Presumptuous refers to behavior that is excessively bold or forward, often without regard to what is appropriate or polite.


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In response to Mr Ng's query on "stacked" presumptions , Assoc Prof Faishal noted that presumptions have been built into the Misuse of Drugs Act since it was introduced in 1973.

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The FSB said it has been highlighting vulnerabilities linked to elevated debt levels, business models based on the presumption of low interest rates, stretched asset valuations, and the combination of leverage and liquidity mismatches in non-bank financial intermediation (NBFI).

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“What happened to the Kavanaugh family violates every notion of fairness, decency and due process,” Trump continued. “[In] our country, a man or woman must always be presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. And with that, I must state that you, sir, under historic scrutiny, were proven innocent.”

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Like any American in his position, Trump should have the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Unlike many other defendants, he can have every legal resource at his disposal and try to mount an attempt to dismiss the case before it reaches a possible trial.

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Trump’s lawyers attempted to wrest some control of the court proceedings on Monday, arguing against a request by news organizations, including CNN, to allow television cameras into Tuesday’s arraignment. The media outlets argued that the case was of such public interest that it should be broadcast. But Trump’s lawyers told the judge that “it will create a circus-like atmosphere at the arraignment, raise unique security concerns, and is inconsistent with President Trump’s presumption of innocence.”

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Human Rights Campaign President Kelley Robinson said in a statement that “every student deserves to be treated with dignity and respect” and suggested “the new rule should be clarified to ensure that all transgender students should be presumed eligible to participate in sports consistent with their gender identity.”

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“All of a sudden, I wanted to initiate intimacy. I can only presume it was driven not by my mind remembering something, but my body wanting something,” he said. “I did initiate sex more and it improved things with my partner incredibly.”

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As a writer, Lindz was intrigued -- even if she also considered it a little presumptuous to include no identifying information on your dating profile.

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“We learn anew with every generation a democracy needs champions,” he said, adding later: “As a friend, I hope it’s not too presumptuous of me to say that I believe democratic institutions established in the Good Friday Agreement remain critical for the future of Northern Ireland.”

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“We learn anew with every generation a democracy needs champions,” he said, adding later: “As a friend, I hope it’s not too presumptuous of me to say that I believe democratic institutions established in the Good Friday Agreement remain critical for the future of Northern Ireland.”

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Trump had already sent Murdoch’s and Koch’s presumptive candidate reeling. DeSantis has positioned himself as a cultural warrior but Trump smashed into his vulnerable flank.

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The committee rejects a Foreign Office presumption that “quiet diplomacy” and family silence is always appropriate throughout cases of state detentions and state hostage. The MPs instead say silence, except perhaps in the initial phase, “abets state hostage taking”.

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Supermarkets are important. Supermarkets are rich in stories. Few, though, emerge from this grab-bag of jottings, which is too presumptuous and banal to merit being published in this raw state. “I have trouble discerning and comprehending the present moment,” Ernaux says, and she has a point.

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Although she didn’t qualify back in 2013, when she became the youngest writer ever to win the Booker prize, Catton now lives in Cambridge. “It did feel a bit presumptuous ,” she says, when her publisher (which happens to be Granta) asked if she wanted to be put forward for the list. “I had never been described as a British novelist before, nor had I ever described myself that way.

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If these links fail to convince younger, more secular, more republican-minded subjects, they may not automatically impress older ones whose presumed pro-Charles tendencies are potentially offset by long memories. Anyone who can recall him, aged 32, smirking “Whatever ‘in love’ means” at the 19-year-old Diana, may think there are worthier objects of prayer.

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Instead it suggested that he wanted Kendall, always the heir presumptive , to take over. The siblings immediately turned against each other. Shiv argued that Ken’s name wasn’t underlined, it was crossed out. “Well, it sure as shit doesn’t say ‘Shiv’,” he retorted. Roman pointed out that it could have been written four years ago and “you’ve tried to put him in jail, like, 12 times since then”. It was “moot”, “non-binding” and “not germane” but the closest they had to smoke from Logan’s chimney.

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Wrongful detention is a classification created by Congress in the 2020 Robert Levinson Act, named after a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent abducted and held for more than a decade by Iran until his presumed death.

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Bret: We certainly owe the suspect the presumption of innocence. But my first-pass answer is that when everything is a secret, nothing is a secret — in other words, a government that stamps “confidential” or “top secret” on too many documents loses sight of the information that really needs to be kept a secret.

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Those left behind often become destitute, especially if the breadwinner has gone missing. In Nigeria there is no legal definition of a missing person. After seven years the family can apply to the high court to declare a person presumed dead. Until then, his or her bank account, pension and inheritance cannot be touched. Land may not be divided up or sold. Spouses cannot get a divorce or remarry.

