grenfell and the Pitts’s situation will be tracked as the novel progresses. In keeping with the daring of her previous fiction, the novel does not straightforwardly meet these expectations. The narrative expands outwards; it whirls into the lives and perspectives of adjacent characters, sometimes lending the novel the feel of a collection of linked short stories.

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Mount Dirfi, the island’s highest peak, dominates the north. In its foothills, Nileas gorge teems with wildlife and fauna, and nearby Drymonas waterfall cascades from a curved overhang into an enticing forest pool. Family-run Vriniotis is the pick of Evia’s wineries, on a hillside overlooking the North Euboean Gulf. And Lavender Farm Cottage (sleeps six, from €160 a night) is an ivy-tangled, pastel-pink house with a bountiful garden. There’s a rolling pool-to-sea view, and fresh eggs every morning.

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“It is the greeting you extend to others, and your first taste of homecoming.” But how do you transform a dumping ground for dead leaves and damp trainers into an enticing entrance? First, think of greenery. “Potted plants will dress and define the entrance to your home,” Harding says.

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Jews most likely started visiting Britain in ancient times, but it wasn’t until William the Conqueror enticed some to come over from Normandy after his victory at Hastings in 1066 that Jewish communities took root on English soil. William needed capital to subdue the country and build its economy; Jews had it. To encourage them, William offered special protections. They would be the “king’s men,” answerable only to the sovereign. Harming them would be an offense against the crown. They could, if need be, take shelter in any royal castle, including the Tower of London.

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Such changes will hurt LIV . Almost all of its appeal to golfers was financial. The PGA is now trying to match that ( LIV still offers more per tournament). It has also tweaked tournament structures to keep up with LIV ’s innovations. To make golf more enticing to new audiences, LIV compressed golf tournaments to 54 holes, down from the standard 72. It also abolished the cut, in which around half the field leaves a tournament after two rounds without earning any prize money. The PGA has announced similar changes to several of its events.

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The rebundling has in many ways paid off. The opportunity to dabble in different service lines has helped the big four entice the bright-eyed young things their businesses rely on. A career in bean-counting looks more appealing when it comes with the opportunity to work on big acquisitions or advise governments on important matters, observes Laura Empson of Bayes Business School in London and formerly of the board of KPMG ’s British branch.

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Many vehicles will only be eligible for half the full credit, {$}3,750, an amount that may not be enough to entice them away from less-costly gasoline-powered vehicles.

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Better access to global bond markets is one attraction. To entice investors, a country needs sustainable debt management and a credible currency. Good fiscal practices could bring down borrowing costs across the board, especially if combined with other euro-strengthening moves like completing the banking union that began with a move to common financial supervision. It would also help if the EU policy debate shifted towards treating bond markets as routine economic tools instead of regularly stoking fears that, say, Italy or Greece is on the brink of default.

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It certainly beats binge-watching, which is the enemy of true cultural conversation. The tactic of releasing one episode a week entices audiences, sparks conversation and theories, and brings me back to the good old days of the aforementioned X Files or Lost after it, when everyone was on the same schedule and could genuinely get into deeper chats about the latest developments. Had HBO’s Succession or The Last of Us been inelegantly dumped in one go for mindless audience feeding, the impact would have been significantly diluted.

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Even more enticing , it’s thought to have an underground ocean holding more water than Earth. Ditto for Europa and its reported geysers, and heavily cratered Callisto, a potential destination for humans given its distance from Jupiter’s debilitating radiation belts, according to Carnegie Institution’s Scott Sheppard, who’s not involved with the Juice mission.

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Separately, R. Kelly earlier this year was sentenced to 20 years in prison in a Chicago federal courtroom following a 2022 conviction on charges of child pornography and enticement of a minor.

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Sonny sparks the action as the only sports marketer who recognizes Jordan as not just a very talented player but a great one, because of the combined superiority of Jordan’s athletic ability and unique sense of will, determination, even destiny. Affleck cannily, even cagily, reveals the insight on which Sonny’s judgment is based, in a scene that’s among the movie’s most enticing . Sonny watches, over and over, a videotape of Jordan’s signature moment in college ball—a championship-winning shot that he hit in 1982.

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“Part of the X is so enticing because it has this mathematical designation for ... the thing that has to be solved,” Gil’Adí said. “It does not refer solely to gender, but to all these other things.”

