Incandescent means emitting light as a result of being heated, or full of strong emotion; passionate.


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Many individual inventors would object to the general point here that innovations come easy. After all, innovating seems difficult, even for some of humanity’s most prolific inventors. Thomas Edison had to try 6,000 different materials before stumbling upon bamboo as a stable filament for incandescent lightbulbs. But what feels arduous for individual innovators may look very different from a higher vantage point, like that of a historian studying an entire historical epoch. From that vantage point, most inventions and discoveries are not hard-won singular events of history, but almost inevitable products of their time.

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G. Sebald in The Rings of Saturn composing a 107-word line, prophetic Margaret Atwood with a sentence of 111 words in The Handmaid’s Tale, incandescent Virginia Woolf’s 116-word sentence in Mrs. Dalloway, elegant Salman Rushdie, whose The Satanic Verses has a 165-word sentence that still feels as light as if you were falling from the sky.

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Long regarded as America’s most distinguished “apostle of liberty,” Jefferson has come under increasingly critical scrutiny within the scholarly world. At the popular level, both in the United States and abroad, he remains an incandescent icon, an inspirational symbol for both major U.S. political parties, as well as for dissenters in communist China, liberal reformers in central and eastern Europe, and aspiring democrats in Africa and Latin America.


I loved Sally Jenkins’s April 2 front-page column, complete with a picture, about Iowa women’s basketball player Caitlin Clark [“Iowa’s incandescent Clark was everything against S. Carolina”]. Clark certainly earned that kind of recognition (said begrudgingly as a longtime fan of the Maryland women’s team). And, I was also gratified to see another article — this one on the front page of the Sports section — on Iowa women’s basketball Coach Lisa Bluder.

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On this particular night, in addition to Foster and Lee, the love triangle included Ermonela Jaho as Liu. Lee was very much the tenor as swashbuckler: striking heroic attitudes and matching them with brazen, testosterone-charged singing that rang and shone without breaking a sweat. Jaho, meanwhile, gave the whole evening its heart (or at any rate, such heart as this opera possesses): a vulnerable figure in her yellow pajamas, singing with an incandescent , yielding tenderness that kept melting away into quiet longing while everyone else was powering full ahead with drop-forged beams of ice and fire.

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But those who are disappointed may have been seeking more from this case than a libel suit can deliver. For many, it had become a surrogate for their unhappiness – or even incandescent rage – directed toward Fox for its editorial positions. It was a referendum not only on Fox’s coverage of Dominion, but also on its long-established pattern of favoring one political viewpoint over all others, even at the expense of telling the truth. In other words, it was about disinformation and the people who are persuaded by it.

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Ministers and SNP insiders are privately incandescent about this demolition job on their former leader’s political image and about the train of damaging events that risks wrecking the political fortunes of the party. The latest Times/YouGov poll suggests that the SNP’s lead over Labour for Holyrood elections has been halved in a month, from 17 to 8 points.

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Large blocks ejected in such explosions have been hurled as far as 20 km (12 miles) from the vent. Volcanic bombs, in contrast, are generally incandescent and soft during their flight. Some bombs take on strange, twisted shapes as they spin through the air.


But let’s take the lights for a moment: LEDs use 90 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. While lighting used to be around 10 percent of our household energy bill, today it’s basically a rounding error. Does that mean you should waste energy? No. But does turning off the lights rise to the top of the list? It does not.

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The past year has seen several major publishers struggling with the PC builds of their latest titles – The Last of Us, Forspoken, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and the recent Redfall all had PC versions that were cursed with bugs and performance issues. Incandescent players review-bombed score aggregation sites and saturated forums and social media with raging lists of complaints.

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Yeah, I remember when people were freaking out that a CPU burned more juice than a freaking incandescent light bulb, and now, it’s like they are a hair dryer and we don’t even flinch.

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