producing a great deal of profit.


US English

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Part of Speech



profitable, remunerative, gainful, productive, money-making, worthwhile, flourishing, thriving.


Unprofitable, nonremunerative, unrewarding, losing, unproductive.

Word Forms

Part of Speech Words
Noun None
Verb None
Adjective lucrative
Adverb None

Example Sentences

  • The tech industry can be very lucrative for those with the right skills and qualifications.

  • The wealthy investor was always on the lookout for lucrative investment opportunities.

  • The young artist hoped to turn her passion into a lucrative career someday.

  • Running a successful restaurant can be very lucrative, but it requires a lot of hard work and dedication.


The word ’lucrative’ is a common adjective used to describe anything that is highly profitable or provides a significant amount of financial gain. It comes from the Latin word lucrum, which means profit or gain. The suffix -ive is used to form adjectives and means tending to or causing. Therefore, lucrative refers to something that causes or tends to produce gain or profit.

The usage of this word is often seen in discussions related to business, finance, and entrepreneurship. For instance, people running successful businesses or involved in profitable investments will use ’lucrative’ to describe their ventures. In finance, the word ’lucrative’ may be used to describe high-interest rates on loans or investments or to refer to job opportunities that pay a high salary.

Further, it is also common to use various prefixes and suffixes to form different variations of ’lucrative.’ The prefix in- can be added to form ‘inlucrative,’ which means not profitable or unsuccessful. Similarly, the suffix -ness can be added to form ’lucrativeness,’ which refers to the quality of being profitable. Another variation is the noun ’lucracy,’ which refers to wealth or profits in general.

Overall, ’lucrative’ is a versatile word that is used across different fields and industries to describe financial success and profitability. Whether in business, finance or any other field that involves generating income, this word is a common descriptor of profitable opportunities that bring significant financial rewards.