Ardent is an adjective that describes someone who is passionate, enthusiastic, or fervent in their beliefs or feelings about something.


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They did not agree with our framing, which treated slavery and anti-Blackness as foundational to America. They did not like our assertion that Black Americans have served as this nation’s most ardent freedom fighters and have waged their battles mostly alone, or the idea that so much of modern American life has been shaped not by the majestic ideals of our founding but by its grave hypocrisy. And they especially did not like a paragraph I wrote about the motivations of the colonists who declared independence from Britain.

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Trump’s closest opponent in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination, Governor Ron DeSantis, of Florida, responded with an ardent defense of the American justice system and a muted call to let the courts do their work. No, he did not.

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Tatarsky was known for his blustery pronouncements and ardent pro-war rhetoric.

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The business of renting out electric scooters is taking a turn for the worse. Parisians on Sunday voted to ban so-called e-scooter rentals from their streets. Turnout for the vote was low - only 7% of the population registered for it, and they were skewed towards older age groups, who tend not to ride such scooters anyway. It’s a big blow to startups like Uber Technologies-backed (UBER.N) Lime, or Dott, which had hitherto seen the French capital as an ardent supporter of their wares.

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Stylistically unorthodox, a little mystical, with a big heart and a small page count, the novels of Max Porter (the prize-winning author of Grief Is the Thing With Feathers) are one of the surprise success stories of modern literary publishing. True, even his most ardent fans may have balked at the nigh-on impenetrable experiment of his last book, The Death of Francis Bacon, but admirers of 2019’s Lanny, Porter’s fabulist state-of-England satire about a precocious boy of the same name, are on safer ground with his new novel, Shy, about another eponymous boy who might be Lanny’s unluckier cousin.

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Vladlen Tatarsky, who was killed in an explosion at a cafe in St. Petersburg on Sunday, was one of Russia’s most outspoken and ultranationalist military bloggers, known for his ardent pro-war commentary and occasional criticism of Moscow’s battlefield failures.

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Tatarsky, whose real name was Maxim Fomin, was one of Russia’s most outspoken and ultranationalist military bloggers, known for his ardent pro-war commentary and occasional criticism of Moscow’s battlefield failures. He amassed a large following on the social media platform Telegram for his commentary on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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The War and Treaty's songs of ardent commitment find deeper clarity on 'Lover's Game'

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Usually extravagant and largely worthless, they are written, as a rule, by ardent admirers, and rarely possess any critical quality. They are, in short, propaganda documents to be discounted by the objective student.

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The allusions were hardly lost on anyone in the East Room, many of whom were ardent supporters of Biden’s last presidential bid and are eager to back a campaign for a second term.

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Despite some questions about living conditions in the Kingdom of Hayti, its ruler can still be recognized as a visionary. Even one of his most ardent rivals from the south, Charles Hérard Dumesle, who often referred to Christophe as a “despot,” nonetheless praised the remarkable “new social order” outlined in the Code Henry. Dumesle appeared to lament that the king’s “civil laws were the formula for a social code that existed only on paper.”

The void left by the lack of official reaction from Western officials is being filled with Western press articles focusing on the Ukrainian-born blogger’s prior involvement with Russian-backed separatist forces in 2014 in the Donbass. There, he got his start in covering events through his Telegram channel, which grew to become wildly popular, with CNN noting his “ ardent pro-war commentary.” But if prior military experience of some kind, and taking sides in one’s coverage of armed conflict, was justification for murdering journalists, then every Western veteran who started a blog, and every opinion journalist, would be fair game.

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It is unusual that Macron, an advocate of the EU’s so-called “strategic autonomy” in negotiating with other actors on the world stage, and von der Leyen, an ardent atlanticist who is reportedly in the wings to be the next NATO secretary general, were both in China together.

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My ambassador, Andrew Whiteley, seems to know everything. An ardent quizzer, he picked the history of Canterbury as his specialist subject when he appeared on Mastermind. As we walk the eight miles from Chilham’s pretty medieval square back into Canterbury, via hibernating hops and gnarly old apple trees, he regales me with stories.

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With their hostility toward modernity, women’s liberty and abortion — and their ardent worship of guns — Trump is also channeling religious cult leaders right down to his first 2024 campaign speech, delivered in Waco, Texas. That’s the site of the 1993 standoff between federal agents and the Branch Davidian apocalyptic doomsday cult that ended in the fiery death of 76 members of the sect, including children.

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The final held in the Rafah refugee camp drew ardent fans and possibly a talent scout or two.

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Before the House dissolution in March, Move Forward MPs often joined protests against Article 112 by young protesters. They even used their MP position to guarantee bail for the arrested protesters. The party also proposed amendments to Article 112 and the entire charter. All of these prompted the Move Forward to be seen as the most ardent liberal party on the opposition side in the pro-democracy camp.

