To completely destroy or level a building or structure to the ground.


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By the mid-1800s, Dogtown was abandoned. All the houses were eventually razed , but you can still find the remains of cellar openings in the ground.

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Through decades, US foreign wars have killed hundreds of thousands indiscriminately, forced millions to flee, bulldozed international law and committed human rights violations and war crimes across regions in addition to razing critical public infrastructure such as schools, farms, hospitals and other infrastructure. Wars remained “the American way of life” to project power and expand influence; it continues to be the core of the US foreign policy to reestablish its world hegemony in the guise of freedom and liberty.

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Shahi Masjid is also not the first ancient mosque to have been sacrificed for a road widening project. Last November, a 300-year-old mosque in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar district that stood in the way of a highway was razed .

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What Putin wants is not to win this war, but to make it chronic, to force us all to live in that regime. His goal is to bombard and raze the present (and the future) with all its infrastructure and everydayness – so that there is no water, no warmth, no light. To destroy everyday life, and from there existence as well, to literally an-nihil-ate the Ukrainian nation.

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According to the Institute for Strategy and Policy Myanmar, more than 7,800 clashes have taken place since the coup, while the Myanmar military has razed and bombed districts in areas where it faces the most resistance.

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In the 1950’s and ‘60s, Section 14 fell victim to a government operation to drive everyone off the land and raze the buildings to clear the way for more lucrative developments.

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Photos from the village being shared on social media showed more than a dozen burned and mutilated bodies, while videos showed a destroyed building, razed motorcycles and debris scattered over a wide area. Rescuers at the scene confirmed the authenticity of the images.

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Photos and footage circulating on social media showed fires razing forests and fields, and buildings engulfed by smoke.

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In the late nineteen-sixties, when Breach was a child, she was drawn to the ancient pine forests of the Sierra Tarahumara, near her home town of Chínipas de Almada. By the time she was an adult, however, many of those magical forests had been razed . Laborers would eventually turn some of the clearings into poppy fields and marijuana plantations.

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The temple is being constructed where the 16th-century Babri Mosque was demolished by Hindu hardliners who claim Muslim rulers built it at the exact spot where Ram was born. When it was razed on December 6, 1992, Das was there, watching a frenzied Hindu mob climb its rounded domes and tear it down with pickaxes and crowbars.

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A total of 168 people were killed, including 19 children, and more than 500 were injured. The building was later razed , and a park was built on the site. The bombing remained the deadliest terrorist assault on U.

Tehran has promised for years that the Israeli state will be destroyed, and Iranian officials have threatened to “ raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground”. Israeli officials have repeatedly discussed plans to strike Iran and are blamed for sabotaging its nuclear facilities and assassinating scientists.

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Heavy gunfire and thundering explosions rocked the city in continued fighting between the military and a rival paramilitary group called the Rapid Support Forces. In the afternoon, intensified airstrikes hammered Khartoum’s Nile-side Kalakla district for an hour until the area was “ razed to the ground,” said Atiya Abdulla Atiya, secretary of the Doctors’ Syndicate. The bombardment sent dozens of wounded to the Turkish Hospital, one of the few medical facilities still functioning, he said.

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Residents of Khartoum on Monday reported sporadic explosions, gunfire and airstrikes, including one in the neighbouring city of Omdurman that killed a reported five people and injured about 50. Shelling of Khartoum’s Kalakla district continued for an hour until the area was “ razed to the ground”, said Attiya Abdulla Atiya, secretary of the Sudan Doctors Syndicate. The bombardment sent dozens of wounded to the Turkish hospital, one of the few medical facilities still functioning in the city, he said.

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Many UOC Lavra regulars just carried on as normal and worshipped, as they and their families have always done, at the Dormition Cathedral, razed by the Red Army as it retreated in 1941 and rebuilt in the 1990s.

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Sometime in the past decade, that neighborhood was razed for a taller and shinier future. Since there are virtually no photos of the homes I lived in after infancy — our apartments shrank and their messes ballooned, the novelty of my growing bones waned; back then, the camera was not yet a new, glossy limb but something you fetched for an actual occasion — I can drop by only through the front door of a dream.

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Plans also call for razing a famous baseball stadium where Babe Ruth played — and demolishing an adjoining rugby venue — and rebuilding them on a reconfigured tract that provides more commercial space. "This is like building skyscrapers in the middle of Central Park in New York,"

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Mikhail Mizintsev, who had held the post since September , may be moved. Ukrainian officials and activists accused Mizintsev of orchestrating a brutal siege that killed thousands of civilians and razed residential buildings in Mariupol last year.

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Epstein's estate and related entities in November agreed to pay the government of the Virgin Islands more than {$}105 million to settle claims of sex trafficking and child exploitation. That deal required the estate to pay the Virgin Islands half of the proceeds of the sale of the islands, Little St. James and Great St. James, and another {$}450,000 to address damages on Great St. James, where Epstein had razed the remnants of structures that were hundreds of years told to make room for development.

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The restaurant's cuisine honors family and legacy, with dishes that celebrate his ancestors and resurrect the histories of the Black and brown communities displaced in the 1950s when the construction of Lincoln Center razed the neighborhood known as San Juan Hill. It's joyful food, infused with memories of home, a generous dash of love, and the soul of a young chef out to change the world, one dish at a time.

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The long hours of employment and commutes has also depleted the numbers of those who were once willing to lend a hand in their spare time. When civic society is razed in so many ways, loneliness spreads with the rapidity of knotweed. Something has to be done.

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Canada struggled on Monday (May 8) to control wildfires that have forced thousands to flee, halted oil production and threaten to raze towns, with the western province of Alberta calling for federal help.

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