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Fact: No temple was burnt in Howrah. One viral video shows someone from balcony while filming presumed the temple was being burnt seeing black smoke billowing from the main road. That black smoke was due to burning of these plastic fruit carts that belonged to poor vendors. — Tamal Saha (@Tamal0401) April 2, 2023

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The White House under President Joe Biden is currently reviewing the penalties imposed under former President Donald Trump, who levied a raft of tariffs on Chinese goods in an effort to bolster U.S.-made goods During CNBC's recent visit to the port, 916 40-foot-long shipping containers filled with merchandise worth about {$}60 million were under investigation, said CBP Assistant Port Director Ed Fox. "UFLPA allows us to presume [goods] were produced with forced labor, and therefore they'd be excluded from the United States," said Fox.

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A quarter-century ago this week … A couple of months before the draft in 1998, I took a VHS tape with 30 to 35 plays each of Tennessee QB Peyton Manning and Washington State QB Ryan Leaf, the presumptive top two picks in the draft, around the country to show six people and to ask: Who would you pick among these two players? (VHS qualified as high-tech in 1998.) My panel of experts: Hall of Fame coach/QB guru Sid Gillman, retired Niners coach Bill Walsh, Giants QB Phil Simms, Denver coach Mike Shanahan, Tampa Bay director of player personnel Jerry Angelo and UCLA coach Bob Toledo (who’d faced both players).

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Libel law terms can be arcane, but ancient legal concepts have real-world consequences. The court has also already ruled that Fox News’ false statements were libel per se. This means that the falsehoods were so naturally injurious to Dominion that the plaintiff need not prove actual damages such as lost business or proven reputational damages. Damages are presumed . If the jury finds Fox News or its parent company acted with actual malice, the jury can assess whatever damages it believes are justified.

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All of this presumes that people are trying to comply with the rules, and even then, apparently, they get it wrong. It gets worse when, as in Trump’s case, there was a culture of noncompliance and of flouting of the rules.

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A bill DeSantis has championed in the Florida legislature not only aims to make it easier to sue major media like Fox News for defamation but contains other provisions, including a presumption that reporting cited to anonymous sources is false, that even fellow conservatives warn could endanger free speech and political commentary across the ideological spectrum.

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In 2022, Priti Patel, then Home Secretary, agreed a deal with the government of Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame that meant asylum seekers who had arrived in the UK by “dangerous” routes (mainly presumed to mean small boats) would be sent to have their claims assessed and decided by the African state.

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"It is high time that Ms Kaili is released and that her presumption of innocence is respected," Sven Mary told Euronews in an exclusive interview.

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Giorgi used to work as a parliamentary assistant, first for Pier Antonio Panzeri, the presumed ringleader behind the corruption scheme, and later for Andrea Cozzolino, an Italian MEP who is fighting extradition from Italy to Belgium.

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His lawyer insists he is innocent and has never taken any money from Panzeri in exchange for his work on Qatar-related issues. The lawyer tried and fail to obtain the dismissal of Michel Claise, the investigating judge, claiming he was biased and had infringed Tarabella's presumption of innocence.

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What I love about those words is that he allows criticism such intimacy. He presumes that you can bring any private, particular little instinct from the self into your criticism. You can find a place for it. That seems to be something I’m very much doing in this book. Moving between the purely personal and the more generally cultural was something I was very much doing in Negroland.

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Then the film cuts to Lizzy, working on her modest yet emotionally powerful small statues in her quiet, silent, near-dark, music-free garage-studio. Jo tends to presumptuously rely on Lizzy, as if assuming that their time is equally unstructured, equally free. (There’s a karmic twist underlying the tension—a bird that’s injured by Lizzy’s cat becomes a flash point of shared responsibility that Lizzy unhappily but dutifully takes on.

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Or he’d bought her a horrendous gift for her birthday, why my focus on birthdays, two pairs of earrings from Macy’s, neither close to her style, the doubling of the gift compounding the injury, worse than forgetting. Strange that while I could conjure only a vague image of the man and the presumed woman I could see the chandelier and teardrop earrings vividly, glittering against someone’s palm. It looked like he’d left the tiny price tags on, but I couldn’t make the numbers out.

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Today, laziness is so closely connected with poverty and failure that a poor person is often presumed lazy, no matter how hard he or she actually works.


U.S. law honors individual autonomy by presuming that everyone has decision-making competence unless proved otherwise. There are certainly cases when someone’s ability to make decisions is so compromised that others need to step in. Conservatorships are one way to do this. But there are also less restrictive alternatives that take into account the fact that decision-making capacity waxes and wanes. Keeping Britney and others safe does not mean that they cannot be free to make decisions about their own lives.


Trump’s attorneys had opposed the news organization’s request for broader access, saying it would create a “circuslike” atmosphere and was “inconsistent” with Trump’s presumption of innocence.

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