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To many Americans — except ardent car geeks — the number of cylinders in an engine may be of little concern. But three is an odd number in more ways than one.

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I mentioned Chase in my column on Tuesday as one of the anti-Federalist critics of the Constitution during the battle for ratification. One of the Maryland signers of the Declaration of Independence, Chase opposed ratification because the Constitution did not include a Bill of Rights. But once the Constitution went into effect, Chase became an ardent Federalist and, Chief Justice William Rehnquist wrote in his account of the Chase impeachment, “brought to that commitment the intense dedication with which he held all of his beliefs.”

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The NRA’s most ardent members are meeting just days after mass shootings at a school in Nashville and a bank in Louisville that killed 11 people, including children. Last year’s convention followed the attack on a primary school in Uvalde in which 19 children were killed.

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No one denies that the Civil Service has been and remains overwhelmingly opposed to Brexit. The ardent Remainer Lord Adonis said that the 2016 vote caused ‘a nervous breakdown’ in Whitehall. Subsequent comments, articles and books by senior officials amply confirm this impression.

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Moreover, it is difficult not to notice the hypocrisy considering the shift of strategic focus to "great power competitions" of certain related countries in recent years, and their ardent endeavors for taking an advantageous position in power struggles against Russia.

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Charter schools, which are publicly funded but generally run by independent organizations, have attracted ardent fans and foes since they started in the early 1990s. Yet the key question in this case is not whether a charter would help or harm local education, but whether explicitly religious instruction at charter schools is constitutional, given the First Amendment’s protections against government establishment of religion.

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He has, rather, a very specific existential fear. During the interview Musk described to Tucker the evolution of his now-defunct friendship with Larry Page, the Google co-founder, AI innovator and ardent transhumanist, saying that having “talked to him late to the night about AI safety” he’s concluded that Page was “not taking AI safety seriously enough,” and that he “seemed to … want some kind of digital superintelligence, basically a digital God.”.

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Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has made no secret of his ardent desire to curry favour with the CCP. His six-day visit to China at the end of March was the first by an Australian leader since the pandemic. The visit was shrouded in secrecy but since the state government faces enormous blowouts in its construction projects, many built by companies whose owners are based in China, there was speculation that Andrews hopes to renegotiate the contracts.

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During his tenure at the network, Bongino made headlines as an especially ardent defender of former President Donald Trump. He also boosted a number of conspiracy theories on air and cast doubts on the legitimacy of the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

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A Tunisian judge has ordered the imprisonment pending trial of Rached Ghannouchi, the leader of Tunisia’s main opposition party and an ardent critic of President Kaid Saied, on charges of incitement against state authorities.

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Raab, who reminded Sunak in his resignation letter that he has been loyal since Sunak’s failed leadership bid last summer, is seen as a firm Brexiteer and a cornerstone of the right of the party. He got the attention of the Euroskeptic movement in 2014 when he led a rebellion of 81 MPs against then PM and ardent Europhile David Cameron.

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Experts on extremism and propaganda say the song is another example of how Trump and his most ardent allies are trying to gloss over an avalanche of evidence proving the Capitol riot was anything but an act of patriotic resistance.

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After inviting on Tulsi Gabbard – a former Democratic congresswoman turned paid rightwing media personality who has been such an ardent defender of Russia and Vladimir Putin that Russian state TV has literally used her appearances as pro-war propaganda – to have a go at trans people in the military, Carlson later declared that trans people are “blowing stuff up”.

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The government’s unqualified adoption and implementation of the Statement and its tenacious promotion of the ‘Voice’ could thus be characterised as an establishment of religion in Australia and the imposition of religious observance on people in society. In addition, those who aspire to serve on the ‘Voice’, if it were to be successful, would need to qualify as ardent proponents of the Uluru Statement From the Heart, thereby also potentially violating the Constitutional directive that no religious test shall be used to determine the suitability of people for government positions.

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What is most disturbing, and what we saw at the woman’s rights protests, is how this perverse mindset has taken on a distinctively political and moral tone. In the same way that we were told to wear a mask to avoid contracting Covid, we are now told we must wear LGBTQ+ insignia and the like, in order to protect ourselves from the disease of bigotry. It is perhaps not a coincidence that the most ardent mask and lockdown advocates were on the left of politics.

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The original Texas ruling, and legislative efforts like it in red states, have split Republican elected officials. Republicans on Capitol Hill were largely silent about the decision, except for a few ardent opponents of abortion rights and others who thought it went too far.

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Flyers were written by Sophie Scholl’s White Rose group and posted around the country. Scholl was a kindergarten teacher, philosophy student and daughter of an ardent Nazi critic. She founded White Rose with her brother Hans and a group of like-minded friends in 1942.

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Describing the apparent “disconnect” between the White House and the US intelligence community, the veteran journalist said some professional analysts “don’t see Biden as an ardent reader of their work.”

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