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Watching Carlson’s segment tears at something deeply embedded, corroding already painful wounds which work to convince us, as trans people, that we are not worthy at best and unnatural at worst (notions I can, of course, resoundingly reject intellectually, but which can be harder to do emotionally). In proselytizing this worldview, leaders like Carlson and Greene foster political and social conditions which, as I’ve written about before, made me want to take my own life when I first came out as trans. It makes the world a more frightening place to operate in as a trans person, and I say this as someone who has the benefit of an enormous amount of privilege.

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Most top Israeli officials have stayed quiet on the vandalism, while government moves — including the introduction of a law criminalizing Christian proselytizing and the promotion of plans to turn the Mount of Olives into a national park — have stoked outrage in the Holy Land and beyond.

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There was the American Baptist missionary William Young, who came to proselytize hill tribespeople in the nineteenth century, baptized in remarkable numbers, delivering entire villages from their primitive ways. His sons and grandsons eventually became US intelligence assets during World War II and beyond, inspiring volumes of spy pulp throughout the Cold War.

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In January, ultra-Orthodox Jewish lawmakers allied with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposed imposing jail time for Christian proselytizing , although after a global outcry, Netanyahu said he would block the bill.

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Mostly, in the end, I was building the collection slowly, story by story, balancing one story against another, trying to get a feel for the whole collection. While I do love the individual short story with a proselytizing fervor, if it’s possible I love the well-thought-through collection of short stories even more. The best collections have an invisible architecture to them, in which the first story asks a question or makes an argument, and this initial question or argument is then fractured and complicated by the next story, and so on, story by story, until the glorious grand finale that, upon ending, sends a sort of prismatic light shooting back into daily life.

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