Deluge refers to a heavy, overwhelming amount of something that is usually in the form of water or rain.


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After the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, however, lenders began setting aside tens of billions of dollars for an expected deluge of loan defaults. Despite the industry becoming significantly cheaper to own, Buffett reversed many of his wagers, unloading JPMorgan, Goldman and Wells Fargo.

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Ward says a standard screening also can help landlords more easily process the deluge of applications many get.

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Her approach has been called "aggressive," "bold" and "radical." House Republicans released a 113-page report on Tuesday that painted the FTC's current probe into Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter as beyond exhaustive, detailing what they described as a " deluge " of demands for information from the company.

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The state has been deluged by storms this winter, hit by 12 atmospheric rivers that have led to evacuation orders, rising rivers and broken levees. In some parts of the Sierra Nevada, more than 55 feet of snow have fallen.

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Indeed the deluge of amapiano hits in the past year was almost overwhelming and the story gets even more promising. Msaki, a multi-talented South African vocalist, had a fruitful collaboration with Kabza de Small. Ami Faku, ordinarily an R&B singer, dazzled fans with features on a few of Kabza’s infectious cuts. By comparison, the celebrities of other genres appear rather staid.

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Yet there is no Ron DeSantis, Moms for Liberty, or Moms for America working to keep marginalised students from experiencing the default deluge of racism, homophobia and transphobia in America’s schools.

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Up and down the high slopes of the Sierra Nevada, the barrage of heavy storms that deluged California this winter also left behind a giant frozen reservoir, one whose thawing will shape the next phase of what has already been a remarkably wet year for the drought-weary state.

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Months of atmospheric river storms have pummeled the area and saturated the basin's soil, which sits about halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, not far from Fresno. The rains have led to floods that damaged towns and deluged farms and have begun to refill what was once a sprawling lake. The floods have pitted neighboring property owners against one another and raised tensions over how to manage the flows, which have damaged hundreds of structures.

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Some areas, especially California's central coast and agricultural heartland, are still recovering from floods, mudslides and shoreline damage unleashed by a string of Pacific storms that deluged the state in heavy downpours week after week for three months.

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Then the expected deluge arrived, even if it acted more as steady onslaught than dazzling barrage. By the time San Diego State Coach Brian Dutcher called timeout at the 8:50 mark, things stood at 20-12, things looked like they might get away, the Aztecs strained amid an 11-minute patch without a field goal, and Connecticut had the following scorers: Sanogo six, Jordan Hawkins four, Tristen Newton two, Alex Karaban two, Andre Jackson Jr.

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Across California’s long, flat, usually parched and dusty Central Valley, farmers and residents are used to waiting for water to come. But not like this. Blanketing the Sierra Nevada above them, a historic amount of snow is slowly beginning to melt. The snowpack, more than 230 percent of normal, is the result of an onslaught of atmospheric rivers and storms that deluged the state for weeks in January and March, damaging coastal cities, rural farming communities and mountain towns.

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After wildfires left the national park’s dramatic views shrouded in smoke over the summer, winter brought a series of historic storms that left the region inundated with snow. The deluge buried homes, cars and fire hydrants, chewed into stretches of winding mountain roads and downed trees along the park’s slopes.

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But the global spotlight he enjoyed after winning the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize has dimmed and the deluge of invitations to hobnob with world leaders and Hollywood stars has slowed, partly because the ageing leader has cut back on his punishing travel schedule, but also due to China’s growing economic and political clout.

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After failing her Secondary Two exams, Jane* was told that she would be retained at the same level the following year. The 15-year-old was overwhelmed by a deluge of negative emotions – she was disappointed in herself for failing, anxious that her friends would move on and guilt-ridden for letting her parents down.

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On the evening of Thursday, March 9th, Khanna was deluged with texts and voice messages warning that Silicon Valley Bank was about to go under. Khanna knew a bit about S.

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“Atmospheric rivers and cold winter storms have pummeled California since December, deluging the state with rain and building up extreme snow totals. The state’s snowpack is one of its largest ever, with the southern Sierra sitting at more than 300 percent of normal level,” Diana Leonard and Dylan Moriarty report.

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Chinese airlines undertaking the biggest hiring drives in more than three years as travel rebounds are facing a deluge of applicants for cabin crew roles as fresh university graduates turn to the relatively high-paying career in a bleak job market.

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She and her team took advantage of the once in a lifetime deluge of federal pandemic aid and marshaled resources from the city, state and county. They worked camp by camp. In the last few years, they've removed 19 camps like Draper's and housed hundreds of people.

