A discrepancy is a difference or inconsistency between two or more things, typically between what is expected and what actually occurs.


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While toilet paper has mostly returned to the shelves since the panic buying of the early pandemic days in March, disinfectant wipes are still in short supply. Just last week, CNBC's "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer complained on Twitter about not being able to find Lysol products in New York. Demand for both toilet paper and cleaning products remain high, but what can explain the discrepancy in their levels of returning supply?

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Khamenei "agreed to offer amnesty and reduce the sentences of tens of thousands accused and convicted in the recent incidents," the state-run IRNA news agency said in a Farsi report. A later IRNA report carried by its English-language service said the pardons and commuted sentences were for "tens of thousands of convicts, including the arrestees of the recent riots in Iran." Authorities did not immediately acknowledge the discrepancy in the reports.

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Khera's arrest comes weeks after the country banned a documentary from the BBC that was critical of the Prime Minister's alleged role in deadly riots more than 20 years ago. Indian tax authorities raided the BBC's offices in New Delhi and Mumbai earlier this month citing "irregularities and discrepancies " in the BBC's taxes. The BBC defended its documentary and said it was complying with the tax investigation.

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However, these are unusually large discrepancies , Ullal said.

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In a recent note, the firm said there's currently less than {$}200 billion of enterprise spending despite "over a trillion dollars of estimated annual cost and value destruction related to cybercrime." This discrepancy between money spent on digital defense and the cost of not having adequate protection — along with the simple fact that security is a never-ending arms race and bad actors are becoming more bold and sophisticated — is a key driver of growth. And those bad actors aren't just criminals working out of a basement, oftentimes they're backed by nation-states and are therefore equipped with plenty of resources and political agendas.

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The bureau could not provide comparable data from previous years, so the growth rate of sexual extortion crimes against children is unclear. Despite these discrepancies , Portnoy says, "I don't know if they outweigh the positivity that could come from the film."

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Changes in sleep patterns during weekends trigger social jetlag. For instance, sleeping in later than usual and for longer on free days may trigger a discrepancy between your body clock and socially-imposed responsibilities. This is linked to higher stress levels on Monday morning.

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But it was in England that the discrepancy was most acute. When the US joined the second world war, some British ministers asked if it could not bring Black troops because hosting America’s segregated army would violate British sensibilities; the UK government could not abide a colour bar on British soil.

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But when a creation like Friends endures beyond this natural life cycle, then, yes, people will have thoughts. They might notice discrepancies between the world portrayed in the show and their own. Some elements might make them uncomfortable, or they might put the evolution of social mores in stark relief.

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“This happened when the Chinese government is trying to promote Japanese investment to China, and we see a discrepancy there,” Yukiko Okano, deputy press secretary of Japan’s foreign ministry, told reporters on Sunday, saying this point was raised by Hayashi during his meetings in Beijing.

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However, killer whales prey on many distinct populations or stocks of Chinook salmon, not all of which are in decline. And this discrepancy begs the question of whether all Chinook salmon are equally nutritious as prey.

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And another researcher debunked Pirro’s assertion that the vote count had been plagued by mysterious spikes and discrepancies .

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The league, with its extra-inning rule, already allows for such discrepancies . In the regular season, an automatic runner is placed on second base starting in the 10th inning of tie games. But in the postseason, the ghost runner goes poof, and that little wrinkle goes away.

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But the discrepancy in emissions is only part of the story. As the IPCC's new report highlights, there is overwhelming scientific evidence showing that an equitable approach to climate action, in which the benefits and burdens of the needed transformation are distributed fairly, is vital to build social trust, without which the 2030 target will be all but impossible to meet.

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You’ll need the information on these forms to fill out your tax return accurately. Keep in mind, the IRS also has a copy of these “third-party” forms that were sent to you, so its systems will flag if there is any discrepancy between what is on the form sent to you and what you put on your return.

