Demolish means to destroy or tear down something completely.


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In charge of a community with about 7,000 residents, Zhang Yun handles at least two disputes per month, including quarrels, family and marriage disputes, house demolitions , and the like.

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This exclusionary, Eurocentric vision can be harmful to local populations, Chabani says. She points to urban renewal projects that demolish big apartment buildings considered "eyesores," only to end up destroying the communities that live there.

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After Xynthia, more than 600 houses in the town had to be demolished and around 400 of the 1,000 residents who lost their homes decided to leave.

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"Raising this issue of the balloon," simply wouldn't be in New Delhi's interest, Singh concluded. "As a nationalist government, it would completely destroy and demolish its image within the country."

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He goes all the way from New York to Chicago to the face of Mt. Rushmore with: a monogrammed book of matches, his wallet and some nickels, a wrist watch, two cufflinks, a pencil stub, a hankie, a newspaper clipping, and his sunglasses (but these are shortly to be demolished when Eva Marie Saint squashes him into the upper berth in her compartment). All this stuff fits invisibly into the pockets of the most wonderful suit in the world.

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Banyan omitted several facts regarding the actions of Lee Hsien Yang and his wife Lee Suet Fem (March 11th). Crucially, Banyan fails to mention that the late Lee Kuan Yew had removed “the demolition clause” regarding his house from the fifth and sixth drafts of his will. But it was reinserted into the last will, which was prepared by Lee Suet Fem.

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While all post-revolution governments basically faltered, Saied — an unknown constitutionalist — had maintained his popularity until his power grab on 25 July 2021, when he suspended the parliament, dismissed the PM, and proceeded to demolish all political life in the country.

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This is arguably the worst natural disaster to have ever hit the country, and the fifth deadliest earthquake in the world in the past 30 years. The human losses and the damage and destruction of civilian buildings are staggering; some 49,000 people died and 272,860 buildings collapsed, were severely damaged or are facing demolition . In particularly hard-hit places like the ancient city of Antakya, the landscape is apocalyptic, with only one in five buildings set to remain standing.

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The Huskies shook off this long streak of underperforming from the very first game of this tournament. They won their first two games by an average scoring margin of 19.5 points, before demolishing No. 3 seed Gonzaga by 28 points in the Elite Eight.

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There is not another house in sight, just the flat green landscape of the Alentejo, and a big blue sky dotted with darting swallows. The studio, explains the artist, is a replica of his old one in Shanghai, which was finished in 2011 only to be almost immediately demolished by the Chinese authorities: officially, because it contravened planning regulations; unofficially, because of Ai’s outspoken criticism of the government. Months later, the artist was imprisoned for three months then placed under house arrest.

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Officials hope that the true purpose of Andromeda in the deep-sea demolition will provide further insight in a high-stakes, international whodunnit that could eventually lead to those responsible and explain their motives, which remain unclear.

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Palestinians are also worried about far-right Israeli movements that seek to demolish the Islamic structures in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound and build a Jewish temple in their place.

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The couple, who lived with their two terriers beside the sea in the Norfolk village of Hemsby, became Britain’s latest climate-crisis refugees early last month. North-easterly winds whipped up high spring tides that dispatched waves into the soft sand dunes of this holiday resort, whose population of 3,200 swells to 25,000 in high summer. Four metres of land vanished, leaving five homes teetering on the brink. Nine permanent residents were evacuated, their pretty 1930s seaside chalets deemed unsafe and demolished by the council before the next storm tipped them into the sea.

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The erosion of the Islamic and Christian presence in Jerusalem – the two Palestinian faiths – is not happening by accident. Palestinians are being pushed out of the Old City and East Jerusalem neighbourhoods by settlers. Meanwhile, the Israeli government is demolishing increasing numbers of Palestinian homes on the grounds that they lack building permits and displacing the community with development projects that do little to address the needs of Palestinian residents.

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A historic 16th-century mosque, Shahi Masjid, in Prayagraj city in India’s Uttar Pradesh state was demolished by bulldozers on January 9 under a road-widening project.

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Despite his grand pronouncements and the hopes they inspired across the region, Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser’s vision of collective regeneration had turned out to be all puff and no firepower: with poor strategy and insufficient military infrastructure, the Arab air forces were demolished before they had even taken off, and the Israelis proceeded to decimate their infantries from the air, capturing in the process not only the West Bank and East Jerusalem but also the Jordan River and the Golan Heights.

