Inexorable means impossible to stop or prevent, or unable to be persuaded or moved by entreaty or prayer. It refers to something that is relentless, unyielding, or persistent.


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But at a grave moment for the country, given that an ex-president and current presidential candidate is about to appear in court, there’s also growing sense of inexorably building pressure on Trump that will compromise his capacity to evade accountability.

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In the short term, there are organisations including the National Churches Trust, the Churches Conservation Trust and the Friends of Friendless Churches (fittingly, it had sent a representative on our tour) that raise money and receive modest public funds to keep some churches alive, or at least just about intact. Yet their efforts will be dwarfed as remaining congregations slowly but inexorably dry up.

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Collateral damage is already mounting. The presidency, constitution and democratic governance risk permanent reputational harm. US global influence and moral authority may not survive sustained mockery. Enemies look on with glee. It boosts their storyline of inexorable American decline. For them, it’s the end of empire show.

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The place had been unoccupied for months. My father, Mal, was long gone, and my mother, Doreen, was in a care home, drifting inexorably through the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. We’d just sold the property we’d been living in, and there would be a few weeks’ delay in getting access to our future home, so the old house was a convenient place to stay in the meantime.

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The main types are cancers, chronic respiratory illnesses, diabetes and cardiovascular disease – heart attacks and stroke. Approximately 80% are preventable, and all are on the rise, spreading inexorably around the world as ageing populations and lifestyles pushed by economic growth and urbanisation make being unhealthy a global phenomenon. NCDs, once seen as illnesses of the wealthy, now have a grip on the poor.

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When popular historians write about kings and their mistresses, they always perform this elaborate bafflement when the royal in question doesn’t select for beauty, like a judge in Miss World: “Countess So-and-so was no beauty, yet Prince Whatshisface was smitten …” But when you consider the royal family, none of whom look remotely happy except in those split seconds when a horse has just won something – King Charles was “metaphorically born with a headache”, in the words of the royal biographer Hugo Vickers – it is not difficult to understand why the heir to the throne was drawn inexorably to the one woman in his circle who didn’t have an expression like a bulldog licking a nettle.

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Setting limits is the best way to help them do this. Without boundaries, your relationship will worsen, and your life will slowly but inexorably become more constricting and frustrating because your own needs won’t be met.

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"With IT skill sets in short supply, data continuing its inexorable growth and myriad cyber threats cascading across the digital landscape, IT planners need innovative solutions that deliver the simplicity, automation and flexibility to keep up with business demands as they change over time."

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Costs are inexorably growing for three reasons.

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"With IT skill sets in short supply, data continuing its inexorable growth and myriad cyber threats cascading across the digital landscape, IT planners need innovative solutions that deliver the simplicity, automation and flexibility to keep up with business demands as they change over time."

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Selassie added that countries needed help not just to alleviate poverty but to meet the challenge of global heating. “The inexorable logic of climate change is beginning to affect the region,” he said. “Nobody expected the series of shocks seen in recent years.”

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The main obstacles to the realisation of this alarming vision are political and military alliances linking the democracies of Europe, North America and the Indo-Pacific, notably Japan, South Korea and Australia. For Xi and Putin, the US is in inexorable political, economic and moral decline. They believe the corrosive Donald Trump Maga phenomenon is proof of this contention. But for now at least, the US remains the world’s single most influential nation and most capable military power.

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Pirates and their sailing ships are inexorably linked to the romantic concept of the seven seas, and some variation of the phrase “sailing the seven seas” has existed since ancient mariners plied the Mediterranean Sea and the waters of the Middle East. But which bodies of water are those seven?


"The pendulum of history is inexorable and I know that, once I am eventually freed, I will be one of those who will have to clean up this whole bloody mess," he said.

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For all of Macron’s clumsiness — thinking aloud is not the recommended course for heads of state, especially in front of the press — many around the world, especially in the Global South, share the French president’s sense of being inexorably dragged into the US-China fight for supremacy. It is a fight that has little to do with the immediate interests of most countries but is one that they are forced to navigate.

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For most of its 66 years of existence, a vital part of the EU’s mission has been the inexorable expansion of its power to tell member states what to do. It now has to grasp though that in future it will need to backtrack. Unless Brussels morphs pretty quickly from a centralised technocracy dispatching orders to its vassals, into an organisation based on broad consensus between elected governments, it is likely to find itself side-lined or even facing a continental schism.

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There’s another obvious motivator for speeding. Driving inappropriately quickly is fun: seeing the tarmac disappear so fast under the bonnet that it’s a blur; seeing the speedo tip to as-yet unexperienced highs; hearing the engine reach new pitches ­– there’s something inexorably joyful about it. Mr Toad wasn’t wrong.

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Across the country, thinking has been shifting inexorably among those charged with protecting some of our most vulnerable targets. Many states now allow teachers to be armed to one degree or another.

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Lambe began contemplating hardiness zones’ slow but inexorable northward migration in 2019 while attending an arboriculture conference in Knoxville, Tenn., where the hardiness zone is projected to change from Zone 7 to Zone 8 by mid-century.

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Biden’s age means, actuarially speaking, that Harris, 58, stands an inexorably increasing chance of becoming president as his second term proceeds

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