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Let’s start with one of the training’s main focuses: French and wider European values. Despite the current British government’s apparent desire to distance itself as much as possible from anything remotely European, the truth is we haven’t diverged from EU principles that much since we Brexited over two years ago.

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Increasing evidence of Brexit's negative impact on Britain's economy put its new trading terms with the continent under scrutiny. New border controls and immigration restrictions, the result of the UK's choices, have disrupted commerce and the supply of labour. Business in particular has challenged the UK government's aim to exploit its new-found autonomy by pursuing a divergent path from EU norms.

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Because of the big price and sector moves last year, "This is the first year we have seen such a dramatic divergence in the growth and value indexes," he said.

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With that as the broad market setup, a couple of themes that have emerged during this latest market squall: Interaction between stocks and bonds changed Since the market peak early last year, equity and bond prices were falling mostly in tandem during the Fed's urgent rush to jack up rates to fight galloping inflation — the prime source of pressure on stocks and the economy. The asset classes diverged occasionally, but mostly in degree rather than direction. Then last week, the stampede into Treasuries as a haven from financial-contagion fears and related expectations that the Fed would not hike rates by half a percentage point on March 22 sent yields rushing lower – even as stocks had their worst week of the year.

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So, what happened? How did Earth and its closest sibling diverge so sharply?

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"I'm not here to make an opinion about whether you should own Berkshire or not, but if you are buying financials is that really the name you want, or do you really just want the big banks? And that's really the idea here," said Dave Mazza, chief strategy officer at Roundhill Investments. The launch of the fund comes after a sharp divergence between the stock performances of different sizes of banks. Larger banks have outperformed regional banks in recent weeks, with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank leading to worries about similar institutions, such as First Republic and Western Alliance, while the largest and most heavily regulated banks are seen as relative safe havens.

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In the president's view, the latest developments should serve as an "additional argument, not a trigger" to advance talks on the long-stalled European banking union, which remains incomplete due to persistent divergences between member states.

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Notably, millennials diverge from other generational cohorts in some key spending categories, per the survey, which polled 16,000 people across 16 countries.

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Although there is currently a negligible risk of developing avian influenza following wild bird exposure, there are divergent opinions on the role of bird feeders in potentially spreading the disease.

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The divergences came to the fore on Tuesday during a meeting of energy ministers, which saw the factions hosting discussions on the sidelines in a bid to recruit new members.

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LONDON/NEW YORK : The dollar fell on Monday, surrendering earlier gains following the announcement of unexpected oil output cuts from OPEC+, as investors focused on diverging central bank policy with the Federal Reserve widely viewed as nearing the end of its rate-hike cycle.

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A delegate to Virginia’s constitutional convention in 1902 said his goal was to “disenfranchise every negro that I could.” That’s why one of Spruill’s colleagues in the Virginia senate tweeted recently that Youngkin’s divergence from the path of Virginia’s three previous governors means he’s taken the state “back to 1902-era policy.”

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Their game, commonly referred to as D&D, has continued to entertain since players rolled their first dice in the ’70s. What brought D&D its initial success was its divergence from traditional war-gaming, which typically allowed for a few players to engage only in realistic simulations of armed conflict. With the introduction of D&D, old-school gamers had the opportunity to create their own characters and storylines, with the added bonus of playing in a medieval fantasy world.

Regardless, there are fresh signs that the GOP conference’s investigative focus is diverging .

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The rest of Europe is expected to take a far more restrictive stance on AI than its British counterparts, which have been increasingly diverging from EU digital laws following the U.K.'s withdrawal from the bloc. The European Union, which is often at the forefront when it comes to tech regulation, has proposed a groundbreaking piece of legislation on AI. Known as the European AI Act, the rules will heavily restrict the use of AI in critical infrastructure, education, law enforcement, and the judicial system.

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"Although the mortgage rate for conforming balance loans declined by five basis points over the week to 6.40%, the mortgage rate for jumbo loans increased by nine basis points to 6.36%," added Fratantoni. "While we have seen relative weakness at the high end of the housing market in recent months, the divergence in rates suggests that banks may be tightening credit in response to recent challenges, preserving balance sheet capacity as deposit balances have declined."

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That was the name of the core at the time. But in September 2020, Arm diverged its two cores, with the Zeus core being redesignated as the V1 and the N2, with a pair of SVE vector units weighing in at 128 bits wide each, being called “Perseus.” The V1 cores, which are used by Amazon Web Services in the Graviton 3 processor, have a pair of 256-bit wide SVE vector units and a tiny bit more clock speeds as well inherent in the design.

