high-handed refers to a behavior or action that is excessively or imperiously overbearing, excessive in authority, or lacking in consideration for others.


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It was the army, rather than the police, that faced the greater criticism in Rooney’s judgment: “I conclude that the plaintiff was exposed to humiliation and degradation and that the soldiers behaved in a high-handed , insulting, malicious and oppressive manner.” Holden’s estate was awarded a further £350,000 in damages.

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He dismissed the chief justice and ordered the arrest of more than 70 knights and gentlemen who refused to contribute. His high-handed actions added to the sense of grievance that was widely discussed in the next Parliament.


“Multiple registrations of FIRs’ shows malafide and high-handedness of state functionaries who are acting as handy tools upon the whims and wishes of the government in power,” the plea said, elaborating that the senior leadership of the PTI had been subjected to “physical torture, unlawful arrests and undue harassment” by the law enforcement agencies.

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The high-handed power of the president and the executive to short-circuit a normal parliamentary vote (under Article 49.3 of the Fifth Republic’s constitution) has been used 100 times since 1958.

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As a roving trade ambassador, he gained the nickname "Air Miles Andy" for his frequent travels, which often involved rounds of golf. His marriage ended in divorce in 1996. The media criticised him for what was described as high-handed behaviour and an overly lavish lifestyle.

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