Rebuke refers to a sharp and stern disapproval or criticism of someone’s actions, behavior, or attitude.


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His response was met with an audible "wow" from Mr Shanmugam and a rebuke from Mr Tan, who said: "Can I just remind you (Mr Leong), as illustrated, I have been more than tolerant, more than accommodative, of you on various occasions when you speak up.

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That moment "was very similar to what you're experiencing now," Rojas told CNN. "You have to commit yourself to navigating the space." The experience, both formidable and inspiring, is a rebuke to a "world where everything is articulated for us," he added.

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Mifepristone has been approved by the FDA for terminating pregnancies for nearly 23 years. Leading medical associations have rebuked the claims by the approval’s legal challengers and by the judge that the drug is unsafe.

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“I’m very uncomfortable right now,” Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric Davis said on Wednesday after rebuking the network’s lawyers from the bench. Fox denies wrongdoing in both the issue raised by the judge and in the broader case, arguing that it was simply covering Trump’s allegations of election fraud and that a verdict against it would infringe press freedom.

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Late last week, Twitter labeled the radio broadcaster as a “state-affiliated media” organization akin to foreign propaganda outlets such as Russia’s RT and Sputnik. The move was quickly rebuked by NPR, which is publicly funded by listeners. NPR CEO John Lansing called the label “unacceptable.” Twitter over the weekend updated the label to “government-funded media.”

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The failure of the government to justify its “economic migrant” argument comes days after Rishi Sunak and immigration minister Robert Jenrick were rebuked by the UK statistics watchdog for using inaccurate figures about asylum seekers.

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The police raid prompted differing accounts of whether the home secretary, Suella Braverman, had rebuked the force over the action. On Tuesday the force insisted it had no official complaint from Braverman or her office, despite assertions from an adviser to the home secretary.

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Instead, he unravelled. No one could make him take his medicine, and the brutal, unrelenting nature of his disease reasserted itself, a terrifying rebuke to the optimism of those who believed coercion had no place in the treatment of schizophrenia; to the professors who saw his participation in their classes as a sign of their enlightenment, rather than an added pressure on a vulnerable man; to the storytellers who thought their sanitising of the reality of severe mental illness would not only reduce stigma, but sell papers, books and movie tickets.

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Finally, on March 22, the dean, Jenny S. Martinez, released a lawyerly 10-page memo that rebuked the activists.

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Though he was in the midst of an unjust arrest that would prove prelude to an unjust execution, Christ rebuked Peter, saying, “Put your sword back in its place, because all who take up the sword will perish by the sword.” As he reminded Peter, Jesus had the power to call on “legions of angels” to stop the arrest, but he chose not to. His purpose was to go to the cross, and as Jesus told us, that’s our purpose as well.

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The rebuke came after lawyers for Dominion, which is suing for defamation, revealed a number of instances in which Fox’s lawyers had not turned over evidence in a timely manner. That evidence included recordings of the Fox News host Maria Bartiromo talking with former President Donald J. Trump’s lawyers, Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, which Dominion said had been turned over only a week ago.

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U.S. proxy adviser Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) had earlier rebuked the bank's management for a "lack of oversight and poor stewardship".

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Biden clashed with the British government at times during the Brexit talks, drawing a rebuke from DUP lawmakers.

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While the government's commitment, made using emergency law, cannot be overturned, the vote marks a symbolic rebuke for the authorities, whose decision to largely bypass the nation's legislative has angered many politicians.

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A judge in the United States has rebuked a legal team representing Fox News, in the wake of revelations that lawyers may have withheld information and misrepresented the role of company co-founder Rupert Murdoch.

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It was a serene end to one of the most tumultuous days in American political history — one that started with the first booking of a former president on criminal charges in New York and transitioned to the same man, the front-runner for the 2024 Republican nomination, delivering a speech rebuking state and federal prosecutors from his campaign’s base of operations in Palm Beach, Fla.

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The drubbing Republicans took in Wisconsin this week revealed how harmful the issue of abortion still is to the party — and will likely remain through 2024. But following a state Supreme Court race that largely turned into a wholesale rebuke of GOP efforts to restrict abortion rights, Republicans in states across the country are plowing ahead with new restrictions anyway.

