“Exclusivity” is a noun that refers to the quality or state of being exclusive, meaning limited to a particular person or group, or not available to others.


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Exclusiveness, selectiveness, uniqueness, rarity, elitism


Inclusiveness, openness, accessibility, availability, democracy

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Example Sentences

  • The exclusivity of the private club was evident in the high membership fees and strict entrance requirements.

  • The fashion brand prided itself on the exclusivity of its limited edition collections, which were only available to a select few.

  • The exclusivity of the luxury resort was reflected in the high prices and secluded location, which catered to a wealthy and discerning clientele.

  • The company’s exclusivity policy meant that only a few elite customers were able to access their high-end products and services.


The term “exclusivity” is often used in the context of social groups, luxury brands, and high-end products and services. It implies a sense of rarity, selectiveness, and prestige, and is often associated with the idea of being part of an elite or exclusive group.

The word “exclusive” is the adjective form of “exclusivity,” and is used to describe things that are limited or restricted to a particular person or group. The prefix “ex-” means “out of” or “from,” while the root “clus” comes from the Latin word “cludere,” which means “to close” or “to shut.”

In some contexts, the term “exclusivity” can have negative connotations, particularly when it is associated with elitism or discrimination. For example, a company that practices exclusivity in its hiring practices may be criticized for limiting opportunities for certain groups of people.

Overall, “exclusivity” is a term that is often used in the context of luxury, prestige, and social groups. It suggests a sense of selectiveness, rarity, and elitism, and is often associated with high-end products and services that are limited to a particular group of customers. However, it is important to be mindful of the potential negative connotations of the term, particularly when it is associated with discrimination or inequality.