without formalities or courtesy; abrupt and blunt.


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Unceremoniously abandoning these neighborhoods will create barriers to basic needs for thousands of residents,” she said. “I call on Walmart to ensure that these soon-to-be-closed stores are repurposed with significant community engagement so they can find a new use to serve their neighborhoods.”

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After years of being conditioned to travel with micro toiletries, my heart is beating faster. I’m waiting for a klaxon to go off and my unholy trinity of family-size Pantene, Soltan and Listerine, plus assorted cosmetics, to be unceremoniously dumped in one of the sin bins that have been stationed by security lanes since the mid-2000s.

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And as the interview wore on, the thin skin of the tech billionaire became evident. On the subject of the thousands of Twitter employees Musk unceremoniously sacked after buying the company for {$}44bn last October, Clayton proffered, mildly, that “it felt a little bit uncaring”. Musk fidgeted in his seat and reached down for his water.

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As Kerry was unceremoniously bundled out of the back door, victorious Marcia crowed about her “taking the subway home to her little apartment”. Logan’s “friend, assistant and adviser” even played an inadvertent role in his death. We heard how he’d died of a pulmonary embolism, partly because he hadn’t worn his compression socks on the plane “so he could look hot for Kerry”.

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In the second round, Stanford, a No. 1 seed, was taken down by No. 8-seeded Mississippi. On the Hoosiers’ home court, Indiana, also a No. 1 seed, lost to ninth-seeded Miami. Miami went on to upset No. 4-seeded Villanova, led by its star forward, Maddy Siegrist, whose early exit from the tournament led to her declaring for the W.N.B.A. draft. In the round of 16, the run of the dynastic UConn team came to an unceremonious halt against No. 3-seeded Ohio State.

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But beneath the ugly media brawl, the unceremonious purging of Mr. Corbyn was a substantive victory for Mr. Starmer, strengthening his already firm grip over the party. Three years after taking over, he has quietly but efficiently marginalized Labour’s once ascendant left-wing, enforced strict discipline over his top political team and grabbed control of the party machinery, including its selection of Labour candidates for Parliament.

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Unceremoniously abandoning these neighborhoods will create barriers to basic needs for thousands of residents,” Lightfoot said in a statement to The Washington Post.

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It wasn’t explicitly mentioned, but my unceremonious rejection from the party appeared to be at the behest of campaign staffers for the youngest member of Congress – although Cawthorn’s spokesperson denied that was the case.

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A meltdown, an implosion, a trainwreck: however you describe what has happened in Scottish politics over the past eight weeks, it is hard to envisage any rapid return to pre-eminence for the SNP. It is hard, too, to feel anything other than sympathy for Scottish National Party’s new leader, Humza Yousaf, who has been unceremoniously left with a shattered inheritance.

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The developer community's relationship with App Center hasn't always been smooth. In 2020, Microsoft unceremoniously killed off the mobile backend-as-a-service component of VS App Center, upsetting developers who relied on it.

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“You died a brave, yet horrible death far from home and loved ones. You were unceremoniously dumped into a shallow grave with so many more just like you. Now we will give you the hero’s farewell you deserve,” Ferguson wrote. “All I can say is thank you on behalf of a grateful nation.”

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Rivera, 52, was unceremoniously given the boot by Meloni without explanation.

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Agreed upon in 1926 and founded in 1931 as the British Commonwealth of Nations, the modern Commonwealth of Nations briefly formed the backbone of Britain’s post-war foreign policy, before being unceremoniously discarded in pursuit of closer integration with Europe in 1973. It was a thorn in the side of the Thatcher government over Apartheid and a post-imperial embarrassment for Blair, a collection of disparate and desperately poor islands held together by the Queen’s sheer force of personality.

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That evening I purchased clippers, took them to the bathroom and unceremoniously gave myself the only hairstyle I'll have for the rest of my life. A full 10 years after diagnosis, male pattern baldness had secured its final victory. A chapter of my youth ended in a pile of limp offcuts on the shower floor.

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Eventually, Davis returned, called the jury in and said unceremoniously : “The parties have resolved their case.”

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For those who haven’t heard about this nothing-to-hear: America’s most hermetic pop star was reportedly offered a neat {$}8 million to headline Coachella on back-to-back Sunday nights, but he stumbled through an opening weekend fiasco riddled with technical and psycho-spiritual difficulties, then unceremoniously bailed on the second date, citing a physical injury.

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Liberals may be tempted to celebrate his demise while conservatives may express utter disbelief that a cash cow like Carlson could be dropped so unceremoniously . Undoubtedly, Carlson will be replaced by someone even more right-wing, someone who knows how to pluck the right notes of white grievance that enchants and entrances the primetime viewer slot on Fox, just as Carlson did when he assumed the throne from its previous occupant, Bill O’Reilly.

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In challenges to Looking For Alaska, one scene comes up often. It happens about halfway through the book, when Miles receives oral sex from a female friend called Lara. The scene is mainly awkward; neither Miles nor Lara have much fun at first. It all concludes rather unceremoniously , with Lara asking Miles: “So, want to do some homework?”

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Tucker Carlson broke his silence on Wednesday night, two days after his unceremonious exit from Fox News.

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While a black bag is arguably one of the safest purse investment anyone can make in their lifetime, there is still a risk of getting behind one that might be great only for a couple of months before it gets banished unceremoniously because it simply can’t go the extra mile. A fate that ludicrously capacious black bags inevitably face, for example.

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After two weeks of radio silence, Osorio got an angry phone call from the two men, ordering her to retract her complaint. When she refused, they unceremoniously fired her.

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Two years after striking a musical partnership that launched with a Billboard charting hit and ended with an unceremonious split, Drake and iLoveMakonnen came face-to-face one night for the last time. The impromptu meeting, at Rihanna's afterparty for the 2016 MTV VMAs, would serve as their final goodbye.

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Old Bridge is my hometown. The New York City suburb in Central New Jersey (no matter what anyone tells you, Central Jersey does exist; even the governor says so) of about 67,000 people doesn’t appear in my Twitter feed too often, and I definitely didn’t expect to read that “pounds of pasta” — hundreds, in fact — were unceremoniously discarded. O mio dio, my Italian ancestors would be horrified.

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And yet. Beloved as he was, the Old Man, may he rest in peace, was a pile of rocks — until the wee hours of May 3, 2003, when the five slabs unceremoniously collapsed, victims of the same slow-moving geologic forces that had sculpted the human likeness in the first place.

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Whereas that team got off to a 61-23 start, the Yankees are 55-55 in 110 games since then. And that's not even counting a playoff run in which they barely survived the Cleveland Guardians before getting unceremoniously swept by the Houston Astros in the American League Championship Series.

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