Having a meaning that is mysterious or difficult to understand, often intentionally so in order to conceal its true meaning


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With his private anguish as a creative force, Dave the Potter produced an estimated 40,000 pieces during his lifetime, for most of which he received no compensation. Many were large jars designed to hold 25 to 40 gallons of food or liquid. Today his surviving pottery can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars or more — especially if the works include his cryptic couplets. One inscribed jar sold at auction in 2021 for {$}1.56 million.

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What else is he collecting? “Many things that cannot be exposed,” he says, cryptically . But he gives another example.

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Xia and Zhang have developed an automated bug repair process they call ChatRepair that incorporates information about software test failures and that learns from conversational input, as well as successes and failures, along the way. It's a bit more complicated than saying, "Fix your bugs, HAL" – as can be seen from the illustration accompanying the paper – but it's perhaps preferable to a cryptic error message.

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The divisive internet personality has sent a number of cryptic messages from his Twitter account since his release from prison on Friday and subsequent house arrest in Bucharest, Romania.

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Rumored overtures from Bernard Arnault's LVMH, the Agnelli family's Exor and Mayhoola, the Qatari investment fund that owns Valentino, are maybe just that. Rumors. "Forgetting what's happening in the rest of the world, that's how I plan," Armani says cryptically . "That's why I've isolated myself. To know what's the right thing, not following the road that I don't like. You know, it is very simple.

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These warning signs remind us that the most cryptic source of all spying in the world is not China, but the US. Since the Second World War, the US has, in conjunction with Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, maintained a worldwide spying regime known as the ‘Five Eyes’ which, in the age of mass communications, has been designed so that each government can bypass its own privacy laws and judicial restraints in order to spy on each other’s citizens, while supplying information within the group.

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Drowning gets cryptically caught up with pregnancy – a submerging of the self.

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Dederer’s account of the incident is pretty cryptic , though, so I looked into it. On May 11, 2017, just as PWR BTTM’s second album was coming out, a person wrote a Facebook post accusing one band member of predatory behavior against others in the fan community; an anonymous first-person account in Jezebel followed, alleging that sexual encounters that had occurred the year before qualified, in retrospect, as sexual assault.

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The former US leader offered a cryptic hint as to who may have destroyed the gas pipelines

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Earlier this week, a colleague of mine came to me and cryptically asked: “Is it true?”

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“Protect her” is all that he says in a cryptic note, “her” referring to his 16-year-old daughter Bailey (“Mare of Easttown’s” Angourie Rice), who until then has tended to treat Hannah like the proverbial wicked stepmother.

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The name of the new company is in line with an ‘X’ theme seen across several of Musk’s businesses, with the billionaire rechristening Twitter Inc. as “X Corp.” earlier this week. He has previously dropped cryptic hints about plans for an “everything app” called “X,” though it is unclear whether the AI project is related.

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Yet I am realizing that with Steely Dan I have always been of a different mind. In “Turn That Heartbeat Over Again,” where the song warmly beseeches “Oh Michael, oh Jesus / You know I’m not to blame,” Michael and Jesus are what van Vogt would call hang-ups — they are not specific references. I’ve always found that moment in the lyric pleasantly and passingly earnest, and that’s about it. And it has never bothered me. Nor has the song’s cryptic counsel to “turn the light off, keep your shirt on.”

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Naturally then, the conversation around unilateral White House options has come to focus on the Federal Reserve and Chair Jerome Powell. When asked in February whether he’d follow Treasury’s direction in issuing payments amid a debt ceiling crisis, Powell dodged, cryptically stating “In terms of our relationship with the Treasury, we are their fiscal agent. And I’m just going to leave it at that.”

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” Like his 2022 debut, “The Violin Conspiracy,” Slocumb’s latest is a fast-paced detective adventure. It features a contemporary classical-music scholar who gradually discovers the long-hidden truth inside a cryptic archive; woven through is a subtle but important message about racial erasure in American music history.

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The reported content of the document echoes Sturgeon’s cryptic Instagram posts the morning of the shooting, one of which read, “They won’t listen to words or protests. Let’s see if they hear this.”

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Prior to the announcement, Doherty shared a cryptic post on Instagram with her 1.9 million followers.

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On April 21, Doherty seemingly talked about her personal relationships with people online when she shared a cryptic post on Instagram.

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Step two is where 5G is the most unfamiliar to anyone who has installed a Wi-Fi AP: configuring the small cell radio. There are three parts to this. The first part is setting the RF-related parameters, which I am wholly unqualified to do. Their names are cryptic (eg, FreqSsb, Arfcn), their settings seemingly arbitrary (eg, 3609120, 643356), and the formulas to compute them… not exactly intuitive:

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The Top Gun: Maverick star and the 30-year-old model have been dating since 2020. Paris initially showed her support for the rom-com by leaving three party popper emojis under Sweeney’s Instagram post announcing she had been cast opposite Powell. According to Page Six, Paris travelled to Australia last month to visit Powell on-set of the film, but returned to the US less than two weeks later. Meanwhile, one fan looked to the model’s cryptic Instagram story posts for “all the possible signs and clues” of her current relationship status with Powell.

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“However, unknown, cryptic and rare sounds are rarely target signals for research and monitoring projects and are, therefore, largely unreported.”

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On Wednesday, Carlson shared a cryptic two-minute video on his Twitter account that did not explain his exit, but offered sweeping complaints about the state of American discourse. He said what he noticed “when you step away from the noise for a few days,” is how nice some people are.

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On Wednesday night, the New York Times reported that Carlson’s dismissal involved “highly offensive and crude remarks” in messages included in the Dominion suit, if redacted in court filings. Carlson, 53, released a cryptic video in which he said: “Where can you still find Americans saying true things? There aren’t many places left, but there are some … see you soon.”

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