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The present owner of the property, who prefers not to be named but who has used it as a family home, still enjoys those same river views, although the house has changed much since the mid 19th-century. After Turner’s death (his final words, it is said, were ‘The sun is God’), the home fell into a parlous state, and there was even a call for its demolition . In the late 1890s, architect and designer Charles Robert Ashbee, a key player in the Arts and Crafts movement, came to its rescue, connecting it to the neighbouring house, restoring windows and repointing brickwork.

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On the other hand, "Left Right Studio Material" consists of thousands of fragments of the remains of Ai's porcelain sculptures that were destroyed when his 'Left Right' studio in Beijing was demolished by the Chinese state in 2018.

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Over the last few months, the Ukrainians have been receiving equipment vital for any offensive action: demolition munitions, mine clearance hardware, mobile bridging capabilities and MRAPs – mine resistant vehicles.

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Residents walk past a demolished hotel, in Joshimath, India's Himalayan mountain state of Uttarakhand. AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh

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After being on the patio for several years, the patio was to be demolished for an extension and our monstera either had to go or be planted in the garden.

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These installations manifest prodigious feats of collecting and storage by Ai, who discovered vast numbers of antique objects going cheap in flea markets, and otherwise accumulated troves of forgotten fragments. Next to the balls comes an oblong of chunky blue-glazed porcelain shards, the remains of his own sculptures that were destroyed when the Chinese state demolished his Beijing studio in 2018. The last field is made of Lego bricks, sent in by members of the public when the Lego company briefly stopped selling them to Ai, who was using them to make portraits of political prisoners.

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Property damage: Subsidence or heave comes under all policies, with the exception of issues from the settling of newly made up ground, making structural repairs, alterations or demolishing your buildings.

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Several homes came perilously close to the clifftops as the sand crumbled in the storm. Residents were hastily evacuated, and five homes demolished . With many more properties at risk, a local campaign group is calling for a full-length sea berm to protect the village. "The people who have lost their homes have lost everything. So, they're in bits. The people who are living behind them, watching it happen to their neighbors and friends, they know that's their future unless something is done," says Ian Brennan, Chairman of Save Hemsby Coastline.

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Further back in Marseille’s history, eight people were killed in a 1981 building collapse, five in a 1985 explosion and four in a 1996 gas blast that demolished a seven-storey building.

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But demolishing high-rises comes with significant environmental costs, from construction waste to the CO2 emitted by heavy machinery. So in 2014, Australian investment firm AMP Capital launched an architectural competition with an unprecedented brief: To build a new skyscraper without demolishing the old one.

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In a cathartic release of resentment, the South Korean government in 1995 began demolishing Japan’s grand former colonial headquarters — a great architectural loss — that had dominated central Seoul. After the Japanese left, it became a government building and later a museum.

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Pat and Ann Samson are two of a family of 12 children who became subjects for the painter Joan Eardley, now recognised as one of the great talents of 20th-century Scottish art. Drawn to Glasgow’s Townhead area, and especially Rottenrow, where soot-covered, often overcrowded tenement buildings were awaiting demolition , Eardley found first a studio and then her subjects, the sparky “weans” who clattered round the streets and closes. These included the Samsons: seven boys and five girls.

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After nearly two decades of peaceful existence, hundreds of lakeshore residents now face eviction. Weekly the authorities cross the rickety footbridges that link the stilt houses to the shore to take photos and warn that demolition could start at any time.

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Later the town served as a strategic point in the Tudor wars against the native Irish. In 1600 an English force seized Derry, demolishing Irish churches and the monastery. Shortly thereafter James I of England granted Derry to the citizens of London who laid out the new city, built stout walls, and brought in Protestant (both English and Scottish) settlers.

But if he does that, the 36-year-old risks the demolition of his entire two-storey house by the Israeli army in the village of Bruqin, west of Salfit city in the north of the occupied West Bank.

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Six months later, nine people were killed in Belfast city centre and 130 injured when the IRA detonated 19 bombs in little more than an hour. There was a further surge in violence when the British army demolished makeshift barriers so that soldiers could patrol neighbourhoods that local nationalists had declared to be “no-go areas” for the security forces. The parachute regiment was sent into Ballymurphy.

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The exhibition, " Ai Weiwei: Making Sense ," will include other installations created on a colossal scale, including 200,000 porcelain spouts from Song dynasty-era teapots and thousands of fragments of Ai's own sculptures that were destroyed when his Beijing studio was demolished by the city's authorities in 2018.

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It was almost completely demolished , except for the conservatory, in 1830 under King William IV’s orders and rebuilt. By 1840, it was being used as accommodation for various officers of the royal household.

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Demolition work was due to begin at the start of the year but Werapol and his fellow activists have managed to delay it.

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