To twist or bend out of its normal shape or position, especially in a way that is painful or uncomfortable


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And it was packed in there and they played the music over playback and let me tell you, the effect of even a fake audience screaming for you while you're playing fake guitar is beyond anything I've experienced. I can understand immediately how musicians become contorted in their psyches because you are truly idolized and worshiped in a way that's unusual. I just got chills thinking about it again.

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So, are equities under-reacting to a badly contorted bond market, a potentially trapped Fed and faltering economy? Are they looking ahead to better conditions to come? Or is the recent action at the index level mere noise masking tumult underneath? Microsoft to the rescue The most direct, mechanical answer is simply that the largest growth stocks, the Nasdaq glamor leaders of 2020 and 2021, insulated the tape from more severe damage.

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Somewhat strangely, given Trump’s relevance to Riesman’s argument, his starring stints on W.W.E. programming in the early two-thousands fall largely outside the book’s purview. All biography is an exercise in exclusion and framing, and Riesman’s attempts to trace the various contortions of kayfabe and neokayfabe over the years aren’t always successful. The narrative is built to climax in 1999, with a convoluted intra-family story line that dominated W.W.F. programming near the peak of its popularity.

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Hedge funds anticipating a more conventional WWE sale may have been caught flat-footed by the unexpected contortions and contributed to the stock-price swings. Making a standard acquisition work would have been tough, requiring monster cost savings to generate a decent return. Instead, in the grand tradition of wrestling, McMahon and Endeavor boss Ari Emanuel are trying to appeal to shareholders with a more unconventional thriller.

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There’s a desperate plot contortion to explain exactly how the baby grizzly ends up with Mic-Mic. The little guy is meant to be delivered to America, to a political bear running for president of the forest, because forest law states that only parents can be elected to high office. This is utterly nonsensical and will be totally meaningless to the target audience of under-sixes (confirming a suspicion that kids’ films are sometimes written by people who’ve never had an actual conversation with a child).

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These alleged contortions resulted in Cohen paying about {$}180,000 in state and federal income taxes, when he may have not owed anything if Trump had simply reimbursed him for the {$}130,000 and the payment had been properly recorded. That’s because the reimbursement of money Cohen already paid to Daniels wouldn’t have represented income for Cohen.

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Many shows and events will mark the 50th anniversary of Picasso’s death. Attend one, and you will encounter his revelatory vision—and, indivisibly, his misogyny, which courses through his sexualised contortions of female bodies. And, like it or not, if you come across “Woman with a Yellow Necklace”, you will see the cigarette burn.

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As a child, I thought all left-handed people could mirror-write. As a left-hander myself, I occasionally tried it, starting on the right-hand side of the page and letting the letters flow leftwards. It was a nice relief from the messy scrawls I produced when writing in the standard left-to-right direction, contorting my hand to avoid smudging the ink. It also felt special: after all, Leonardo da Vinci wrote that way.

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NEW YORK, April 6 (Reuters Breakingviews) - The wrestling heavyweight has agreed to merge with Endeavor’s mixed martial arts franchise in a {$}21 bln deal. In this Viewsroom episode, Breakingviews columnists discuss why the transaction makes sense strategically, but the financial logic is contorted .

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I was eight months pregnant and vast in size, and one morning, as I struggled like a beetle on its back to get out of the driver’s seat (which seemed to be below pavement level), Michael sauntered up elegantly. He watched my contortions for a minute and then said: ‘Mmmmm. Glam.

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But they know that, however the season ends, far more people will watch the documentary than follow the National League in real time. For those viewers, Notts County’s story will not be a stand-alone achievement, a thing that happened in its own right and with its own meaning, but rather something that exists solely as it pertains to its effect on Wrexham. Its meaning will be contorted and confused and to some extent lost. It will not be consumed as sport at all, not really. It will just be part of the plot.

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"I'd get up in the night — in the middle of the night — with a flashlight, and I'd look in the mirror and I would try to memorize what I could," Biden said. He would stare at his face, concentrating hard not to contort it when he got caught on a word.

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Biden might have claimed Yeats as well. Osnos, whose biography “Joe Biden” came out in 2020, says that Biden began memorizing Yeats as a teenager working to overcome his stutter. He would stand in front of a mirror and speak lines from Yeats and Ralph Waldo Emerson, straining to avoid the contortion of his face muscles.

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If the case does get to the Supreme Court, the justices will be faced with the “return to the states” lie. How Kavanaugh and the court’s GOP majority confront that reality — or further contort themselves to keep the lie going — remains to be seen.

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The abuse of detainees by U.S. soldiers in Abu Ghraib prison is one of the grim legacies of the Iraq War. Photographs leaked in April 2004, and broadcast from newsrooms around the world, show men stripped naked and leashed like dogs or forced into contorted or sexual positions, with U.S. forces posing gleefully with them.

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Despite its popularity, there are still many misconceptions about the activity and the ways in which it helps the body and mind. When many people think of yoga, thin, lithe bodies contorting in impossible ways come to mind. But “anybody can do yoga,” said Lori Rubenstein Fazzio, a physical therapist and clinical professor of yoga and health at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

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Geoffrey A. Fowler, The Washington Post’s technology columnist, has detailed the ways we’re contorting ourselves to live with Apple’s limits on your tech independence.

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"I basically shoot flaming arrows with my feet in handstand and I perform that for a living," she tells CNBC Make It. "My act involves me doing a variety of acrobatic trick shots and handstands and contortion ." Kelly previously lived and performed in England, where she's from originally, but decided to move to the United States in 2020 while visiting.

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NEW YORK, April 20 (Reuters Breakingviews) - Every year the biggest U.S. banks endure a tedious exercise, where their businesses are put through a series of theoretical contortions to see how they’d perform in a crisis. One flaw in this plan is that the Federal Reserve, which designs the stress test, has tended to assume that when bad times come, interest rates would fall, not rise. This misconception was corrected by the market, which just staged an exam of its own. Wall Street aced it.

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My face must‘ve contorted to something awful because he took one of those stern, appalled looks where lips thin. “Your essay wasn’t good enough for first place.”

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From what I could see of his quarters on board the boat, it looked less than luxurious. I told my friend, and her face contorted in horror. “Don’t you just love Italian cinema,” I said.

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The sky over northeast New Hampshire didn’t even look real Sunday. Chaotic clouds, sculpted into undulating contortions , resembled a roaring, angry ocean. An exceptional display of “asperitas” clouds had formed, triggered by atmospheric turbulence. Fortunately, Crystal Lee was there to photograph the spectacle. Wp Get the full experience. Choose your plan ArrowRight “The sky was completely covered all around us,” Lee wrote in a Facebook message. “A sight we have never witnessed before. [It was] magical and beautiful.”

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A federal judge in Texas, Matthew Kacsmaryk, issued an injunction this month that would pull the drug from the market, undoing its original approval and all that followed; the reasoning for the ruling seemed to be contorted to conform to his own opposition to abortion rights. The Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit stayed the part of the injunction that applied to the initial approval, but not to the developments since 2016—a ruling that would still have limited access sharply.

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