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Such were the city’s woes that a highway billboard erected in 1971 famously quipped: “Will the last person leaving Seattle — Turn out the lights.” Though it was actually messaging cooked up by two local real estate developers to entice investors, it symbolized the economic pressures the city was facing.

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It is enticing to imagine that a bot might cure what ails us. In public school systems like the one where my children are taught and I teach, there are chronic staffing shortages. Many parents don’t have the resources — in time, money or energy — to teach their kids at home. If a bot could fill the gaps … how great, right?

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The work to entice people back to the office also involves an approach to interior design that blends residential and commercial styles, giving office furniture a homey, cozy vibe, with breakout areas and smaller pods to inspire “hives of activity,” said Jason Romine, a project manager at the Bellevue, Wash.-based JPC Architects. People want a change of scenery, and a space that feels different from their house, said Phil Logsden, a senior interior designer at JPC Architects. The goal, he added, is to make the office worth the commute.

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Her blistering, wine-soaked monologue to Ryan about his dad’s true nature was a standout moment of the final season, when her pain bubbled over after several years of her stoic attempts to move on. On the surface, the mysterious, enticing femme fatale that is Anna in Obsession couldn’t be less like Ann (though as the story unfolds there are more and more parallels between them). Anna seduces her fiance’s dad and point-blank refuses to tell her soon-to-be-husband anything about her past.

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The technical difficulties caused widespread anger on social media, as viewers shared how the issues messed up their Sunday night plans. Even fellow streaming platforms like Hulu, the Bravo network, and Netflix’s sworn enemy Blockbuster poked fun at Netflix’s embarrassing blunder. Netflix apologised for the technical issues – “To everyone who stayed up late, woke up early, gave up their Sunday afternoon” – and enlisted the Lacheys to go live on Instagram to entice viewers to stay tuned in, rather than switch over to HBO’s Succession at 9pm.

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Bosworth said Meta is going to start commercializing its own content-generation software, expects the ad-creating technology to become available in 2023, and thinks the social media biz has something enticing to sell.

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"This makes it extremely enticing for attackers as they don't need to socially engineer their way into an organization," Breen told The Register. "They can simply scan the internet for RAS servers and automate the exploitation of vulnerable devices."

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Logging in to the app on the first day of the contest on March 6, a large message grabbed my attention: “More than 308,619 prizes already awarded!” This is an enticement to play — so many winners already! — but it’s also a valuable piece of information.

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Anything that makes you, or the people with you, seem less like prey – less enticing – is good. Stay safe, but most importantly, respect these animals for the wild creatures they are.

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Moreover, events forced Ukraine’s hand. As Russia gravitated toward authoritarianism and used its oil and gas as a weapon against Ukraine, the attractions of the West – democracy, prosperity and a shiny modernity – seemed far more enticing .

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And we’re not just sharing the songs, but also the ways we react to them. This gamified angle of sharing music memes on TikTok increases our entertainment value – a competitive element that entices users to participate even more.

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These systems were self-financing: Transit company investors made their money in suburban real estate when rail lines opened up. They charged low fares to entice riders looking to buy land and homes. The most famous example was the Pacific Electric “red car” transit system in Los Angeles that Henry Huntingdon built to transform his vast landholdings into profitable subdivisions.

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Tesla also dropped 3.8% after it cut prices on its entire U.S. model lineup for the third time this year. It’s apparently trying to entice more buyers amid rising interest rates, which make auto loans more expensive.

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Before the show finally aired, Vanessa Lachey had taken to Instagram — briefly live, perhaps ironically — from the set to try to entice viewers to stay on, indicating the delay was a technical issue in a post thanking fans for being patient and captioned: “Apparently we broke the internet!”

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After a failed attempt to entice his father to a fight, Dominik landed in jail, which only added to the tough-guy persona he uses to mask his true spoiled-brat essence. (Dominik arrived at the mat on Saturday in a cop van. His father was chauffeured by Snoop Dogg in a lowrider.)

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“The idea was to find something extraordinary that the president could use, like an enticement or a threat, to convince Putin not to attack [Ukraine],” Hersh said.

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Enticed by the lucrative sector, many food chains and retailers have set their sights on launching or expanding their ready-to-eat meal businesses.

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