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In the past three years, influenced by a series of factors, such as the U.S.'s all-around suppression of China, the COVID-19 pandemic that blocked personnel exchanges, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict that intensified geopolitical tensions, there have been more voices within the EU to "reduce dependence on China" and shrink cooperation with China due to divergent values and ideologies. However, there is no fundamental conflict of political interests between China and the EU, and there is still high economic compatibility, which is fully reflected in the continuous growth of bilateral trade and investment.

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Nor can I remember a time when markets have been so dismissive of the Fed's forward guidance. The divergence between the Fed's stated 2023 interest-rate trajectory and market expectations has been as wide as a full percentage point recently. That is a remarkably large gap for the central bank at the center of the global financial system. Markets continue to go against everything they have heard and read from the Fed by pricing in a rate cut as early as June.

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Its chip division is likely to report a record loss of 2.1 trillion won ({$}1.6 billion), according to an average of analyst forecasts, and post another 2 trillion won loss in the current quarter, a major divergence for what had been Samsung's most important cash cow, generating about half of its profits in better years.

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This would be the chip business’ first quarterly loss since the first quarter of 2009, a major divergence for what is normally a cash cow that generates about half of Samsung’s profits in better years.

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Macron was joined in China by Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission. The two leaders sent somewhat divergent messages; von der Leyen bemoaned China’s “unfair practices,” particularly in trade, and arrived in the country after delivering a tough speech on the authoritarian challenge posed by Beijing. Macron, on the other hand, warned against the West plunging itself into an “inescapable spiral” of tensions with China.

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Slamming the Biden administration’s “democracy” outreach as a bid to ratchet up tension and confrontation among nations with divergent views, China’s report advocates for a confluence of solidarity as a “collective response to global challenges,” where freedom, democracy and human rights are practiced the same way they are preached.

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For more than a decade, the US has been trying to build a strategic partnership with India on the basis of the two nations’ democratic political systems and their shared concern over China’s military might and expansionist zeal under President Xi, who was nominated for an unprecedented third term just days ahead of his Russia visit. US-India ties, at best, are shallow because of divergent worldviews and Washington is seen to be unreliable.

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The episode, details of which have not previously been reported, raised concerns among scientists and education experts that the teachers could spread climate misinformation to their students. It comes as states take divergent approaches to climate instruction in public schools, with New Jersey requiring students to learn about climate change in nearly every class, while Texas’s Board of Education recently called for science textbooks to emphasize the “positive” effects of fossil fuels.

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"For crypto assets, there are a bit of diverging views among countries. But consensus is definitely that we need more regulation, particularly after the FTX shock," Kanda said.

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The reason given in the ruling was non-cooperation from the government, but the decision had surprised many in Kuwait, particularly considering its divergence from the royal decree, which had been issued just nine months prior.

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A Washington Post-University of Maryland poll in October found that a majority of Maryland voters support teachers discussing acceptance of LGBTQ people in middle school and high school grades, but views diverge in elementary school grade levels. By more than 2 to 1 (66 percent to 30 percent), more registered voters said it is inappropriate rather than appropriate for teachers to discuss acceptance of LGBTQ people with students in kindergarten through third grade. For students in grades 4 and 5, 40 percent of voters say the discussions are appropriate, and 56 percent say it is inappropriate.

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The more the Supreme Court diverges from overwhelming public sentiment on issues such as abortion, guns and voting rights, the more strength and more allies the progressive movement may gain.

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Arizona and California — on opposite sides of the divergent plans — are looking at how to develop “a true seven-state consensus in the coming months,” said JB Hamby, who chairs the Colorado River Board of California. “Ideally in this next 45-day period, if at all possible.”

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Third, genetic analysis by several different groups shows that the closest recent ancestor of HMPV is a bird virus, avian metapneumovirus. This is an agricultural pathogen of chickens and turkeys. Evolutionary and genetic analysis suggests that the human virus diverged from the bird virus several hundred years ago. This is an example of a zoonosis: an animal virus that jumps to humans. In this case, HMPV became established as a permanent pathogen of humans.

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The lateral frontal cortex is also heavily activated when individuals engage in divergent thinking, and divergent thinking is how scientists measure creativity; in real life, we can think divergently every day – concocting a recipe from whatever’s in the fridge, navigating a car through heavy traffic, making art from nontraditional materials using items from the recycling bin.

Justice Department officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Rice’s clarification or how the Biden administration plans to navigate the divergent orders.

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The Biden administration isn’t pursuing economic decoupling from China, a senior Treasury Department said on Monday. “The U.S. is not seeking to decouple from China. We’re not seeking to limit China’s growth — those aren’t our strategic objectives,” Treasury Under Secretary for International Affairs Jay Shambaugh told Bloomberg. Despite divergent economic policies, “we’re not in any way trying to separate these two economies entirely — that’s just neither practical nor in our interest,” Shambaugh said.

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On divergent global economic forecasts, with the IMF seeing “anemic” growth and U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen pushing an outlook that’s “reasonably bright.”

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