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Coverage of his candidacy will no doubt devolve into snide predictions of his unelectability. Sure, his “lane” might be a narrow bike lane in a party trafficking in crazy. However, much as dissents on the current Supreme Court stand as a rebuke to the right-wing majority, the Hutchinson-Cheney message serves to prick the conscience of Republicans who still have one — offering a reminder that they are not doomed to follow a narcissistic demagogue over the cliff.

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Zwerner’s lawsuit drew rebukes from an attorney for Foster-Newton and a lawyer who said she represents a student in the classroom that day, both of whom suggested Zwerner herself might not have acted aggressively enough after receiving a warning about the shooter.

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The comments sparked backlash in a state with a history of racist lynchings of Black people. An Equal Justice Initiative report found that at least 236 lynchings took place in Tennessee between 1877 and 1950. Sherrell apologized for his comments and clarified that he believed “that for the cruelest and most heinous crimes, a just society requires the death penalty in kind.” Black lawmakers rebuked the remarks as racist and hurtful to the state’s Black community. Sherrell has not been reprimanded or censured for his remarks.

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The Justice Department has appealed the ruling. It had little choice, given the usurpation of both executive and legislative authority. Congress has given authority over prescription medicines to the executive branch, not some Panhandle praetor. Now, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit — another supposedly conservative institution — is called on to rebuke the runaway judge and assert the authority of the Constitution even in Amarillo. Otherwise, the job will fall to the Supreme Court.

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The rebuke came in a judgment against the broadcast ban imposed on Malayalam language news channel MediaOne by the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government.

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So was the Brexit bus with its “£350 million a week for the NHS” claim, for which Vote Leave received a rebuke from the national statisticians. Even Liberal Democrat local election leaflets with their celebrated misleading bar charts served to pull electoral politics that little bit further into disrepute.

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The idea drew a sharp rebuke from LSU star forward Angel Reese, who dismissed the idea as a “joke.” Jill Biden then backed off the idea.

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In 2020, when Bolsonaro’s lawmaker son Eduardo blamed the COVID-19 pandemic on the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese ambassador to Brazil called his words “an evil insult against China and the Chinese people.” Later that year, Eduardo referred to the giant Chinese technology company Huawei as “Chinese espionage,” prompting a sharp rebuke from China’s embassy. Last year, China did not have an ambassador in Brasilia for eight months.

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Judge rebukes Fox attorneys ahead of defamation trial: 'Omission is a lie'

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Previously, the Chinese Foreign Ministry had issued a rare straightforward rebuke to American ‘hegemony’ in a scathing essay widely shared by Chinese media. And earlier this month, a row erupted when the US military shot down what it claimed to be a Chinese spy balloon that flew over its airspace.

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New Delhi has released an official rebuke to China’s recent unilateral renaming of 11 places in Arunachal Pradesh – a state on the border between India and China that Beijing claims as part of its region of South Tibet.

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Veteran actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has delivered a scathing rebuke of what he perceives to be a surge in anti-Semitic hate groups in the United States, telling viewers “there has never been a successful movement based on hate” in a Monday video that has since gone viral.

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Moscow demanded Pavel’s release while accusing Zelensky’s government of religious persecution. A report by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) also said last month that the actions of the Ukrainian government “could be discriminatory,” prompting a rebuke from Kiev.

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The remarks earned a swift rebuke from US Senator Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican on the foreign affairs committee, who suggested Washington might leave the EU to handle the Ukraine conflict by itself.

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“The lord rebuke you, Satan, and all of your demons and all of your imps who come parade before us,” Barnaby said. “That’s right, I called you demons and imps, who come and parade before us and pretend that you are part of this world.”

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Bragg’s office issued a fiery rebuke of the subpoena, painting it as House Republicans’ latest attempt to meddle by “intruding on the sovereignty of the state of New York by interfering in an ongoing criminal matter in state court.”

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I also commend current Congressional leaders, such as representatives Joe Wilson and Steve Cohen and senators Roger Wicker and Ben Cardin, for their efforts against the attacks on Georgia’s strategic partnerships and the jailing of political opponents, as well as their opposition to Georgia’s foreign agent law — a rebuke to the Georgian people’s EU and NATO aspirations — and the country’s rapid democratic decline.

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Much of the 5th Circuit’s 42-page order was devoted to analyzing whether the plaintiffs face procedural issues in bringing their case. The appeals court was sympathetic to a large swath of the plaintiffs’ allegations about the drug’s safety, which have been rebuked by leading medical associations.

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