To criticize or speak out strongly against someone or something.


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In the Christian tradition, laziness, or sloth, is one of the seven deadly sins because it undermines society and God’s plan, and invites the other sins. The Bible inveighs against slothfulness.


Whether the U.S.-based rebel royals would attend King Charles III’s coronation has been a subject of much speculation in Britain — heightened after Prince Harry inveighed against his family in a memoir and multipart Netflix documentary.

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Trump inveighs against the “crazies” on the other side and portrays himself as a defender of common sense. He’s still fundamentally a disrupter, though. He has no interest in politics as usual, when he believes politics as unusual is what’s needed (and is much more compelling and entertaining).

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But the memory came flooding back of an occasion when he actually sent this aspect of himself up. It must have been on Q&A, of all things, and the great creator of rampaging Edna and tottering Sandy Stone was inveighing against refugees in the traditional manner somewhat to the right of Genghis Khan but he was also actually sending himself up and being fed cues by that shameless lady of the left, Miriam Margoyles.

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