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As national security disasters go, the Pentagon leaks were complete. But as great a scandal as the secrets deluge might be, the greater scandal is how lax the Pentagon appears to be with such monumentally confidential information that it could be purloined and posted on freeform internet sites 4Chan and Discord. Squawking from Congress has ensued, of course, and the Pentagon has muttered about how “serious” the damage is.

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Substantial downpours have inundated Fort Lauderdale and parts of South Florida Wednesday night in a once-in-a-half-century rainfall event, leading to a flash flood emergency in Broward County and one mayor calling the deluge the “most severe flooding that I’ve ever seen.”

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The trial was set for April 25. In a letter Tuesday to Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, attorney Joseph Tacopina cited “the recent deluge of prejudicial media coverage” surrounding Trump’s arrest and court appearance in arguing for a delay. The former president was charged March 30 with 34 felony counts related to allegations that he paid hush money to an adult film star, Stormy Daniels.

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Donald Trump asked a U.S. judge to delay the scheduled April 25 trial over whether he defamed former Elle magazine columnist E. Jean Carroll by denying he raped her, citing the recent " deluge of prejudicial media coverage" of criminal charges against him.

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Officials would not answer questions about what in Airman Teixeira’s duties would necessitate his having access to daily slides about the Ukraine war, much less the daily deluge of intelligence reports from the C.I.A., the National Security Agency and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. There are units at the base that process intelligence collected from drones and U-2 spy planes, though it is doubtful that work alone would require the sort of access to the broad array of classified information that has been leaked on the Discord server.

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“The deluge of notifications and messages constantly raises our levels of cortisol and tells us we need to get ready for threats, even when we’re in no immediate danger,” says Carey. “Over time, this helps dampen down the action of feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin.”

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To make sense of the deluge of images and messages, young people are increasingly demanding reliable information and the skills to support their transition from childhood to adulthood.

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One of Florida’s busiest airports announced plans to reopen Friday morning, two days after an unprecedented deluge left planes and travelers stranded and turned Fort Lauderdale’s streets into rivers.

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“There’s a lot of work we’re doing to help clients address that data deluge of news stories, whether that’s through summarization, or monitoring or being able to ask questions on those news stories or transcripts,” Gideon Mann, Bloomberg’s head of machine learning product and research, told CNBC. He added that the chatbot’s language abilities were sure to “change the way we do [natural language processing] here,” referring to the way programs derive meaning from words.

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Advocates, activists, LGBTQ teachers and LGBTQ parents alike have all been warning that this is exactly what would happen. There was never going to be a moment when the first bill’s success would satiate the bigots and opportunists who supported it. Into that small crack, a deluge of hate is allowed to flow, one that erodes rights and freedoms in bits and pieces. Conservatives’ success has only bred a desire to see just how far the LGBTQ rights movement can be rolled back.

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Trump had argued that his recent criminal indictment filed by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg had brought on a " deluge of prejudicial media coverage" that would make it tough to find an impartial jury in Carroll's civil case.

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Most of us came out of the pandemic a bit torn and tattered. Deprived of physical gatherings and exposed to uncertainties from continuously prolonged lockdowns and social restrictions, we turned to humanity’s technological advances whose arsenal encompasses an array of social media platforms, video conferencing systems and a deluge of entertainment from streaming services.

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A massive amount of rain fell in a matter of hours on Wednesday after a supercell thunderstorm lodged over the region following several days of wet weather. Local forecasters described the deluge as a one in 1,000 event.

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The flooding caused Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport to halt operations on Wednesday afternoon until 5am Friday. However, further heavy rain on Thursday hampered efforts to recover from the deluge .

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HBO appeals to a certain audience, but also doesn't appeal to a certain audience. HBO fans won't unsubscribe from the service in response to the name Max, but some people who were scared off by HBO may now sign up once the adult brand has been obscured by the deluge of distinctly un-HBO content coming to the service.

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In a deluge of popular outrage, Palestinians across all dividing lines took to the streets throughout the country to demonstrate and even attack Israeli vehicles. Inside the occupied West Bank, armed groups also opened fire on dozens of military checkpoints, outposts, and soldiers stationed near illegal settlements. Rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, and the biggest rocket attack since 2006 was launched the following day from Lebanon against Israel. Then on August 9, 6 rockets were fired from Syria into the occupied Golan Heights. Israel also launched its own airstrikes at targets in Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon.

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In a letter last week to Kaplan, lawyers for Trump argued that the postponement was needed because of the “ deluge ” of publicity and “prejudicial media coverage concerning [Trump’s] unprecedented indictment and arraignment.”

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