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Dillon was a sensitive person, a seeker of truth—born in Kensington, England, he’d spend the final years of his life as a novice Buddhist monk in India. Between his birth and premature death at 47, he would be twice publicly outed, once by a chatty psychiatrist and another time by a newspaper reporting on a discrepancy in naval records. Vexed and ashamed, Dillon abandoned his life wherever he was and moved somewhere new, where he passed effectively after years of testosterone therapy and no one questioned his gender.

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The discrepancy matters, since a still-elevated count probably worries the Federal Reserve, which views strong labor demand as a major contributor to inflation. As the central bank continues to fight rising prices, it should try not to take fright from a statistical ghost. (By Ben Winck)

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The Metropolitan Police, Britain’s largest force, welcomed a research report published on Wednesday that found there were minimal discrepancies for race and sex when the technology is used at certain settings.

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The scene was set for the prince of martyrdom. His red carpet was a small park outside a Manhattan courtroom, where protesters and counter-protesters were gathered. His crown was 34 felony charges relating to his finances, including business dealing discrepancies and hush money paid to the porn star Stormy Daniels.

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“When the data shows an enormous discrepancy in who is being targeted during traffic stops, that discrepancy means a disproportionate number of Black and Brown folks being criminally charged. In order to eliminate the fatal realities of these traffic stops, the legislature and those who do control police actions and resources must intervene,” said George, who describes the letter sent by lawmakers as important.

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But a third Democrat – Gloria Johnson, a White woman who also joined the gun control protest – escaped expulsion after Republicans failed to muster the required two-thirds majority. The discrepancy raised suggestions of racial discrimination and made an acrimonious day even uglier.

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KALIAMURTHY: Absolutely. That is a real problem at this point, because there is a huge discrepancy between the number of kids who need treatment and the available resources.

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Reuters found apparent discrepancies in several key elements of assertions made by Brown on CNBC or on LinkedIn about the companies where he says he had worked, his investments and associates.

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“This discrepancy has a huge significance,” said Richard Anderson, from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, who led the work, in a statement. “Suppose you wanted to build a tunnel by digging into two opposite sides of a mountain.

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The researchers then asked the strangers who snapped photos how they had felt about helping out and discovered a discrepancy : Those asking for the photo underestimated how willing strangers were to help and overestimated how inconvenienced they felt by helping. (Only four people declined.) They also underestimated how good the strangers would feel after helping out.

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For example, if they are skipping class to vape but are usually a diligent student, discuss this discrepancy and the longer-term impact of their dependence (for example, not getting into uni).

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The more confirmation we get that our calculations are accurate, the more we can conclude that the discrepancy means our understanding of the Universe is mistaken, that the Universe isn’t quite as we thought.”

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Mohammed Alfahad, a professor of constitutional law at the Kuwait International Law School, argues that, beyond the legal discrepancies in the constitutional court’s ruling, there is a more immediate political concern: public disapproval of the returning parliament.

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“When I first saw them, our measurements were in such good agreement with the underlying theory that it took me a moment to process the results,” said Frank Qu, a Cambridge PhD student who is part of the research team. “It will be interesting to see how this possible discrepancy between different measurements will be resolved.”

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C.] express his concerns about the financial reporting discrepancy , for instance. And two, it sends a powerful signal to the court that it better get its own act together before we come in and start doing things.

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The discrepancies between print and digital results are partly related to paper’s physical properties. With paper, there is a literal laying on of hands, along with the visual geography of distinct pages. People often link their memory of what they’ve read to how far into the book it was or where it was on the page.

“These discrepancies can be credited to the delay in investigation by U.S. officials, who conducted a second autopsy once Shanquella’s body was embalmed,” the attorneys said. “When an investigation is delayed, the hard evidence to support prosecution diminishes, but in this case, that is due to the U.S. not considering this case to be a high priority.”

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Schwabe said she first noticed the discrepancy in reported vs. actual THC while she was conducting a separate study on the smells of different strains of weed. She collected additional samples for the new research.

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The attorney for Robinson's family, Ben Crump and Sue-Ann Robinson, claimed there is a discrepancy between the autopsies done in the U.S. and Mexico.

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The attorney also attributed the discrepancies in the autopsies to delays in the investigation. “There was absolutely no urgency on the part of the U.S. authorities,” Robinson said.

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