Gaudy means excessively showy or bright, usually in a tasteless or vulgar way.


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Trump came to power in 2016 in large part due to his masterful hype, his natural salesman's patter that had seen him first build a career as a developer synonymous with gaudy , golden buildings, skyscrapers and ruthless CEO instincts.

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” But he gradually found his voice and in 1980 set up his own practice. Farrell designed the headquarters of TV-am – an “independently minded client” – the gaudy , jokey, proud-to-be-cheap conversion of an old car showroom into the centre of the then-novel concept of breakfast television, and an icon of British postmodern architecture. Its overscaled classical details were rendered in painted steel, and Farrell put giant eggcups – to symbolise breakfast – on top of its gables.

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Bob Fosse’s original 1978 Broadway production, simply called “Dancin’,” was an extravaganza of dance deliberately divorced from story. A New York Times review called it “ gaudy ,” but it ran for more than four years and won Fosse the seventh of his eight Tonys for choreography. Directed by Wayne Cilento, an original cast member, this revival is a re-envisioning of that show. (Onstage at the Music Box Theater.) Read the review.

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That is, of course, a rhetorical question meant to prick the fragile sensibilities of “Don” Trump’s legion of seething followers, who think the idea of civic duty is to parade around in cheap, gaudy T-shirts urging each other to “make a liberal cry” while riding in the cab of flag-draped monster trucks.

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While people not born into wealth, who’ve made their own money, are often more than happy to wear logo covered clothing and flaunt handbags with gaudy emblems, those who are not nouveau riche wouldn’t dream of displaying their wealth for everyone to see. Obviously, anyway.

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This wonderland of vintage and reworked clothing is part costume shop, part homewares market – you’ll find it in the glamorous Faena Design District around 34th Street. Snap up a gaudy 1970s kaftan or a flapper-girl dress, or peruse Italian-style coloured glassware and gorgeous costume jewellery.

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Dominion attached a gaudy price tag to the damages it sought. But it might not have prevailed in court.

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It is the closest to the sad yet newsworthy Niesmann + Bischoff and the largest I have driven: 600 is its length in centimetres and it is half as tall. Oh, it is gaudy ! My child loved it because it is a puzzle. It has a shower room and a toilet: the large back bed (there is a smaller one in the roof) is surrounded by airline-style storage and atmospheric lighting, which can be made pinkish.

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So what is happening to prep now? Why all the bucket hats and gaudy labels? An entire generation of social media influencers are claiming to be “bringing prep back,” without understanding the fundamentals of the style. York calls it the “fashionization” of prep and claims that this was done by the very same people that invented it, or at least brought it to the mainstream.

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“Kids often like to match clothes with their parents, so it is natural that the same tones come for adult and kidswear,” says Terezia Prazska, founder of the brand Silly Silas, which makes knitted tights with braces, inspired by those worn by her parents’ generation in former Czechoslovakia. “Muted colours are popular for their practicality and versatility,” what better accompaniment to a gaudy print than a putty tone.

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Cupcakes, with their sculpted swirls of gaudy buttercream, tend to be easier on the eye than the appetite, which is why I prefer their more delicate, fairy-sized cousins. They’re also deliciously simple to make, and even more fun to decorate; an ideal Easter holiday activity, because everyone gets to enjoy the results (plus, you can lick the bowl afterwards).

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For many, Humphries’s legacy will be tainted by the PC-baiting provocations he favoured later in life, a function of his insistence that comedy is about saying what it would be impolite to say elsewhere. That diminishes but may not wholly extinguish the affection with which many will remember him, as a man (and a woman) dedicated to flouting propriety, to the gaudy instead of the grey, to saying and doing the uncalled for and to hell with the disapproval, parental or otherwise.

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About 1,000 defendants have been arrested in connection with Jan. 6, and hundreds of cases are in the works. On Wednesday, cases were unsealed against Christopher Pearce of Pennsylvania and Tricia LaCount of Oklahoma. Pearce entered the building wearing googles and a respirator, authorities said, while LaCount joined the mob inside then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office, which she called "so gaudy ."

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"To demonstrate our respect for Tibetan culture and customs, we avoid allowing tourists to wear gaudy clothing while being photographed," he said, adding that Barkhor Street, the Potala Palace, monasteries, the grassland and lakes are the most popular locations for visitors to have photos taken.

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The coastline-hugging Starr Gate tram offers the perfect way to view the full gaudy glory of the Golden Mile.

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While much of Marvel’s output has rather blurred together of late into a gaudy onslaught of overplotted multiverse-hopping, the Guardians of the Galaxy movies have, for better or worse, always had a distinctive personality.

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I was thinking of concluding with some platitude, such as the thought that the mood of this coronation will be very different from the last because we have emerged from solemn black and white to gaudy polychrome, from austerity to the age of excess. And then I remembered that we have also entered the age of the food bank.

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Very expensive, gaudy on the outside, and miserable to travel in. I don’t imagine they intended it as a metaphor for the monarchy itself when they built it, but my goodness it slips easily into the role now. And its putative passenger certainly seemed to feel that way.

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This dichotomy is reminiscent of the one suggested by another pair of great Hollywood artists from another generation, Alfred Hitchcock and Howard Hawks. Hitchcock made cinematic cathedrals—mighty freestanding spectacles of pomp and gaud , in which ordinary people were thrust into extraordinary circumstances.

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