A rift is a deep crack or fissure in a solid material, such as rock, or it can refer to a break or separation in a relationship or a group.


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Some of those surveyed said they had fallen out with family over discussions about inheritance, while others are concerned such talks could spark rifts in the future.

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There have already been heated public exchanges between the players. And while some players downplay the interaction at the dinner, others say it’s impossible to ignore the rift .

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China brokered the deal last month that committed regional rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia to ending a seven-year diplomatic rift and reopening their diplomatic missions within two months.

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Israeli media reported that there have been efforts in recent days to end the rift between Netanyahu and Gallant.

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Spanish Labour Minister Yolanda Diaz launched her bid to become the country's first woman prime minister on Sunday (Apr 2) at a packed event in Madrid, where the absence of two government ministers signalled a deepening rift among the progressive left.

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Cornelius’s death frees Alice to leave England, where an enduring “disagreement of place” defines her days, and return to her homeland. To this end, a house is supposedly being built for her on the outskirts of Benin City. Her plan drives the novel, causing profound rifts among her daughters, who feel varyingly let down by her failure to shield them from their father in childhood.

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The rift among progressives threatens to fracture the abortion-rights movement as it readies for costly ballot initiative fights that are likely to play central roles in coming state and federal elections.

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The move comes amid a deepening rift between the United States and China over chip technology that has left companies caught in the crossfire. Micron is the only U.S.-based player in the global market for memory chips and is building a new {$}15 billion factory in upstate New York.

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She’s been advocating the teaching of kindness in schools, and declaring that forgiveness is the key to healing the explosive rift in the royal family that emerged after Megxit and was amplified by the publication of Harry’s memoir, Spare, earlier this year.

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After years of hostility that fueled conflicts across the Middle East, Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to end their diplomatic rift and reopen diplomatic missions in a significant deal facilitated by China last month.

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Mr. Starmer prompted a bitter rift recently when he banned his leftist predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn, from running as a Labour lawmaker, leaving the former leader claiming democratic procedures had been trampled and warning that his supporters were “not going anywhere.”

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In late March, Gallant, the defense minister, made a televised statement calling for a freeze in the legislation, arguing that it was harming the country’s ability to defend itself. “The rift within our society is widening and penetrating the Israel Defense Forces,” he said. “This is a clear and immediate and tangible danger to the security of the state. I shall not be a party to this.”

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These negotiations – which run in parallel to the UN peace efforts – have gained momentum in recent weeks after Saudi Arabia reached an agreement with Iran to restore their diplomatic ties after a seven-year rift .

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How do I return the artwork and request payment in legal tender, without creating a rift within this friendship?

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China has found a pattern and noted the “vicious cycle of democratic pretensions, dysfunctional politics and a divided society that continued in the US.” It has identified maladies such as “money politics, identity politics, social rifts , and the gulf between the rich and poor” that “further revealed US governance failure and institutional defects.” Beijing has categorically blamed the failure of the US democratic system in learning its lessons while referring to the Capitol Hill riots on January 6, 2021, as “political violence continued to grow and deteriorate.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, already navigating a growing rift with the Biden administration, issued a statement Sunday describing media reports about a memo detailing potential domestic meddling on the part of the Mossad intelligence agency as “mendacious and without any foundation whatsoever.”

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Social services like healthcare and education are decaying due to continuous rifts between elected lawmakers and cabinets put in place by the ruling Al Sabah family.

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Paul hires Mo to help him stake out a street corner where a rich junkie implicated in the case is known to score heroin. But Mo is no experienced P.I., so his notes leave something to be desired. Paul, who ought to know better than to hold a rank amateur to his own exacting standards, goes ballistic, causing a family rift .

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The Republican crusade against Washington created partisan rifts that could leave the post vacant for months to come. Washington, a former municipal transit official and member of Biden’s transition team, didn’t have any aviation experience until he took the top job at Denver’s airport in 2021.

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In her speech, Mdm Halimah also addressed the transition to the 4G leadership. She noted that in many societies, political parties aggravate rifts by divisive appeals for support from competing groups, resulting in political gridlock and a lack of trust in governments and institutions.

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“We are moving to more of a bipolar system with a very significant creditor to a great many countries bent on doing things bilaterally with its own rules,” said Carmen Reinhart, who served as the World Bank’s chief economist until last year and has directly participated in debt-relief talks. “That rift is there. … The tension could be cut with a knife.”

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The rift stoked criticism in Brazil, even among sectors that supported Bolsonaro, like agribusiness.

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India does not want the war to overshadow G20 events, Indian officials have said, but the first two G20 ministerial events that India hosted, in February and March, saw rifts over the war between Group of Seven nations on one side and Russia and China on the other.

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The hostility between the two regional arch-rivals and major oil producers helped to fuel strife around the region. Last month, they agreed to end their diplomatic rift and reopen their diplomatic missions in a deal brokered by China.

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Author Deepak Chopra has said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are “struggling right now” amidst their rift with the British royal family.

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Charles and Camilla got spliced in Windsor, not even in the castle, but in the Guildhall, a hole-in-the-corner affair, with a subdued crowd and terrible, daytime-TV lighting, the whole event pored over for rifts by the press.

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Meanwhile, author Deepak Chopra has said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are “struggling right now” amidst their rift with the British royal family.

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After the growing rift surfaced on Thursday, several local and international players stepped forward with offers of mediation, including Finance Minister Jibril Ibrahim, Darfur Governor Minni Minawi and Sovereign Council member Malik Agar, three former rebel leaders who received posts following a 2020 peace deal.

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Experts have said the “damaging” leaks risk exposing US intelligence sources and causing a diplomatic rift with countries mentioned in the documents.

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The IMF put a tangible cost on the growing rifts , estimating that the world could lose trillions of dollars of future economic output if it split into competing geopolitical blocs.

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The rift between the forces came to the surface on Thursday, when the army said recent movements by the RSF had been made without coordination and were illegal.

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In the past month, the Gulf nations of Saudi Arabia and Iran have been taking steps toward the normalization of bilateral relations, patching up a long-time rift that has shaped geopolitics in the Middle East.

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"As democracies, we are successful in systemic competition with autocratic forces when our partners and friends around the world have confidence in us. We must avoid that our unity is misunderstood by others as separation or that new rifts are opened," she said in a statement before her trip to Japan.

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However, Peskov dismissed reports in some of the documents that purportedly speak of rifts within Russian elites – and especially between the Federal Security Service (FSB) and Defense Ministry.

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Raids on Islams’ third-holiest site create rifts even with Tel Aviv’s relatively friendly Middle Eastern neighbors

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