Amorous refers to a strong feeling of romantic love or desire, often associated with physical attraction or passion.


US English

UK English

Part of Speech



Romantic, passionate, ardent, fond, loving.


Apathetic, unromantic, unloving.

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun amorousness, amorousnesses
Verb None
Adjective amorous
Adverb amorously

Example Sentences

  • The couple’s amorous embrace was a testament to their deep affection for each other.

  • She felt amorous towards him, unable to resist his charming personality.

  • The novel was filled with amorous scenes, depicting the intense passion between the two main characters.

  • They shared a lingering, amorous gaze, their eyes locked in an intimate dance of desire and affection, silently conveying a depth of emotion that words could never fully capture.


The word amorous is an adjective that is used to describe a strong feeling of romantic love or desire. It is often associated with physical attraction or passion, and is commonly used to describe the intense emotions that people feel towards each other in a romantic relationship. Amorous can be used to describe a range of romantic feelings, from a strong attraction to a person to a deep, abiding love.

The word amorous is often used in literature and poetry to describe the romantic relationships between characters, and is a common theme in many romantic stories. It is also commonly used in conversation and everyday language to describe feelings of attraction or desire. For example, someone might say “I am feeling amorous towards you,” to express their romantic interest in another person.

The word amorous can also be used in various contexts, such as in describing the behavior of animals or in discussing the physical aspects of a romantic relationship. For example, one might describe the amorous behavior of two birds during mating season, or talk about the amorous gestures and physical intimacy between two people in a romantic relationship. Overall, the term amorous is a useful word for expressing the intense emotions and physical attraction that can be associated with romantic love and desire.