Hamper refers to a large basket or container, typically made of wicker or similar materials, used for storing or transporting items, especially clothes or groceries.


US English

UK English

Part of Speech



basket, bin, container, crate, tote


facilitate, assist, aid, support

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun hampers, hamper
Verb hampering, hampers, hamper, hampered
Adjective None
Adverb None

Example Sentences

  • The heavy rainfall hampered our progress as the muddy trails made it difficult to continue hiking.

  • The damaged road hampered the delivery of supplies to the remote village, causing delays in receiving essential goods.

  • She struggled to clean her messy room as the cluttered space hampered her ability to move around freely.

  • The broken elevator hampered the elderly residents, forcing them to take the crowded stairs to access their apartments.


The word “hamper” has a rich history and is predominantly used as a noun. It can be traced back to the Old English word “hampera,” meaning a case or container. The term has evolved over time to refer to a large basket or container made of wicker or similar materials. It is commonly used for storing or transporting various items, particularly clothes or groceries.

As a noun, “hamper” signifies a convenient and versatile storage solution. It is often used in the context of laundry, where a laundry hamper is used to collect and temporarily hold dirty clothes. Similarly, a shopping hamper is a popular choice for packaging and presenting a collection of gourmet foods or luxury items.

The word “hamper” can also be verbified, where it serves as a transitive verb. When used in this form, it means to obstruct, hinder, or impede progress or the functioning of something. For example, adverse weather conditions can hamper outdoor activities or delay transportation. In a figurative sense, one’s success may be hampered by external obstacles or internal limitations.

The root of the word “hamper” is traced back to the Old English verb “hampon,” which means “to embrace” or “to surround.” This sense of encompassing aligns with the function of a hamper as a container that encloses and contains items within its confines.

In terms of affixation, “hamper” does not have any commonly attached prefixes or suffixes that alter its core meaning. It is a self-contained word that retains its significance across different contexts and usage scenarios.