displaying or feeling a strong dislike or lack of respect toward someone or something viewed as unworthy or inferior.


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The arrests contribute to a sense in Washington that China is indulging in increasingly provocative behavior and is ever disdainful of American sovereignty.

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McClellan, who was an excellent organizer. McClellan, however, lacked tenacity, persistently overestimated the Confederates’ strength (and therefore stalled his attacks), and was openly disdainful of the president. Because he wanted McClellan to focus his attentions on the Army of the Potomac, Lincoln relieved McClellan as general in chief on March 11, 1862.


“Mr Kacsmaryk has dismissed proponents of reproductive choice as ‘sexual revolutionaries,’ and disdainfully criticized the legal foundations of Roe v Wade,” Ms Collins said in 2019.

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Because Bragg is not visible in the image, it appears as though Trump is fully facing the viewer with an expression that has been simultaneously described as despondent, disdainful and “pissed off.”

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To be unflinchingly precise, Barry Humphries, the Australian-born actor and comic who for almost seven decades brought that divine doyenne of divadom, Dame Edna Everage, to delirious, dotty, disdainful Dadaist life, died on Saturday in Sydney. He was 89.

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The drought of premium advertisers on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” — driven away by boycotts targeting his more racist and inflammatory segments — did not seem to dent his standing within the network, so long as the audience stuck around. Disdainful of the cable network’s top executives, Mr. Carlson cultivated the impression that he was close to the Murdoch family and, perhaps, untouchable.

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The issue is this: Steve openly favors the youngest, “A,” and is openly disdainful of the middle child, “B.” I have spoken to him repeatedly of the obvious favoritism and the mistreatment of his daughter, but he then accuses me of favoring her. When we get into arguments about the kids, he will blame the kids for my being upset and will punish them.

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Barnes' wing wizardry was a dazzling antidote to the often uninspired fare on display at the time. Even the then ubiquitous racist abuse from the terraces couldn't trip him up — he famously once deftly, and disdainfully , flicked a banana off the pitch during a Merseyside derby in a perfect retort to the bigots.

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Prior to Boris’s premiership, there were also clashes at City Hall over planning decisions. As mayor, Johnson championed developers, having previously urged that they be free to build anything. He was also disdainful of the pastiche classical buildings designed by architects like Quinlan Terry, whose style is greatly admired by Charles. He ignored the Prince’s opposition to the 180m-high Gherkin in the City and suggested his concerns about refusing more tower blocks were ‘absolutely crazy’.

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Roman thinks Mencken will block the GoJo deal, and he knows proximity to power will benefit him. But even if he didn't, Mencken's politics simply appeal to Roman, who has increasingly peppered his chatter with disdainful references to the kinds of marginalized people he knows will bear the brunt of whatever Mencken plans to do.

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