A noisy, disorderly disturbance or fight, typically involving a group of people.


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The U-20 fracas between the President and his party could signal a conflict of interest between the two in the lead-up to the 2024 elections, analysts said.

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What follows, over 128 pages, is his jumble of night thoughts as Shy looks back on the turning points that brought him to where he is, as well as his interactions with staff and other boys at Last Chance. The narration unfolds as a kind of spectral swirl of voices in which assorted weights and sizes of type indicate different timelines. Vivid scenes erupt like lightning in fog, from Shy’s childhood anger at learning that Santa is actually his stepdad, to his slicing open another boy’s head with broken glass during a town-centre fracas in his teens.

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Dyche agreed that Doucouré had to go – his was the 105th red card received by an Everton player in the Premier League era, an unwanted record – but insisted Kane had instigated the fracas by tackling the midfielder after committing a foul against Demarai Gray.

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The current Tory focus, however, is on projecting an image of competence around the Prime Minister, that ‘Rishi gets stuff done’ while Starmer ‘shouts from the sideline’. The Tories see the fracas over the Sunak advert as a sign of a wider Labour campaigning weakness: Starmer’s party is obsessed with social media adverts while the Tories focus on local voters’ concerns about issues such as the Ulez charges for motorists.

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The fracas around Bud Light’s partnership with Mulvaney is unfolding as anti-transgender legislation is on the rise across the country. In 2023, Republican state legislators have advanced dozens of pieces of legislation seeking to restrict transgender people’s access to health care, sports, public accommodations or prohibit the ability to change a person’s name or gender on a driver’s license or birth certificate.

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Lee Anderson sent me an email last night headed, “Here’s what happened at 7pm, John.” I thought he was going to explain the fracas in which he was involved with Andrew Bridgen and one of Bridgen’s guests on the parliamentary estate.

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Conservatives are understandably unhappy with the new “woke capital” and eager for their politicians to push back. Hence the ongoing fracas between Disney and the Florida GOP, which started with Disney offering a mild criticism of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act (better known to residents of blue states as the “don’t say gay” law) and has now escalated to a lawsuit in which Disney accuses Gov. Ron DeSantis and other state officials of retaliating against the company for its constitutionally protected political expression.

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In fact, for progressives, the debates like the fracas over the Carlson column could, perversely, be seen as a side-effect of good news. Instead of a furious argument over internal dissent against political tactics, it was a furious argument over (alleged) new external support for policy positions.

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The political fracas between the two EU nations was sparked by comments from Darmanin on Thursday, in which he told RMC Radio that Italy’s right-wing prime minister had proven to be “unable to solve the migration problems on which she was elected.”

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Suns star Devin Booker — who finished with 36 points and 12 assists — said he knew it was Ishbia in the middle of the fracas .

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Those dynamics won’t make things any easier for DeSantis, who’s been catching flak over everything from the Disney fracas — a “self-inflicted wound,” one financial industry power broker said — to his arms-length relationship with key donors and GOP allies in Florida.

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