A schism is a division or separation within a group, organization, or society, typically caused by a disagreement or difference of opinion on a significant issue.


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It is not yet clear how or when the present commotion will end, but what is clear is that today’s schism within Israeli society will continue to deepen unless Israel tackles the biggest lie of all: that of being a Jewish democracy, a liberal occupier and a civilised tormentor of another people, the Palestinians.

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Respondents who answered more often in the affirmative (or, in the case of the third proposition, the negative) were judged to be more supportive of Christian nationalism, and the scholars conducted interviews with fifty subjects, to get a better sense of who believed what. Near the end of Trump’s term, Whitehead and Perry published the results in a book called “Taking America Back for God,” in which they predicted a growing schism . “Christian nationalism gives divine sanction to ethnocentrism and nativism,” they wrote, noting that a number of respondents doubted that immigrants or non-English speakers could ever be “truly American.

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The gathering is bound to be a tense affair amid a growing schism among G20 members over the Ukraine conflict and the escalating US-China tensions over Taiwan as well as Washington’s attempts to cut Beijing off from technical and economic development.

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Late last month, the General Synod announced that it had struck a deal with the Oromo bishops, rescinding their excommunication on the understanding that those they consecrated would not be considered bishops. The General Synod also announced it would send a delegation to Tigray, seeking to repair that schism .

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It was either an inexcusable episode caused by government overreach, or the lamentable outcome of a dangerous cult’s fanaticism. It’s an ever-exploitable schism , as former President Donald Trump recently demonstrated when he kicked off the first rally of his 2024 presidential campaign in Waco, with an aggrieved anti-government screed.

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Oatley, the political scientist, argues that part of the schism on climate change stems from an economic divide. Republican voters are more likely to live in areas where jobs are closely tied to carbon-emitting industries like auto manufacturing or coal-fired power generation; Democratic voters, on the other hand, are more likely to live on the coasts and work at a desk in “knowledge-based” jobs.

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For most of its 66 years of existence, a vital part of the EU’s mission has been the inexorable expansion of its power to tell member states what to do. It now has to grasp though that in future it will need to backtrack. Unless Brussels morphs pretty quickly from a centralised technocracy dispatching orders to its vassals, into an organisation based on broad consensus between elected governments, it is likely to find itself side-lined or even facing a continental schism .

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There is a growing ideological schism within Europe

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The OCU formed from the union of two schismatic churches – the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate (UOC-KP) and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (UAOC). This happened with the aid of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, who in fact didn’t possess the authority to interfere in the issues of Ukrainian Orthodoxy. As a result, the Russian Orthodox Church severed ties.

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The ex-PM’s message of resistance and victimhood not only has caught people’s imaginations but also revealed deep schisms in state institutions.

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Many GOP lawmakers caution that their legislative work is unfinished, a reflection of the lingering schisms within the ideologically divided House Republican conference. Those tensions have been on public display in recent weeks, as reports surfaced about new infighting involving McCarthy and his own leadership team. And any GOP bill is all but guaranteed to fail in the Senate, where Democratic leaders have called for an increase in the debt ceiling without conditions.

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From the outside, the difference between the two may seem a fine distinction. But in the Orthodox communion’s dizzying history of schisms , disputes over authority, and declarations of autocephaly (or self-governing status), politics has never been far away.

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Even the coronation has failed to stem the flow of rumours about splits, schisms and sabotage. Or, rather, this looming event, with its global audience of 100 million, seems only to have heightened the tensions, and provoked more skirmishes between the combatants.

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Republicans generally have supported McCarthy’s strategy, believing it could put new political pressure on Biden, who has called on lawmakers to raise the debt ceiling without conditions. But early, internal schisms still emerged around the unresolved, finer details of McCarthy’s plan, complicating its path to swift passage in a chamber where his fractious party has only four votes to spare.

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We have come through repeated challenges over the last six decades, because we worked together, took adversity in our stride, and kept faith with one another. We painstakingly created a harmonious multi-racial and multi-religious society. We avoided the schisms and factions that have troubled other societies. In recent years, we have tackled sensitive issues that could easily have caused deep rifts among our people.

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Both the Moscow-affiliated Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church believe its proclamation of independence is schismatic – creating division.

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Wp Get the full experience. Choose your plan ArrowRight With a vote expected as soon as this afternoon, top GOP lawmakers have expressed a measure of confidence even as they acknowledge they have little room for error, since their slim advantage — and persistent ideological schisms — could easily frustrate their plans. Overnight, Republican leaders even tweaked their bill in an attempt to assuage skeptics and cobble together the 218 votes needed for passage, defying their own, earlier promises to leave the legislation intact.

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The reluctant switch to competition between Russia and Germany is a result of the present schism is an accidental phenomenon caused by special circumstances. Both know that cooperation is ultimately in their vital interests. This does not mean, however, that the conflict, which is now deepening, will be short-lived; it may well last for a generation. But the two powers are certainly not condemned to perpetual confrontation.

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